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Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Newhall - Eliza

Nicklas - Jeannette

Novy - Donna

Richard Needham
Per Death Record #380 - 1/89
Born: Ireland
Male, White, Married - 57y - Railroad Hand
Died: 20-APR-1872, Columbus
Cause: Run over by Cars
Filed: 17-JUL-1873

Nathaniel Neihmer
Per Death Record #145 - GENDIS
Born: Germany
Male, Widower - 56y - Farmer
Died: 06-APR-1867, Greenwood
Cause: Consumption
Filed: 16-JUN-1868

Baby Boy Neilsen
Died: 25-OCT-1952, Macomb Co, MI
Residency: St. Clair Co

Joseph Neugebaner
Per Death Record #281 - GENDIS
Born: Germany
Male, White, Married - 67y, 4m, 28d - Farmer
Died: 24-MAY-1868, Casco
Cause: General Debility
Parents: Joseph Neugebaner & Uronisu Neugebaner
Filed: 27-MAY-1869

Louisa Neuman
Per Death Record #14 - GENDIS
Born: Casco
Female, White, Single - 1y, 3m
Died: 10-SEP-1867, Casco
Cause: Diarrhea
Parents: Gottfried Neuman & Dorthea Neuman, of Casco
Filed: 25-MAY-1868

Charles Chauncey Newberry
Per Death Record #64 - GENDIS
Born: Grant
Male, White - 9m, 3d
Died: 24-SEP-1867, Grant
Cause: Diarrhea
Parents: R. J. Newberry & S. Newberry, of Grant
Filed: 03-JUN-1868

Eliza Newhall
"Death of Mrs. Newhall. E. G. Spalding, Militarist, has received word of the death of Mrs. Eliza Newhall, Friday at Ypsilanti. Mrs. Newhall was over ninety years of age and was an old resident of Port Huron in the thirties, when this city was a small settlement inhabited by Frenchmen, Indians, and a few Englishmen. When she visited Mrs. E. G. Spalding at her residence on Military st., this summer, she renewed many old acquaintances and told many interesting stories of the old settlers who lived here then. Among these was one she told of the village gathering at her father's house one night and discussing the advisibility of changing the name of this city from Desmond to Port Huron. Among the people here were John Wells, James Haynes, and Elijah Bunce. A few weeks later, in 1835, the name was officially changed by Daniel B. Harrington. Mrs. Newhall's death was caused by the shock of hearing of the death of her grandson, Dr. Clark Wilcoxson of Ypsilanti."
Source: The Weekly Herald, 23-NOV-1906, p 7

John Newman
Per Death Record #4117 - GENDIS
Born: Michigan
Female, White, Single - 11y, 4m, 10d
Died: 27-NOV-1882, Fort Gratiot
Cause: Diphtheria
Parents: John Newman & Bertha Newman, both of Fort Gratiot
Filed: 31-MAY-1883

Andrew Nolan
Per Death Record #81
Born: Ohio
Male, Widowed (Anna Woolock) - 81y, 5m, 16d - Retired
Died: 07-FEB-1942, Flint
Cause: Coronary Thrombosis, Generalized Arteriosclerosis
Parents: Redmond Nolan & Rose Fennell, of Ireland
Filed: 26-JUN-1942
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Ellen Nolan
Per Death Record #268
Born: Canada
Female, Widow (John) - 79y, 17d
Died: 28-MAR-1942, Kenockee Twp
Cause: Influenza, Cardiac Decompensation
Parents: Patrick Mackey & Betty Bryne, of Canada
Filed: 03-APR-1942
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Elizabeth Nuboner
Per Death Record #288 - GENDIS
Born: Germany
Female, White, Married - 59y, 7m, 10d
Died: 24-DEC-1868, Casco
Cause: Congeston of Heart
Parents: John Nathglaft, of Detroit, MI & Anna Nathglaft
Filed: 27-MAY-1869