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Index to Local Newspapers - N

created by Marge Owens



Type of Entry

Surname Title First Date Posted Type Newspaper Notes
Namilun   Daniel 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Nash   Norman 28-Jun-1851 Surveyor PHC  
Nash   Norman 31-Jul-1852 GN PHC  
Nash   Norman 29-Jan-1853 Lyceum PHC  
Nash   Norman 11-Jun-1853 GN PHC  
Nash   Norman 10-Apr-1856 GN PHC  
Nash Rev.   31-Oct-1866 GN PHP  
Naylor   Ann 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Naylor   Martha 03-Jan-1852 M PHC  
Naylor   Wm. 12-Jul-1851 D PHC  
Neal   Henry 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Neff   Edmund W. S. 01-Aug-1866 M PHP  
Neff   Wm. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Negus   Edward 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Nehmer   Frederick 05-Apr-1870 M SCR  
Neil   Henry 20-Jan-1849 M PHO  
Neil   Owen 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Neis   John 27-Feb-1866 CC SCR  
Nelley   James 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Nelson   Israel R. 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Nerin   D. 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
Nevin   David 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Nevin   Davis 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Newbould   Alex. H. 19-Jan-1856 SS PHC  
Newbury   E. J. 18-Jun-1853 AD PHC  
Newbury   E. J. 16-Jul-1853 AD PHC  
Newbury   Robt. or Wm. 03-Jan-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1851
Newbury   Wm. (Robt. or Wm.) 03-Jan-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1851
Newcomb   John 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Newell   D. C. 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Newelle   Patrick 04-Oct-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1851
Newhall   C. W. 10-Feb-1855 AD PHC  
Newland   Andrew 05-Jul-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1851
Newman   Austin C. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Newman   Oran 03-Apr-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Apr-1852
Newmane   James 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Newstead   James 06-Apr-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1854
Newsted   James 08-Jul-1854 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1854
Newton   Geo. 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Newton Dr. Reuben 01-Jan-1853 AD PHC  
Newton Dr. Reuben 28-May-1853 AD PHC  
Newton Dr. Reuben 03-Nov-1853 AD PHC  
Nichols   E. 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Nichols   J. W. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Nichols   Joseph 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Nichols   Louisa A. 03-Jul-1852 M PHC  
Nichols   Moses 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Nicholson   Wm. 03-Apr-1852 SS PHC  
Nicol   John 16-Oct-1866 Fire SCR  
Nicoly   Frederick 17-Mar-1868 PC SCR  
Niggeman   P. 09-Aug-1853 AD PHC  
Noble Dr. A. E. 28-Jun-1851 Trustee PHC Port Huron
Noble Dr. A. E. 08-Nov-1851 AD PHC  
Noble Dr. A. E. 16-Jul-1853 GN PHC  
Noble Dr. A. E. 20-Oct-1855 GN PHC  
Noble   D. C. 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Noble   L. S. 23-Apr-1853 GN PHC  
Norin   Delphin 03-Apr-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1856
Normanden   Charles 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
Normandine   Chas. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
North   Elijah 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
North   Elisha L. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
North   Elisha S. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
North   Joseph 09-Apr-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1853
North   Joseph 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
North   Joseph 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Northrop   Duthan 28-Jun-1851 Treasurer PHC  
Northrop   Duthan 05-Jan-1856 SS PHC  
Northrop   Franklin 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Northrop   Geo. E. April 1856? * PHC *Letters @ P.O.
Northrop   Jennie P. 11-Jul-1866 M PHP  
Northrop   Parmelia 19-Sep-1866 D PHP  
Norton   Melvina 09-Jul-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Jun-1853
Notaries of St. Clair Co.     01-Feb-1865 GN PHP  
Notaries of St. Clair Co.     30-Jan-1867 GN PHP  
Notaries Public     19-Mar-1867 GN SCR  
Noulon   William 05-Jul-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1851
Nugeant   H. B. 10-Jul-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1852
Nugent   Dennis 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852
Nugent   H. B. 09-Oct-1852 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 30-Sep-1852
Nuhfer   Sophia 09-Jul-1867 M SCR  
Nuhfer   Sophia 09-Jul-1867 M SCR  
Nutt   Jane C. 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Nutt   Lorenzo 07-Apr-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Mar-1855
Nuttle   William 05-Jul-1851 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 01-Jul-1851
Nye   Clara S. 26-Feb-1867 M SCR  
Nye   Clara S. 26-Feb-1867 M SCR  
Nye   Moses 06-Jan-1855 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1854
Nye   Moses 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855