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Cemetery Notes, Clarifications and Corrections

St. Mary's Cemetery ~ Rattle Run Road

The issue involves the Eckert & Bell family members buried at St Mary's, located on Rattle Run Rd.

1. Eckert is used correctly for Louise/Anthony/Charles E. It should be Eckert but is Ekert for Anthony/Mary & should be Eckert but is Egkert for Andrew/Wilhelmina.

2. Bul should be Bell for all under listing Bul also at St Mary's. [evidence may be seen under Bell at the Hillside cem where are buried Joseph & Lena May Bell, mentioned under Bul as parents of several children].

3. Also at St Mary's, under Trumble, Clara's dob should be 1869  instead of 1883. [her parents were Nicholas & Catharine Rademacher, correctly listed & I have census docs including Clara].

I do appreciate the online evidence accumulating on the St Clair page.  Mike

Oaklawn ~ Algonac

From: lviger []
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 3:13 PM
Subject: Possible error in Oaklawn Cemetery list.

I found Frank Lanridge Jr. married to Sandra Mouch. I knew a Frank Laparl Jr. who married Sandra Mouch and the last I heard she lives at the ... Also entry above Frank Jr. is Ellaine Lanridge d/o of Frank H.,  Frank Jr.'s father was named Frank.

Leon Viger


Another name to check variations on the spelling - sometimes different people in different lines of families and/or generations spelled things differently. I had this note from a site visitor:

The Beldock surnames on the index, at least those for Ruby, should be Baldock. This would make them agree with Frank's WWI Draft Registration, and all the other Baldocks

Fort Gratiot

I get email ... here is just one ... if you have any information on this matter, please email the County Coordinator from the link on the home page.

Hello, Kathleen, I have written to you before and we had a nice exchange of info about Lakeport Cemetary. I am now living in Florida with my Mom, who is almost 95. She gets around very well for her age but has lost much of her eye sight. She wants to stay in her home until the end.

My son is the township clerk for Fort Gratiot...he sent me a email that has caused me to write to you and hope the info will get to someone that can record it for future use, should anyone want it.

Here is his message...

I got a call from a resident today about her kids finding a grave stone in the woods. I made an appointment with her to show me the head stone. The grave appears to be two graves. One has a  craved stone with the name of Leonard. The dates are August 16, 1860 and April 25, 1903 craved on a regular looking grave stone. The other marker was made from concrete in the shape of a cross, this maker is broken in several places. The cross had a steel reinforcement inside the concrete like it was manufactured instead of homemade. I didn't see any marks on the cross except where it looks like a lady's broach inset in the concrete. Both graves have a small wall around them of old broken concrete.  

I called  a friend at the county clerk's office and she said the county doesn't have birth records before 1868. I gave her the name and dates but all she could find is a death certificate for a William Leonard who was 70 years old and died 1904. So I started looking at the old plat maps we have at the office. I found a William Leonard owned 20 acres on Parker Road in the 1916 plat map. I am thinking the grave is William's son and an unknown female. I also called Lee Edie. Lee's grandparents settled here when they came here from Germany. The 1916 map shows John Edie owning property next to the Leonard's. Lee is in his 90's and is looking in his families records clues.

The same people that called about the graves here also told me about some near Lakeshore and Jeddo roads. They said there are about 12 graves where some one is cutting trees and trails through the woods. I called Burtchville township about them.

I am not sure what you do now, the graves are not in anyone's way. But we would like to know more about the people. If William's son is buried in the woods with someone else, where is William Sr. buried?  

Rob & Barb

Do you know who would value this info and put it where it needs to be? Hugs, Shirley



Email the county coordinator any obituaries, photographs or other materials you wish to have posted at this site.

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