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Index to Local Newspapers - E

created by Marge Owens



Type of Entry

Surname Title First Date Posted Type Newspaper Notes
Eagen   Dennis 23-Jul-1867 PC SCR  
Eagen   Patrick 14-Aug-1852 Legal PHC  
Earle   Alpheus 17-Jul-1866 M SCR  
Earle   Alpheus 17-Jul-1866 M SCR  
Earnest   Isaac 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Earnest   Wm. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
East   Thos. 17-Apr-1856 GN PHC  
Eastman   H. J. 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Eastman   Martha 03-Apr-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Apr-1852
Eastman   Nudal 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Eaton   Albert 01-Mar-1847 M PHO  
Eaton   George 27-Feb-1866 CC SCR  
Eberly   George 04-Jun-1867 GN SCR  
Eckert   John 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Foreign letter @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Eddy Miss M. E. 06-Dec-1865 M PHP  
Eddy Col.   30-Aug-1865 D PHP  
Eddy, Avery & Co.     16-Mar-1854 GN PHC  
Eddy, Avery & Co.     20-Mar-1856 GN PHC  
Edes   Isaac 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Edgcomb   Asa 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Edgcomb Mrs. Mary 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Edison   Harriet 02-Jun-1855 M PHC  
Edison   Sarah 08-Mar-1870 M SCR  
Edison   Thos. 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Edison   W. P. 13-Jun-1854 AD PHC  
Edison   W. P. 18-Aug-1855 GN PHC  
Edison   W. P. 09-Aug-1865 GN PHP  
Edmondson   Edward 03-Jan-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1851
Edmondson   Edward 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Edmonson   Edward 04-Oct-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1851
Edrage   A. A. 09-Oct-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1852
Edson Miss D. 17-Apr-1852 School PHC  
Edson   G. 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Edson   Riley 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Edwards   Chas. 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Edwards   David 01-Jan-1867 GN SCR  
Edwards   Frank 14-Aug-1866 D SCR  
Edwards   Frank 09-Apr-1867 GN SCR  
Edwards   Frank 14-Aug-1866 D SCR  
Edwards   John 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Edwards   Thomas A. 04-Oct-1865 M PHP  
Edwards   Wm. 10-Nov-1853 AD PHC  
Effick Mrs. Joseph 24-Dec-1867 D SCR  
Effrick Mrs. Joseph 18-Dec-1867 D PHP  
Egert   Hugh 02-Aug-1865 GN SCR  
Egert   John 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Eichhorn   Frederick C. 20-Feb-1866 CC SCR  
Eichhorn   Louisa 19-Feb-1868 D PHP  
Eldridge   Ellen 31-Jan-1866 D PHP  
Eldridge   Elwood 03-Nov-1868 M SCR  
Eldridge   F. G. A. 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Eldridge   R. P. 27-Mar-1852 Trial PHC  
Eliad   Elizabeth 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Eliot   Nathan 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
Ellery Capt. Thomas (s/o) 10-Jul-1867 D PHP  
Elliot   John 03-Jan-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1851
Elliot   Mary 07-Jul-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1855
Elliott   Fanny 14-Jul-1855 AD PHC  
Elliott   John 04-Oct-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1851
Elliott   Nathan B. 14-Jul-1855 AD PHC  
Elliott   Wm. 05-Jul-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1851
Ellis   Elma 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
Ellis   Samuel 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Ellison   Thomas 25-Sep-1866 D SCR  
Ellison   Wm. 29-Apr-1854 GN PHC  
Ellison   Wm. 17-Apr-1856 GN PHC  
Ellsworth Capt. D. B. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Ellsworth   Robert H. 05-Apr-1870 M SCR  
Ellsworth   William 21-Jun-1865 D PHP  
Elsworth   Amos 06-Oct-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1855
Eltromgham   Rachael 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Elwell   J. N. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Ely   William Henry 10-Nov-1868 M SCR  
Emeny   Franklin C. 03-Jan-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1851
Emerson   Sarah Jane 10-Nov-1868 M SCR  
Emerson   Seth G. 17-Aug-1864 D PHP  
Emery   F. C. 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Emery   Franklin C. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Emery   Franklin E. 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
Emery   Frederick 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Emery   Thos. C. 03-Apr-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Apr-1852
Emmerson   Richard 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Emmons   A. 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Emmons Mrs. Asabel 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Emmons   Asabel 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
Emmons   Ellis R. 27-Sep-1865 CC PHP  
Emmons   Frederick A. 24-Feb-1849 D PHO  
Emrick   Francis 17-May-1870 M SCR  
Endlich   Mary 08-Mar-1870 DIV SCR  
Endlich   Phillip 08-Mar-1870 DIV SCR  
Engle Rev. G. B. 28-Jun-1851 GN PHC  
Engle Rev. G. B. 27-Dec-1851 Invitation PHC  
Engle Rev. G. B. 18-Sep-1852 GN PHC  
Engle Rev. G. B. 23-Dec-1854 GN PHC  
Enis   Chas. 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Ennis   Emma L. 03-Nov-1855 M PHC  
Ennis   Richard 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
Ensly   Robert 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Enticott Mrs. Ann 01-Nov-1865 M PHP  
Enugh   Samuel 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
Ephray   Dugald 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Eriley Mrs. Catherine 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Ernest   Isaac 07-Jul-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1855
Ernest   Jane 07-Jul-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1855
Ernest   Jane 06-Oct-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1855
Ernst   Frederick 18-Dec-1867 D PHP  
Eslery   Charles 25-Sep-1866 D SCR  
Eslery   Charles 23-Sep-1866 D SCR  
Estabrook   E. 05-Jun-1852 AD PHC  
Estabrook   J. S. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Estabrook   John S. 06-Oct-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1855
Estabrooke   Sarah J. 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
Etling   Philip P. 08-May-1866 CC SCR  
Evans   Chas. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Evans   Chas. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Evans   Cummings S. 20-Nov-1847 D PHO  
Evans   Daniel S. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Evans   Hyrenius 18-Dec-1852 M PHC  
Evans   Marcius A. 05-Jul-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1851
Evans   Mary E. 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Evans   William A. 22-Nov-1845 D PHO  
Evens   Daniel S. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Evens   Nicholas 04-Oct-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1851
Evens   Sanford 09-Oct-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1852
Evens   Sanford D. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Everts   Irus 07-Jul-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1855
Everts   Jrus 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Evins   Geo. M. 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Ewell   G. 13-Dec-1851 GN PHC  
Ewing   Alex 24-Jan-1852 Legal PHC