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Index to Local Newspapers - U

created by Marge Owens



Type of Entry

Surname Title First Date Posted Type Newspaper Notes
Union School Teachers     06-Sep-1865 GN SCR  
unknown   baby 10-May-1870 D SCR  
unknown   female & baby 21-Aug-1867 D PHP  
unknown   male 14-Jul-1864 D PHP  
unknown   male 31-May-1865 D PHP  
unknown   male 11-Sep-1867 D PHP  
unknown   male 09-Jul-1867 D SCR  
unknown   male 13-Apr-1869 D SCR  
unknown male     24-Jul-1852 D PHC  
unknown male     09-Aug-1853 D PHC  
Ustic   S. D. 05-Jan-1856 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1855
Utter   Henry 08-Jan-1853 * PHC *Letters @ P.O. 31-Dec-1852