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Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Bacon - Clara, Elijah H.

Baird - Austin A., Burton, Cecelia, Eleanor

Barnes - Hattie Bell

Beaudua - Mr. & Mrs. Arthur

Beck - Howard

Beischer - Louise

Best - Fred W.

Bettes - Franklin

Bishop - Adrian "Addie" J.

Blohm - Henry

Boadman - James H.

Board - Mrs. James L.

Boummann - George

Boyer - Francis

Boyle - Muriel

Bradley - Dr. Samuel D.

Brake - Andrew B.

Brandymore - John

Brenton - Jon Francis

Brockmiller - John

Brockway - Ed

Brooks - Mary Jane (Davis)

Brown - Jennie, Myron

Bryant - Nellie (Schlegelmilch)

Burggraaf - Wilma

Burnes - Edward

Elijah H. Bacon
"Probate Order. State of Michigan, County of St. Clair, ss At session of the Probate Court for the county of St. Clair, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of St. Clair, on Tuesday the 3rd day of January in the year A. D. 1865: Present De Witt C. Walker, Judge of Probate; In the Matter of the Estate of Elijah H. Bacon deceased; On rending and filing the petition, duly verified of T. M. Bacon one of the Administrators of said estate for license to sell a portion of the Real estate of the deceased for the purpose of paying the debts and liabilities of said estate; Thereupon it is Ordered, that Monday, the 6th day of March next at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of said deceased and all other persons interested in said estate be required to appear at a session of said Court then to be holden at the Probate Office in the City of St. Clair and show cause if any there be why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted; and it is further ordered that said petitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estate of the pendancy of said petition and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in the St. Clair Republican, a newspaper, published and cirulated in said County of St. Clair for four successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. DeWitt C. Walker Judge of Probate. (a true copy.)"
Source: St. Clair Republican, 25-JAN-1865, p 4

Austin A. Baird
Born: about 1915
Buried: Lakeside, Section CC
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Burton Baird
Died: 03-MAR-1972
Buried: Caswell
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Cecelia Baird
Died: August 1972
Buried: Caswell
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Eleanor Baird
Died: 31-MAR-1872
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beaudua
"St. Clair - Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Beaudua, St. Clair, were honored at a family dinner Feb. 21 in the Fogcutter, Port Huron. Mr. and Mrs. William Beaudua, St. Clair, their son and daughter-in-law, were hosts for the 50th wedding anniversary
celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Beaudua were married Feb. 20, 1932. They also have a daughter, Shirley, San Diego; and four granddaughters."
local newspaper
Submitted by Pat Love

Howard Beck & Flora McElroy
"A lovely spot on the St. Clair river is the home of Hon. C. McElroy, of this city. A beautiful location, spacious grounds nicely laid out, adorned with shrubbery, luxuriant with sweetest flowers, with its curved graveled roadways hedged in a large handsome residence well filled (with daughters) all combine to furnish replete this happy home. On Wednesday, June 17th it was the scene of unusual activity, the doors having been thrown open to a large circle of friends and everything indicated that a wedding was to take place. At an early hour the guests commenced to arrive until fully 125 were present. At 8'clock the parlors were opened, and were seen to be very artistically arranged. In one corner was a white canopy nicely festooned with pansies the floor of which was covered with white rugs. Preceding the bridal party were two little four year old maids, nieces of the bride and groom carrying baskets of flowers which they scattered in the pathway, then came the ushers Mr. Will Inglis, of Detroit and Mr. Reuben Moore, of St. Clair, the bride and groom following. Marching to Mendelsohn's Wedding March rendered by Miss Nellie Whiting, the young couple took their places under the canopy. The bride wore a white china silk dress and carried a bouquet of sweet peas and ferns. Her only jewelry was a locket and chain, a present from the groom. The marriage service was performed by the Rev. Chas. A. Beck, of Philadelphia, Pa., father of the groom and Rev. W. B. Millard, of this city. Immediately following an original poem on Parental Advice was read by the bride's father, two verses of which are here given: "Howard, should Flora once chance to go wrong' with kind loving word the stain wash away. When she shows weakness then you should be strong And quarrels never will darken your way." "Flora, should Howard a moment be weak And stray from the path that leads men above. Don't hasten to bring a blush on his cheek But cover his fault with a mantle of love." Friends then offered their congratulations and then the wedding supper was served, after which Mr. And Mrs. Beck took their departure to Port Huron and Cleveland. On their return they will take up their residence at No. 739 Third Ave., Detroit. There were about 100 wedding gifts rare, beautiful and appropriate. A peculiar fact was that no two presents were alike showing that great care had been used by the donors in their selection. The father of the bride gave her a handsome gold watch, the mother a handsome bedroom suite, the father of the groom a large family bible and the mother an elegant fruit basket. The groom presented each of the ushers a pair of cuff links. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Chas F. Beck and daughter, C. H. Ayres, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gibbs, O. J. Mulford and mother, M. B. Moore, James P. Main, Mrs. Main, H. S. Hurlbut, J. C. Wilson, Henry Smith, Miss Nellie Smith, Miss Jennie Thorne, Miss Charlotte P. Orr, Miss Cora Northrop, Miss Annabel Richardson, W. E. Haviland, F. R. Jennings, Fred H. Cooper, Miss Nellie Wiltsie, R. M. Grindley, Miss Lizzie J. Fortune, Geo. W. Newman, Miss Reekie, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gearing, of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Frank McElroy, Miss Nellie Robertson, Miss Mattie Kemp, Mr. W. G. Parker of Marine City; Rev. C. F Beck and wife of Philadelphia, Pa., Judge J. B. Moore and wife, of Lapeer, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Little, Cleveland, Ohio; R. G. McLean and wife, Toronto, Ont.; Miss Clara Grace, Denver, Colo.; Miss Maud Danger, Capt, S. H. Burnham, wife and daughter, Port Huron; Congressman J. R. Whiting and wife, Hon. C. F. Moore and wife, Rev. G. N. Kennedy and many others, St. Clair."
Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

Franklin Bettes et al
"Franklin Bettes, Wm. Rath, James Rath and Henry Rath, were brought before Justice McNiel, on Monday of this week, charged with disturbing a religious meeting at the school house at Brockway Centre on the 24th inst. The complaint was brought by Samuel Bettes, brother of one of the defendants and the matter was adjusted upon payment of costs by the defendants."
Source: P.H. Times, 05-AUG-1870, p 3

Adrian (Addie) J. Bishop
Born: 07-MAY-1891
Died: 19-MAR-1980
Services: Sat., 22-MAR-1980 - 1:00 p.m., Conger Funeral Home, Richmond, MI
Officiating Clergymen: Major George Scofield & Major Bruce Smith, Salvation Army
Burial: Memphis Cemetery
Source: Memory Card from Conger Funeral Home
Submitted by
Cindy Ward (granddaughter)

James H. Boadman & Carrie A. DeYeo
"Marriage Licenses. The following marriage licenses were issued at the county clerk's office on Thursday:...James H. Boadman, aged 24, of Port Huron and Carrie A. DeYeo, aged 24, of Port Huron."
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 29-JUN-1894, p 7

Mrs. James L. Board
"Mrs. Board Gets Divorce. Port Huron., Mich., Nov. 22. - Mrs. Board has been granted a divorce in Chicago from James L. Board. They came here a few years ago reputed millionaires. They astonished the natives by their prodigality and the brilliancy of their social entertainments. Board lost heavily in the tin can company at Point Edward, Ont., and the family moved away in a few years in reduced circumstances."
Source: The Weekly Herald, 23-NOV-1906, p 7

George Boummann
"PROBATE COURT - Monday, May 28th - Estate of Geo. Boummann, deceased. Petition for allowances to widow received and filed, allowances granted and order entered."
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 29-MAY-1877

Francis Boyer
A cousin to the Timothy & Mathilda family, who most likely died in the same small pox epidemic that killed almost 30 people from the Ira Township area.
Submitted by
Pat Cieszlak.

Dr. Samuel D. Bradley & Maw Recor
"Thursday evening, October 20, 1892, at the Congregational church occurred the marriage of Dr. Samuel D. Bradley and Miss Maw Recor, by Rev. N. L. Freeman, of Vernon, Mich., a former pastor of the Baptist church of this place. This event was looked forward to with eager expectancy, by a large number of the friends of the contracting parties, and proved to be one of the pleasantest and most elegant weddings ever held in St. Clair. Promptly at six o'clock Mrs. Converse, nee White, of Pontiac, began playing Mendelssohn's wedding march and the attendants and bridesmaids entered in the following order; On the left Messrs. J. w. Inches, Dr. Perrin and Dr. A. Al Deyor; on right Dr. Parker and Messrs. W. J. Hopkins and S. A. VonJasmund, all wearing lilies of the valley. Down the center aisle came the bridesmaids, Misses Carrie McElroy, Mary Fish, Josei Pringle, Hattie Whiting, Tena Kitton and Fannie Holbert and maid of honor, Miss Effie Durker of Detroit, preceding the bride carrying bouquets of large white chrysanthemums. The bride (preceded by the little flower girls, Nettie Ward and Frances Baby strewing flowers in the path) was met at the altar by the groom and his best man, Dr. Gilbert, of Evansville, Ind., and the officiating clergyman in a very impressive manner, made them husband and wife. Immediately after the ceremony the wedding party and invited guests repaired to the Oakland where the reception was held. The church altar was handsomely decorated with autumn leaves and foliage plants. The bride was elegantly attired in a dress of richest white duchess satin, train, tastefully trimmed with duchess lace with bridal veil and orange blossoms. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white roses from which hung on endless chain of delicate white ribbon, interlinked with rose buds. The groom wore the conventional black dress suit. Upon arrival at the Oakland, the bride and groom and bridesmaids and parents of the bride received the congratulations of those present, numbering over 200. A sumptuous repast was served in the large dining room richly decorated for the occasion, which reflected guest credit upon the management and high standing of this popular house. A souvenir menu printed on white silk, enclosed in a neat folder was given each guest. The bridal party occupied seats at a table in the center of the room under a canopy of green while the guests sat at tables surrounding them. At the close of the wedding supper, toasts were announced by Rev. G. N. Kennedy, toast master, and feelingly responded to by Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Bradley and Hon. B. W. Jenks. Viscount's orchestra rendered some of its finest selections during the evening. Dr. and Mrs. Bradley were the recipients of a large and varied number of elegant gifts, tokens of love and esteem from their many friends, comprising solid silver and gold, diamonds, cut glass chinaware, furniture, paintings, etchings, artistic needle work and the finest table linen. Among them we noticed a beautiful coffee urn and tray from the doctors of St. Clair, the name of each engraved upon the urn. A handsome silver tea set, the gift of Dr. Gilbert, the groom's best man and college chum. A beautiful water and toilet set from the Clover Leaf Club, of which they are members. An exquisite dinner set of Haviland china from the parents of the groom. A beautiful Onyx clock from Frs. Parker and Perrin, of Marine City. The father's gift to the bride was substantial as well as unique, consisting of her weight in gold-a gold dollar for every pound in weight. The groom's gift to the bride was a beautiful diamond heart pendant and chain. The bride's gift to the groom was a lovely seal ring. Among the out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hopkins, of San Francisco. Mrs. Henderson and Miss Durkee, of Detroit, Mr. Frank Fletcher and Mrs. Corbin, of Alpena, Mrs. Frank Converse, of Pontiac, Dr. Gilbert, Evansville, Ind., Dr. Blanchard, of Tacoma, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hopkins and Dr. Henderson, of Port Huron, Dr. Bradley's two brothers of Petrolia, Ont., Drs. Parker and Perrin, of Marine City, Mr. and Mrs. Judge Hart, of Midland, Mr. Myron Mills and sister, of Marysville, and Capt. Moore and wife, of Algonac. The happy couple took their departure amid showers of rice and good wishes on Mr. Frank Fletcher's handsome steam yacht, Hinda, for Sarnia, where they took a train for a trip through Canada, visiting the doctor's people in Kincardine, taking in Toronto, Montreal and other places. St. Clair is exceedingly fortunate in being able to keep this promising couple in its midst. The doctor is a very successful physician and has built up a large and lucrative practice in the city and surrounding country, while the bride is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of E. C. Recor, a prominent business man and vessel owner of this place. Neither of these people need an introduction to St. Clair society. On their return they will occupy their elegant new residence on the corner of Fifth and Adams streets. The hosts of friends of this young couple wish them happiness and continued prosperity as they thus start out on life's journey together."
Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

Andrew B. Brake
Born: 11-SEP-1898
Spouse: Genevive Dewey (d. 24-MAY-1972)
Children: Norma, Jean and Andrea
Died: 25-MAY-1968
Services: Wed., 29-MAY-1968, 3pm, St Marks Episcopal Church
Interment in Rosehill Cemetery
Submitted by
Jean MacDougall.

John Brandymore
"PROBATE COURT - Monday, May 28th - Estate of John Brandymore, deceased. Affidavit of publication received and filed. Administrator appointed and bond in $500 ordered."
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 29-MAY-1877

Jon Francis Brenton
Born: 06-AUG-1950
Died: 11-AUG-1950, Port Huron

Ed Brockway
"Political differences and heavy doses of bad whisky led to a knock down in one of the streets of our city Monday. A man named 'Kitchen' went for Ed. Brockway and laid him out the first blow, whereupon the friends of both parties entered and a general .... likely to be the result, but was….avoided by getting some of the contestants home."
Source: P.H. Weekly Times, 07-APR-1871, p 3

Mary Jane (Davis) Brooks
Buried: Rattle Run Cemetery
Submitted by

Myron Brown & Ethel Sutherland
"At Memphis on Wednesday afternoon Myron Brown, of J. W. Goulding & Co's store, was married to Miss Ethel Sutherland. They will take up their residence in Port Huron at once, their home being ready for their occupancy today."
Source: P.H. Weekly Times, 02-JUL-1896

Nellie Bryant
Maiden Name: Nellie Schlegelmilch
Spouse: 1st wife of Ellison A. Bryant
Married: 07-OCT-1876, Hume, Huron Co, MI
Burial: Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, MI
Submitted by
Marjean Workman.

Edward Burnes
Spouse: Mable Murray
Submitted by
Lynne Ross.