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Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Fagan - Barb

Fairman - James

Farrand - B. C.

Feldmeyer - Chas. F.

Finch - Barbara M. (Simpson)

Fish - Ellen

Fitzpatrick - Susie M.

Fleury - Yvonne

Floreno - Barbara E.

Flowers - Lillian H.

Fox - George

Fraley - Carol A.

Frederickson - Mary

Fritz - Catharine, Mary

Fults - Harold

Chas. F. Feldmeyer & Bertha Kreger
"Chas. F. Feldmeyer and Miss Bertha Kreger were married at the German Evg. Lutheran church last Thursday evening by Rev. H. W. Schroeder. On entering the building Miss Emma Feldmeyer and Henry Ruff led, followed by Miss Emma Schley and Henry Stein. The ladies were both attired in yellow significant of bridal festivities. Near the altar the four opened rank so as to permit the bridal party to pass between. The latter consisted of the groom accompanied by Miss Minnie Kreger and Herman Feldmeyer escorting the bride, who was nearly attired in cream crape ornamented with white roses. After the bridal party passed, the first four fell in behind and took position in rear of the altar. The ceremony being performed the party repaired to the residence of the groom's father, Mr. John Feldmeyer, where 175 persons participate in a sumptuous repast. Among the prominent friends of the young couple present may be mentioned Miss Mary Stecker, Syracuse N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. F. Arndt, Capac; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gholke and John Degelbeck, Detroit, Mrs. Tiemen, Lenox, and Misses Louisa and Augusta L. Bohn, Adair. The happy couple are well known in this vicinity and have a host of friends who testified to their good will by the donation of numerous costly presents, all of whom join extending Mr. and Mrs. Feldmeyer best wishes for their success and happiness through life."
- Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

Barbara M. Finch
Per Death Record - 7/194
Born: Canada
Marital Status: Married - (William Wilkinson Finch)
Died: 08-SEP-1930
Cause: Apoplexy
Age: 74y, 5m, 12d
Parents: William Simpson, b. Scotland & Myria (Mariah) Galloway, b. Scotland
Buried: 10-SEP-1930 - Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, Block H, lot 723 #2
Submitted by
Lynne Gray-Ross.

Ellen Fish
Buried: Lakeside Cemetery, Section G
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Garner Fox et al
"OLD PEOPLE - WHO HAVE DIED IN ST. CLAIR COUNTY SINCE JULY 7, 1893. - The Necrologist's Report Before the St. Clair County Pioneer Society.
At the Pioneer Society meeting on Wednesday, M. F. Carleton, necrologist, read the following:
The duties of a necrologist are not the pleasantest in the world. He is not supposed to be looking for material to add to the pleasurable part of any gathering. On the contrary it is his duty to collect, so far as he can, a record of dates when people of a certain locality ceased to be residents on mother earth, and took their departure over into that land on the other side. The list of those that go year by year, of the old ones, increases. Many that formerly met with us here are awaiting us over there. We know not how soon some one will record the date of our departure. May we be entirely ready when our time comes, and may the last days of each member of this society be peaceful and happy. I now respectfully submit the following report. That it is imperfect and incomplete I feel quite satisfied, and hope that your next necrologist will give you a fuller report, in details relating to the deceased, but that he may have fewer names to report:
At St. Clair, July 7, Garner Fox, aged 61 years.
At Port Huron, July 15, John Goulden.
At Brockway, July 19, James Anderson, aged 81 years.
A[t] Orion, July 16, Mrs. Albert Stephens, a resident of Columbus.
At Brockway, July 28, Mrs. Letitia Hanna, aged 77 years.
At Port Huron, July 30, Smith Downs, aged 59 years.
At Smith's Creek, August 2, Wm. Seaberry, aged 96 years.
At Port Huron, August 4, Mrs. Julia Schultz, aged 62 years.
At Sarnia, August 4, Mrs. Mary Ann Jackson, aged 63, years.
At Marysville, August 16, David Carlisle.
At Smith's Creek, Aug. 14, Mrs. Joshua S. Wellman, aged 66 years.
At Capac, August 14, Mrs. Lucy Sprattberry, aged 74.
At Brockway, August 15, Charles Abbott.
At Marine City, Aug., 11; Mrs. Mary Francis.
At Algonac, Aliew Abeel, aged 54.
At Port Huron, Aug. 25, 1893; Henry Volker, aged 75.
At Port Huron, Aug. 26, 1893; Mrs. Oren McDonald, aged 78.
At Port Huron, Aug. 22, 1893; Mrs. Ann Sylvester, aged 52.
At Port Huron, Aug., 31, 1893; Mrs. Mary Harris, aged 72.
At Port Huron, Sept. 12, 1893; Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart, aged 72.
At Adair, Sept. 11, 1893; John Scheur, aged 58.
At Port Huron, Sept. 13, 1893; Duncan McKellar, aged 74.
At Port Huron, Mrs. Peter Sandshoot [Landshoot?], aged 58.
At St. Clair, Oct. 9, 1893; John Nettar, aged 72.
At Port Huron, Oct. 15, 1893; Mrs. Lucy Burgess, aged 90.
At Port Huron, Oct. 31, 1893; Spencer Philbrick, aged 77.
At East Greenwood, Oct. 27; Charles ODell, aged 76.
At Port Huron, Nov. 7, 1893; Mrs. Mary Burgess, aged 71 years.
At Port Huron, Nov. 8, 1893; Edward Leonard, soldier.
At Kimball, Nov. 16, 1893; Mrs. William Barden, aged 54 years.
At Chicago, Nov. 16, 1893; Mrs. Caroline Paillee, of Port Huron, aged 64 years.
At St. Clair, Nov. 14, 1893; David Anderson, aged 84 years.
At St. Clair, Nov. 14, 1893; Mrs. Adam Hartlein, aged 62 years.
At Port Huron, Nov. 19, 1893; Mrs. Sarah A. Clark, aged 69.
At Port Huron, Nov. 20, 1893; Chas. J. Theis, sr., aged 54.
At Lakeport, Nov. 18, 1893; Rice Graham.
At Port Huron, Nov. 21; Mrs. Caroline ?ullhammer Schiske, aged 71.
At St. Clair; Mrs. Adam Hartlein.
At Port Huron, Dec. 3, 1893; Mrs. Alice Robinson, aged 77.
At Port Huron, Dec. 2, 1893; Mrs. Susan Wells, aged 55.
At Wales, December 2, 1893; Michael Lawler, aged 69.
At Port Huron, December 7, 1893; Mrs. Mary Canally, aged 85.
At Detroit, December 4 or 5, 1893; Mrs. Winnifred Babcock, formerly of St. Clair, aged 80.
At Clinton, December 12, 1893; Rev. W. P. Wastell, formerly pastor at St. Clair, aged 88.
At Port Huron, Mrs. Spaulding.
At Port Huron, December 20, 1893; Levi Bigelow, aged 67.
At North Street, December 21, 1893; Mrs. Wm. Atkins, aged 72.
At Port Huron, December 21, 1893; Mrs. Pr-zina Gansen, aged 78.
At Kenockee, December 25, 1893; John Lynch, aged 64.
At Port Huron, December 27, 1893; Mrs. Joseph Duval, aged 51.
At Casco, December 29, 1893; Mrs. Dorothea Schmoke, aged 67.
At Port Huron, December 30, 1893; Andrew McIntosh, aged 60.
At Port Huron, Jan. 1, '94, Mrs. Eli Andrews, aged 68 years.
At China, Dec. 27, '93, Mrs. Elizabeth Diem, aged 80.
At Columbus, Dec. 27, '93, Michael Ka--?, aged 72.
At Port Huron, Jan. 4, '94, Eli Andrews, aged 69.
Near Smith's Creek, Dec. 26, '93, Mrs. Sally Stone, aged 85.
At Columbus, Jan. 14, '94, Mrs. Allie Gat--?, aged 74.
At St. Clair, Jan. 14, '94, Mrs. Ramsay, aged -7.
At Port Huron, Jan. 22, '94, Mrs. Susan Hu--?, aged 81.
At East Greenwood, Jan. 18, '94, Mrs. Rob--? Newberry, aged 75.
At Port Huron, Jan. 21, '94, Walter Sim-?, aged 62.
At Port Huron, Jan. 26, '94, Mrs. Geo. W. J--es, aged 71.
Near Yale, Jan. 19, '94, Lyman Vanorman, aged 78.
At Port Huron, Jan. 29, '94, Edward Cowan, sr., aged 76.
At Port Huron, Feb. 1, 1894; Mrs. Elizabeth Andrew, aged 83.
At St. Clair, Feb. 2, 1894; Andrew Eber, aged --?.
At Port Huron, Feb. 7, 1894; Mrs. Lovi-? Rundy, aged 76.
At Capac, Feb. 8, 1894; Mrs. Caroline Praker.
At ---sho, Mo., Jan. 29, 1894; James Armstrong, a former resident of St. Clair.
At North Dakota, Jan. 16, 1894; Mrs. Albert H--holz, a former citizen of China.
At Columbus, Jan. 29, 1894; Mrs. Ephraim Pearce[?].
At Yankee Street, Jan. 19, 1894; Capt. Alex S. [St.?] Bernard, aged 84.
At Burchville, Feb. 22, 1894; ISaac Cole, aged 5-?.
At Port Huron, Feb. 23, 1894; Nickolas Simon, aged 92.
At St. Clair, March 4, 1894; August Posner, aged 79.
At St. Clair, March 16, 1894; Thomas J. Rooney, aged 63.
At Port Huron, March 18, 1894; Mary Little, aged 82.
At China, March 20, 1894; Henry Dregm---?, aged 74.
At Port Huron, April 10, 1894; Mrs. David ---re [Moore?], aged 81.
At Fort Gratiot, April 16, Reuben Service, aged 51.
At St. Clair, April 15, 1894; Mrs. Susan Kemp, aged 73.
At Jackson, April 5, 1894; Mrs. Mary McElroy, aged 84.
At Smith's Creek, April 23, 1894; Mrs. Jane Beatty, aged 71.
At Huronia Beach, April 23; George Knill, aged 58.
At Port Huron, April 22, 1894; Mrs. W. F. McDonald, aged 55.
At St. Clair, April 23, 1894; Mrs. Catherine Borntrager, aged 67.
At Topeka, Ks., April 11, 1894; Mrs. Maria Haywood, a former resident of China, aged 50.
Near Smith's Creek, April 30, 1894; Mrs. Martha P. Malloy, aged 61.
At Port Huron, May 9, 1894; Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley, aged 73.
At Port Huron, May 9, 1894; Daniel Walsworth, aged 58.
At Port Huron, May 10, 1894; John Dingwell, aged 66.
At Jeddo, May 13, 1894; Jane E. Strevel, aged -1?.
At Port Huron, May 16, 1894; August Behr-nd, aged 61.
At Port Huron, May 22, 1894; Dr. Wm. Howard, aged 72.
At Port Huron, May 22, 1894; Henry Howard, aged 61.
At St. Clair, May 29, 1894; Mrs. Henry Hock, aged 50.
At Lexington, May 23, 1894; J. C. Waterbury, aged 78.
At Port Huron, June 10, 1894; Mrs. Catharine McMonagle, aged 73.
At Yankee Street, June 11, 1894; Mrs. Sophia P. Barron, aged 71.
At Reece, Tuscola county, June 23, 1894; Hugh McCollom, aged 76.
At Port Huron, June 11, 1894; Frank Shaw, aged 77.
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 29-JUN-1894, p 7

George Fox & Barbara Willing
"Armada - George and Barbara Fox were honored at an open house and dinner at the Bringman's Inn in Muttonville. The occasion was the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. George Fox and Barbara Willing were married Nov. 26, 1949, in Deckerville. Their children and spouses are Daniel and Linda Fox, Donald and Jean Fox, Charlie and Marcy Fox and Cathy and Gary Wood. They have 10 grandchildren. Mr. Fox retired from Twin Pines as a milkman. Mrs. Fox retired from Armada Area Schools as a bus driver and also from Twin Pines."
- Source: The Times Herald, Port Huron, MI, Sunday, 10-OCT-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Mary Frederickson
"Notice. - My wife, MARY FREDERICKSON, having left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, notice is hereby given that I will not pay any debts of her contraction after this date. - PETER CHRISTIAN FREDERICKSON"
- Source: St. Clair Republican, Tuesday, 26-APR-1870

Mary Fritz
"St. Clair - Miss Mary Fritz, 514 Clinton avenue, was honored on her seventy-fifth birthday at an informal gathering of family and friends in the home of her niece, Mrs. Ralph Morrison. She has made her home with the Morrisons the last 10 years. About 85 persons attended the afternoon and evening party. A buffet supper was served by Mrs. Morrison, assisted by Mrs. Keith Wood, Mrs. Robert E. Williams and Mrs. Creighton Jeffup. A huge cake, baked by a great niece, Mrs. Home Morton, Armada, was the centerpiece. Miss Fritz, who had her birthday Nov. 18, is a lifelong resident of St. Clair County."
- Article from the clipped collection gathered over three generations by Lottie Trumble Delor, Edna Delor Hunter and Pat Love. Obituaries in this collection were mostly from the St. Clair Republican, the Port Huron Daily Times and the Port Huron Times Herald. Submitted by
Pat Love.

Harold Fults & Margaret Powers
"St. Clair Girl Is Wed In Los Angeles - St. Clair, July 11 - Mr. and Mrs. Edward Powers announce the marriage of their daughter, Margaret, to Sergt. Harold Fults, Long Beach, Calif., son of Mrs. Fred Melching Renault, Ill. The couple was married in a double ring ceremony at 8 p.m. July 1, in Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Los Angeles, by Father Madare. Mr. and Mrs. Faults plan to make their home in California."
- Announcement from the clipped collection gathered over three generations by Lottie Trumble Delor, Edna Delor Hunter and Pat Love. Articles in this collection were mostly from the St. Clair Republican, the Port Huron Daily Times and the Port Huron Times Herald. Submitted by
Pat Love.