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Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Tarala - Carol Louise, Helene, Judy May, June Marie, Linda Susan, Mary Jane, Patricia Ann, Rita Kathleen, Shirley Jean, Stanley James (2)

Taylor - Mary Bancroft, Percy H.

Teeta - boy

Teets - Leo

Teetzel - Anna (Drummond)

Terry - Cornelius A.

Thebault - Bazel

Thompson - George & Myrtie

Thornton - S. V.

Travis - William R.

Trott - Louisa (Shoesmith)

Trumbull - William

Tudhope - James

Turley - Opal

Turrill - Truman

Twichell - Mrs.

Parents: Stanley James Tarala & Helene Tarala
Children: June Marie, Judy May, Mary Jane, Carol Lousie, Shirley Jean, Sharonrose, Stanley James, Linda Susan, Rita Kathleen, Patrica Ann
Submitted by

Percy H. Taylor
"4 Detroit Edison Veterans Observing Anniversaries - Four local employes of the Detroit Edison company are observing anniversaries this month. One, Joseph Muntz, 1815 Division street, has been with the company 30 years. The others, Allen J. McPhee, 4071 Gratiot avenue; Percy H. Taylor, 837 Division street, and Milton V. Warner, 17 Pickford road, have reached the quarter-century mark...Mr. Taylor also a turbine operator at Marysville, was born in Sarnia in 1902. He worked for the former Wills-Sainte Claire company in Marysville from 1923 to 1926 when he began work in the construction department at the Marysville power plant. After a few years in this department he entered the production department where he has been employed since. Mr. Taylor has a son, Ronald C. Taylor, amateur meteorologist, who was graduated from Port Huron High School in January..."
- Source: P.H. Times Herald, Wednesday, 23-MAY-1951

Boy Teeta
"The 6-year-old of Mr. Teeta, who attended school at the Church school house, was seriously hurt two weeks ago at the school grounds by two of George Gamfield's boys holding and beating him with a club. The attending physician says to of his ribs are broken and he is otherwise internally injured. The school officers are investigating the matter and they say Mr. Gamfield will have to settle it or the boys will be sent to the reform school. They are notoriously bad boys and a terror to good scholars of the school."
- Source: P.H. Daily Times, 11-MAY-1892
Submitted by
Patricia Forte.

Leo Teets & Minnie Spar
20-DEC-1931, Port Huron, (Lic.) 04-DEC-1931, Record #22137 - 5/201
Leo Teets, 20, White, r: Port Huron, b: Michigan, Mechanic, no previous marriage, P: Ellwood Teets & Anna Mullaney
Minnie Spar, 17, White, r: Port Huron, b: Michigan, no previous marriage, P: John Spar & Bertha Mitchell
Witnesses: Fred Werner & Emma Mitchell, both of Port Huron; J. Appel, minister
Submitted by
Kay Mitchell.

Anna Teetzel
Born: Michigan
Parents: Alexander Drummond & Jane Glassford
Married: William Teetzel - 10-OCT-1888
Siblings: Daniel, Sarah, John William, Albert, Lulu, Joseph and Finley Drummond
Submitted by
Heather Coleman.

Cornelius A. Terry
"Charged With Bigamy - Cornelius A. Terry is under arrest, charged with bigamy. Two years ago he was married to Mary Foreman, but soon tired of her and skipped to parts unknown. On Oct. 7th last he fell in love with Esther Meyer, of Green's Corners, and after a short courtship was married to her. A short time ago they took up their residence in this city. The first wife heard of it and has made their lives miserable ever since. This week she swore out a warrant for Terry's arrest…"
- Source: P.H. Weekly Times, Thursday, 21-JAN-1892

Bazel Thebault
"PROBATE COURT - Monday, May 28th - Estate of Bazel Thebault, deceased. Affidavit of publication received and filed. Administrator appointed and bond ordered in $500."
- Sour
ce: P.H. Daily Times, 29-MAY-1877

George & Myrtie Thompson
"Port Huron - George and Myrtie Thompson were honored at a surprise party given by their children for their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married June 3, 1939, in Port Huron. Their children and spouses are Raymond and Barbara Davis of Clyde Township; Jim and Judy Kzinowek of Culpeper, Va.; and Dan and Diane Hickey of Grand Rapids. They have nine grandchildren; and two great grandchildren."
Source: Times Herald, Sunday, 23-JAN-2000
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

S. V. Thornton et al
"COUNTY NEWS. Thornton. This little village is prospering. Although we have no stirring events to record, brief mention of the business men here may not be without interest. Mr. S. V. Thornton keeps a drug store and the post office, on Main street. David Pace keeps a large general store on Washington street, near the depot. The village hotel is kept by A. Whitney, who is very popular as a landlord. Stages leave twice a week for Port Huron and Wales. Mr. B. Weeks keeps a saloon; Henry Reich has a blacksmith shop on Main street; William Shippell, builder, has a shop on Washington street; and Samuel Somes has a boot and shoe shop on Main street. At present there is neither lawyer, magistrate, nor constable here, and as a consequence we enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet. The village school is taught by Miss Carrie Christopher, of Port Huron, who gives good satisfaction. The Good Templars Society is increasing rapidly in numbers, Edward Hall being at its head. The surrounding country is settled by industrious farmers, who are enjoying a good degree of prosperity, and altogether we may be counted as a quiet, prosperous, and contented community."
Source: P.H. Weekly Times, 17-MAR-1871, p 3

William R. Travis & Martha Ann Cook
"Married. - At Algonac, on the 9th inst., by Wm. Baird, Esq. Mr. William R. Travis, of Wallaceburg, and Martha Ann Cook, of Lambton, Ont."
- Source: St. Clair Republican, Tuesday, 26-APR-1870

Louisa Trott - Additional Information
Maiden Name: Shoesmith
Son's Name: Frank B. Trott
Submitted by
Jane Devlin.

William Trumbull & Elsie Schneider
"The marriage of Miss Elsie Schneider, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schneider and William Trumbull, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Trumbull, all of the Town Line road, was solemnized Saturday in St. Mary's parsonage, Rev. Fr. Edward J. Kromenaker officiating. The attendants at the ceremony were Miss Margaret Havins and Delbert Frizzle,of this city."

Announcement from the clipped collection gathered over three generations by Lottie Trumble Delor, Edna Delor Hunter and Pat Love. Articles in this collection were mostly from the St. Clair Republican, the Port Huron Daily Times and the Port Huron Times Herald. Submitted by Pat Love.

Truman Turrill & Lois Z. Cadwell
"Married. - At the Township of Grant, on the 19th inst., by Rev. George Lyon, Mr. Truman Turrill and Lois Z. Cadwell, both of Grant."
- Source: St. Clair Republican, Tuesday, 26-APR-1870
Marjean Workman.

Mrs. Twichell
"FARGO...Mrs. Twichell is visiting her niece Mrs. Fred Glyshaw, of Port Huron..."
Source: The Weekly Herald, 23-NOV-1906, p 7