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Wacker - Albert C.

Wadhams - Ralph

Wagner - John

Wakeham - Helen I., Robert E.

Ward - Francis Jane

Warner - Charles S., Hiram A., Milton V.

Warwick - Lucretia

Wasey - Marjory H.

Webster - Cornelia Emeline

Wells - Mrs. William

Welser - Minnie

Wendorf - Leland O.

Westbrook - William M.

Whiting - William Scott

Whitman - O. H. P.

Williams - Elias, Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur, Polly

Willing - Barbara

Wills - Sally

Wilser - Mathias

Wilson - Melissa

Wiswell - Gordon

Woodbury - Karen F.

Woolman - Jerry

Wright - Mrs. Asa H.

Wykes - Caroline

Albert C. Wacker & Karen F. Woodbury
"Harbor Beach - Albert C. and Karen F. Wacker celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at a dinner at the River Crab. Albert C. Wacker and Karen F. Woodbury were married Aug. 15, 1959, in Peck. Their children and spouses are Timothy and Kathie Wacker of Fort Gratiot and Andy Wacker of Port Huron. They have two grandchildren, Aaron and Nicole; and one step great grandchild."
Source: The Times Herald, Sunday, 26-SEP-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Ralph Wadhams et al
"TRANSFERS OF REAL ESTATE. - The following is a list of transfers of real estate recorded at St. Clair for the 2 weeks ending May 8:
Ralph Wadhams to Daniel L. Smith, 125x175 feet in sec 2, Kimball, $250.
Adelaipe Minnie to Mary A. C. Baker, 9 lots in Port Huron City, $1.
Wm. Beal and Peter Snyder to John Jenkinson, 40 acres in sec 18, Kimball, $1,000.
George Moore to Marshall D. Frink, 60 acres in sec 29, Wales, $300.
Wm. McCain to Joseph W. Nelson, 40 acres in sec 5, Greenwood, $300.
Timothy L. Fullco to Calesto Brown, 40 acres in P C 152, Clay $500.
Albert Sperry to Homer G. Sperry, 40 acres in sec 35, Berlin, $1500.
Michael Kain to James Kain, 80 acres in sec 17, Columbus, $500.
Michael Kain to Thomas Kain, 40 acres in sec 18, Columbus, $250.
Michael Kain to Hugh Sweeney, 80 acres in sec 16, Columbus, $1000.
Daniel L. Smith to Susan C. Anker, 125x175 feet in sec 2, Kimball, $2000.
Thomas W. Ward to Henry Moore, 1-2 lots 5 and 6, Fort Gratiot, $225.
Thos. W. Ward to Patrick Carrigan, 1-2 of lots 5 and 6, blk 6 Fort Gratiot, $175.
Wm. Jones to Alex McDonald, part of sec 20, Grant, $140.
Peter B. Thibault to Oliver Mire, 2 acres in sec 19 St. Clair, $1000.
George Powell and wife to E. T. Solis and Cyrus H. Woodruff, lot in St. Clair city, $600.
Joseph Campau to Geo. H Prentis, 73 acres in Bonhomme Claim, Port Huron, $700.
DeWitt C. Walker to Thos. H. Bottomly, lots 4 and 5, in blk 1, Capac, $1000.
Geo. W. Carleton to Peter Sterling, 40 acres in sec 6, St. Clair, $100.
Geo. W. Carleton to Peter Jackson, 40 acres in sec 6, St. Clair, $800.
Florence Smith to Ruhlmann, 80 acres in sec 35, St. Clair, $300.
Terrence Smith to Geo. Ruleman, 87 acres in sec 35, Kimball, $300.
David Bazinet to Gabriel Chortier, 1-2 acre in sec 15, Ira, $25.
Stephen Chortier and wife to Charles Fartin [Fortin?], 1-2 acres in sec 15, Ira, $100.
Francis Palms to Ernst Jacobs and Maria Jacobs, 20 acres in sec 6, Ira, $200.
Charles Harrison and wife to Mary Jane Waterloo, 40 acres in sec 14, Columbus, $1200.
Sherman S. Eaton to Daniel C. Myres, 40 acres in Riley, $300.
Joseph N. Cook and wife to David Taylor, 1-4 acres in sec 15, China, $800.
Harmon E. Stevens and wife to Frank Leighton, lot 42, Thorn's plat, Port Huron city, $500.
Sarah E. Dunford and Thos. Dunford to Harmon L. Stevens, 40 acres in sec 18, Wales, $600.
Harmon L. Stevens to Sarah E. Dunford & Harvey Hide, lots 35 and 37 in Thorn's plat, and lots 3 and 4 in blk 5, city of Port Huron, $5,000.
Franklin Moore et al. to John B. Brought, 40 acres in sec 5, Kimball, $180.
William Houston to William H. Houston, 5 acres in sec 16, China, $10.
Lewis Potts and wife to Leonard Green, 96 acres in sec 6, Clyde, 1200.
Wm. H. Ranson to J. J. Fraser, 40 acres in sec. 11, Brockway, $600.
Clara J. O'Neil to John Brandimore, lot 4 blk 7 city of Port Huron, $130.
Electa M. Blood and F. H. Blood to Eunice B. Hayden, 17 acres in city of St. Clair, $2000.
Elizabeth C. Folkerts to K. Folkerts et al lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in blk 142, and lots 40, 41, and 42, Village of Algonac, $1000.
Elizabeth C. Folkerts to Joana Owen, piece of land in Village of Algonac, $1000.
Peter F. Brakeman and wife to John W. Brakeman, 10 acres in sec 17, St. Clair, $1000.
John A. Simons to John Cole, 40 acres in sec 30, Grant, $15.
John B. Smith to John B. McElliney, 39 acres in McNeil tract, city of Port Huron, $450.
Henry Hale to Emily Bellair, lots 195, 196, 203, 235, and 244, city of St. Clair, $1.
Michael Broome to Chas. B. Dale, lots 7, blk 168, city of Port Huron, $1.
Frank Whipple to Geo. McEleny, 39 acres in McNeil tract, city of Port Huron, $1.
A. A. Carleton to Ann E. Hubbard, 20 acres in sec 14, Columbus, $10.
Mark Farley to Stephen Grinnell, 40 acres in sec 32, Mussey, $1.
Source: P.H. Times, 18-MAY-1871, p 4

John Wagner & Sarah McCarty
"Married. - At the Township of St. Clair, on the 18th inst., by John Kennedy, Esq., Mr. John Wagner, of St. Clair Township and Miss Sarah McCarty of China."
Source: St. Clair Republican, Tuesday, 26-APR-1870

Robert E. & Helen I. Wakeham
"DIVORCES - FILED - Robert E. Wakeham against Helen I. Wakeham, extreme cruelty."
Source: P.H. Times Herald, Wednesday, 23-MAY-1951

Milton V. Warner
"4 Detroit Edison Veterans Observing Anniversaries - Four local employes of the Detroit Edison company are observing anniversaries this month. One, Joseph Muntz, 1815 Division street, has been with the company 30 years. The others, Allen J. McPhee, 4071 Gratiot avenue; Percy H. Taylor, 837 Division street, and Milton V. Warner, 17 Pickford road, have reached the quarter-century mark...Mr. Warner was born in Capac in 1889. He came to Port Huron about 1910 and worked for the former Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. and the Pere Marquette railroad a number of years. He also started work at the Marysville power plant when it was being constructed. His present job is that of building cleaner. The Warners have five children."
Source: P.H. Times Herald, Wednesday, 23-MAY-1951

Cornelia Emeline Webster
"Notice. - Cornelia Emeline Webster, my wife, having left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, all persons are hereby notified not to trust or harbor the said Cornelia Emeline on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting. - ORRIN T. WEBSTER. Dated St. Clair, Dec. 20, 1869"
Source: St. Clair Republican, 12-DEC-1869

Mrs. William Wells
"CAMPAU NEWS. Mrs. William Wells, of St. Clair, visited her daughter, Mrs. Frank Shichiskie over Sunday."
Source: P.H. Daily Times, 20-NOV-1906, p 5

Leland O. Wendorf & Phyllis J. Innes
"Marlette - Leland and Phyllis Wendorf celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Leland Oliver Wendorf and Phyllis June Innes were married Nov. 4, 1949, by the Rev. Horace Freeman, pastor of Decker United Methodist Church, in the bride's home in Decker. The couple has three sons, Randall Lee, Charles Kitchener and Jeffrey Innes; and a foster son, Randy Dale Termiswood. They have five grandchildren: Nicholas, Amy, Terry, Amanda and Steven Wendorf. A grandson, Gerald Lee, died in 1988. The Wendorfs have lived on their farm in Marlette since 1954."
Source: The Times Herald, Sunday, 12-DEC-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

William M. Westbrook et al
"TRANSFERS OF REAL ESTATE. - Sales of real estate have been recorded at St. Clair recently as follows:
Cottrellville - Wm. M. Westbrook to Mary Westbrook, part of the north part of the northeast quarter of fractional sec 1, $500.
Wm. M. Westbrook to Nelson Woodworth, 10 acres in sec 1, $2,000.
Casco - Luman A. Clark and wife to Herbert Clark, east part of east half of northeast quarter of sec 6, $650.
Clay - Timothy L. Fuller to Sanford Hatch part of private claim No. 132, 60 acres, $545 75.
Fort Gratiot - United States to Charles Samburg, lot 2, block 14, $175.
United States to Charles Samburg, lot 5, block 13, $380.
Grant - John Johnston to B. C. Farrand, east half of west half of the southwest quarter of sec 6, $150.
Kenockee - Aaron Hulen and wife to Wm. Barclay, 80 acres in sec 26, $800.
Kimball - Charles F. Moore to George C. Sohs, of the east half of the southwest quarter and west half of the southest quarter of sec. 4, $1,000.
Lynn - Auditor General to Donald C. Thomson & Co., east half of the southeast quarter of sec. 21, and the west half of the southwest quarter of sec. 21, $20.32.
Marine city - Louis Shorkey to Harrison Carll, lot 5, block 44, $220.
James W. Scott to Mathew P. Scott, south half of lot 3 and south half of lot 16 block 30, $600.
H. D. Wilcox to Daniel Hathaway, lots 49 and 50, block 7, $900.
Port Huron City - John Atkinson to John T. Bently, lot 9, block 37, $220.
Port Huron Town - John Atkinson to Anna Boynton, 8 and 40-1 00 acres in sec 24, $5,000.
John Stocks to Francis Stocks, 25 acres in sec. 4, 1,000.
St. Clair Town - Wider S. Chaffee to Edward Canan, 30 acres in sec. 10, $500.
St. Clair City - Jane Stewart and Daniel W. Hathaway to Mary Rankin, part of out lot 11 $400.
Ira Devonport to B. W. Jenks, the east half of the northwest quarter of sec. 35, Berlin, and the east quarter of the northeast quarter of sec. 30, Emmet; also, 160 acres in sec. 21, Kenockee, $10.

William Scott Whiting & Caroline Loretz Lin
"Hickory, N. C., Oct. 27 - One of the most prominent affairs of the season in Hickory's social life was the marriage this evening of Miss Caroline Loretz Lin, of this place, to William Scott Whiting of Elizabethton, Tenn. There were about 50 guests present. The wedding occurred at 8 o'clock at the residence of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Limk, the parlor, library and dining room being beautifully decorated for the occasion. Rev. J L. Murphy, pastor of Corinth German Reformed church, was the officiating clergyman. The bride was attired in whit mousseline over white taffeta. She was assisted in receiving the guests by Miss Lois Seagle and Miss Lillie Jones, who wore white organdie. After the ceremony an elaborate supper was served. Mr. and Mrs. Whiting received a large number of beautiful presents. The bride is a prominent figure in the social life of Hickory, an accomplished young lady, and is admired by all because of her splendid traits of character. She is a musician of much ability, and for several terms was a member of the faculty of Catawba college, Newton. The bridegroom is a Michigan young man, but has made the South his home for several years. He is at the head of the Whiting Lumber company, an extensive concern operating at Elizabethton, and is popular in business and social life. He is a brother of Hon, Justin R. Whiting, the Democratic candidate for governor of Michigan. The newly wedded couple left on the 9:25 train, in the proverbial shower of rice, followed by the best wishes of countless friends. Mr. and Mrs. Whiting arrived in Ashville this morning and are guests of the Battery Park hotel. They will leave tomorrow afternoon for their home in Elizabethton."
- Source: St. Clair Historical Museum Collection
Submitted by Pat Love

O. H. P. Whitman & Charles Eggert
"ASSAULT AND BATTERY. - Mr. O. H. P. Whitman was brought before Justice Seeley, on Monday, charged with assault and battery upon Charles Eggert. It seems that Mr. Whitman was not far out of the way in whipping Eggert, but under the statute in such cases the Justice was obliged to fine him $5.00 and costs."
- Source: P.H. Weekly Times, 17-MAR-1871, p 3

Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Williams
"St. Clair - Mr.. and Mrs. J. Arthur Williams, St. Clair, were honored at a reception April 25 in their home in recognition of their 50th wedding anniversary. Mr. Williams and Mary Cameron were married April 27, 1932, by Msgr. Edward J. McCormick in St. Stephens Catholic Church, Port Huron. Mrs. Florence Garrick, Marine City, and the late George Cameron, Port Huron, brother of the bride, were attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Williams have three sons, James and Jerry, both of St. Clair, and John, Richmond; a daughter, Joanne Veenhuis, Brookfield, Wis.; and nine grandchildren. Mr. Williams is a retired self employed mason contractor. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are parishioners of St. Mary's Catholic Church."

Announcement from the clipped collection gathered over three generations by Lottie Trumble Delor, Edna Delor Hunter and Pat Love. Articles in this collection were mostly from the St. Clair Republican, the Port Huron Daily Times and the Port Huron Times Herald. Submitted by Pat Love.

Gordon Wiswell & Donna Roof
"China Township - Gordon and Donna Wiswell were honored by their children and grandchildren with a limousine ride and dinner. The occasion was the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Gordon Wiswell and Donna Roof were married Dec. 10, 1949. Their children and spouses are Bonita and David Hearn of Port Huron; and Pam Bassett and Randall Wiswell, both of Marine City. They have three grandchildren, Lacey Bassett and Eric and Adam Hearn."
Source: Times Herald, Sunday, 16-JAN-2000
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Jerry Woolman & Barb Fagan
"Fort Gratiot - Jerry and Barb Woolman were honored at a party given by their children with family and friends. The occasion was the couple's 25th wedding anniversary. Jerry Woolman and Barb Fagan were married July 27, 1974, in Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Port Huron, by Ralph Fetting. Their children are Travis and Brent Woolman, both of Fort Gratiot. Mr. Woolman is self-employed."
Source: The Times Herald, Sunday, 10-OCT-1999
Submitted by Rebecca Gregg

Mrs. Asa H. Wright
"Mrs. Asa H. Wright received three votes for Constable in the Second Ward of this city, on Monday. Miss Victor, who lectured here a few days ago, advocated the election of women as constables. In Fort Gratiot township, Mrs. David Belyea received one vote for the same office."
Source: P.H. Weekly Times, 07-APR-1871, p 3

Caroline Wykes et al
"REAL ESTATE SALES. - The following transfers of real estate have been recorded since October 14th:
Caroline Wykes to John Reeves, 80 acres in sec. 29 Grant, $1,200
John L. Woods to Adrian Hudson, 80 acres in sec. 29, Burchville, $300.
P. W. Norris to Adrian Hudson, 40 acres in sec 20, Burtchville, $1?0.
Mary E. Barmelee [Parmelee?] to Betty A. Hendricks, 1 lot in city of Port Huron, $400.
Ruel[?] Smith to James Bourke, 80 acres in sec. 19, Kimball, $1000.
Henry Morgan to Wm. H. Morgan, 40 acres in sec. 24, Lynn, $100.
Edward Vincent to Alfred F. Streeter, 80 acres in sec. 6, Grant, $203.
Edward Vincent to John McCoy, 40 acres in sec. 21, Fort Gratiot, $500.
Anthony R. Avery to John P. Hillbourn, 80 acres in sec. 22, Burtchville, $450.
Archibald Earls to Henry Philips, 80 acres in sec. 8, Brockway, $300.
James Gallagher to Mary Donohue, 34 acres in sec. 26, Emmet, $1,400.
Celia Glassford to Rowena E. Morris, 1 lot in village of Capac, $250.
Buckminister . To C. Hoffman, 80 acres in sec. 5, Lynn, $800.
Thomas Miller to Louis J. Turrill, 80 acres in sec. 22, Riley, $1,800.
Henry Miller to Charles Bark, 40 acres in sec. ??, Columbus, $400.
Source: P.H. Times, 25-NOV-1870, p 3