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Cemetery Key

This key to the searchable indices contains additional information about the various St. Clair county cemeteries.

Please note that all death records came from various files i.e. Cemetery Records, Burial Records, Church Records etc. Therefore, there may be repeats on the names but listed in different record files. Please refer to the Key below for an explanation of where the extraction of names came from.

There may be more information found in these records i.e. 1) location of birth; 2) location of cemetery person buried in; 3) wife and/or husband of; 4) child of etc. Only the birth-death dates have been taken from these files to help you locate your ancestors.

The St. Clair County Library; 210 McMorran Blvd.; Port Huron, MI 48060 phone (810) 987-7323 houses most of the Cemetery Records on the Main Floor. You can visit and contact the library online at

BERLIN Township

East & West Berlin  |  Cross Reference

East Berlin-Hoover Cemetery in Berlin Twp. is 2.5 miles west of Riley Center on Masters Rd., between Sperry and Berville Roads in Allenton, Michigan, St. Clair County.

West Berlin Cemetery in Berlin Twp. is on the southwest corner of Almont and Holmes Roads, in Allenton, Michigan, St. Clair County.

Cemeteries read by Helen Whiting, Marge Owens, Becky Thomas, Lois Wedge & others


Elmwood  |  McFadden  |  Moore  |  Sacred Heart

Elmwood Cemetery in Yale, Michigan, St. Clair County.

McFadden Cemetery about 2 miles Northwest of Yale, Michigan on the east side of Arendt Rd, north of Jeddo Road in St. Clair County. Very bad condition, over grown with weeds, many stones over turned and covered by over growth. Tornado passed this cemetery and as a result several stones disappeared with the wind on May 21, 1953.

Note: Date of Birth Column - A question mark beside the year is an approximate year they were born according to the birth date that was listed by month, date, and year -- the year could be off by one year before or after.

Moore Cemetery also known as Brockway Cemetery located North side of Norman road. West of M19 and 3 miles South of Yale, Michigan, Brockway Twp., St. Clair County.

Sacred Heart Cemetery in Brockway Twp., Yale, Michigan, St. Clair County, Michigan. West of Yale on Yale Road near Jorden Road.

Cemeteries read by Helen Whiting, Marge Owens, Becky Thomas, Lois Wedge, Frank & Sally Bohs & others

CASCO Township

Cemetery Transcripts

Ad = Adair Cemetery, Casco Twp., St. Clair County, Michigan

These records are merged with all of the different Casco Twp records (Adair Cemetery, Casco Twp. Office Records, Death and Burial Records, St. James Cemetery files, St. James Church Records, St. Paul�s Lutheran Church Cemetery, and St. Peter and Paul Church Records.

St. James Cemetery, Casco Twp, in St. Clair County, Michigan

St. James Church Records File, Casco Twp. extracted from: St. Jakobus Kirche, Casco Twp.; St. Jakobus Parish, Casco, St. Clair Co., MI. Records began January 1, 1879 by Pastor J. Lindenmeyer. Records Copied: November 20, 1980 by Becky Thomas, Helen Whiting and translators, Alfred Volsteadt, Christina Volsteadt.

St. Paul�s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Casco Twp. Cemetery record for St. Paul�s Lutheran Church cemetery in the town of Peters on Palms Road in Casco Twp., St. Clair Co., MI.

This church was built about 1858. The town of Peters was founded in 1864 and named for the Peters family, John and Fredericka (Hornberg) Peters, who were among the early German settlers. A biographical sketch of their son, John, is included in the 1903 "Biographical Memoirs of St. Clair County, Michigan" - B.F. Bowen, Publisher, Logansport, Indiana.

The markers for burials around the church building date from 1870. They seem to be located by date of death, rather than in family plots. Across the road from the church is a new east Section. Many of the original families� descendents live in the area.

The original record is in three sections - West Side, East Side, and a list of persons whose funerals were officiated by the pastor of the church since 1870, but for whom there is no visible marker. An asterisk has been placed by the family name when there are additional names on the funeral list. Mr. William Kaufman, 7884 Trumble Road, St. Clair, Michigan who is a member of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church made this record.

St. Paul�s Lutheran Cemetery West - Section 26, Casco Twp., St. Clair Co., MI. , west side of Palms Road, at north side of Church

St. Paul�s Lutheran Cemetery East - Section 25, Casco Twp., St. Clair Co., MI. , east side of Palms Road, across from the church

St. Paul�s Lutheran Cemetery No Markers - This is a list of names of persons whose funerals are recorded by the pastors of the St. Paul�s Lutheran Church at Peters, Casco Twp. No markers have been located in the Church cemetery; however, probably many of them were buried there. Many family names are the same as the cemetery record.

St. Peter and Paul Church Records, Casco Twp.

CHINA Township

Cemetery Transcripts

China Township Cemetery formerly Balfour Cemetery, China Twp. - Through China Twp. in St. Clair County, Michigan flows Belle River on its winding way to meet the larger St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair. Former forests that stretched to the water�s edge were cut by early Scottish, French and German settlers to make today�s farms, many inhabited by their descendants.

In 1834, the name China Township was suggested by John Clark who was born in Bath, Maine 22 July 1797, who lived as a boy in China Township in Kennebec County, Maine. Many of the names of his contemporaries appear in the old Cemetery on the Belle River Road, now maintained by China Twp.

According to D.A.R. records, there are seven veterans buried in the Cemetery. No markers were found for two of these, Austin Abbey and Peter Wood. However, the death certificates in the Twp. Hall indicated that the former was born 23 Nov 1832 in New York and died 23 Aug 1914 and was buried in the cemetery.

A cursory review of the death certificates also indicated that some persons were buried in the cemetery without grave markers. The township also has a Cemetery Plot Map, and presumably these were persons buried in individual family plots.

Clark Cemetery is located in China Twp.; St. Clair County in the section of Belle River Rd. and Indian trail and is abandoned.

Read by: Helen D. Wenning and Hilde W. Beaty

CLYDE Township

Cemetery Transcripts

Clyde Township Cemeteries - Kinney, Ruby, and Westbrook. Note: Westbrook Cemetery - Old cemetery on Westbrook Farm, one half miles from Ruby Cemetery. Bodies were moved to Port Huron, MI. Extracted from: Burial Death Records of Clyde Twp.

Kinney Cemetery - Source: Port Huron Times, Friday, 30 May 1947 - FORM KINNEY CEMETERY GROUP - Wadhams, May 30. Lot owners and persons interested in development of Kinney Cemetery near here met at 2:30 P.M. today to form the Kinney Cemetery Association. The cemetery is a historic spot. Elton Gray, President of the Wadhams Men�s Club points out that many district pioneers are buried there. Among them being Ralph Wadhams who died 27 March 1877. The temporary committee is William Stein, Edwin Kilbourne, Ernest Stein and John Marash.

Westbrook Cemetery - Old cemetery on Westbrook Farm, one half miles from Ruby Cemetery. Bodies were moved to Port Huron, Michigan listing four names, Sarah Balmer, Thomas Belkap, John Westbrook and Nellie E. Westbrook.


Cemetery Transcripts

Extracted from the following files: Arlington Road Cemetery, Kittridge Cemetery, St. Philips Cemetery, Williams Cemetery and the Township Burial Records

Arlington Road Cemetery in Columbus Twp. - Located in section 32 on Arlington Road 1/4 mile off Gratiot Rd. Columbus Township owns it. This is supposed to be the oldest cemetery in St. Clair County. Marge Owens, Becky Thomas, Lois Wedge and Helen Whiting read the stones in 1980.

Miscellaneous reading with no surnames listed:

  • Isabelle 1843-1890

  • Jennett no dates

  • No name 74 y 9m


  • B.Y.

  • C.L.R.

  • 4 Footstones with no names

  • J.H.

  • A.M.C.

  • Z.L.R.

  • E.F.


  • Daniel Yo - died May - age 15y

  • H.C.

  • AYERS (on base)

  • Cynthia d/o N. & M.

  • C.Y

Kittridge Cemetery in Columbus, Michigan - Incomplete Stones:

  • Franky - no dates listed

  • No Name, Mother - no dates listed

  • No Name, William - 29 Aug 1876-14 Aug 1906

  • No Name, Father - no dates listed

  • No Name, George - 12 Feb 1878-13 June 1881

  • E.C. - Small stone

  • No Name, Mary - 25 Feb 1887-29 Oct 1904

  • No Name, Hudd - no dates listed

  • No Name, Frederick

  • Grandson - 11 Feb 1897-7 Apr 1897

  • Holwidel - Big stone, no names or dates listed

St. Philips Cemetery in Columbus Twp

Read by Marge Owens, Lois Wedge, Helen Whiting, Becky Thomas in July, 1980

Odd Stones: No last names listed

  • Mary 1849-1856, Mother 1808-1870, Kate 1853-1896, John 1846-1914

  • Mother 8 Feb 1834-2 June 1909, Catherine M. 22 Dec 1870-16 June 1888,

  • Mary A. 8 Apr 1868-24 Sep 1886, Father 2 June 1832-28 Dec 1904

  • M.J.B. - no dates; MS - no dates; Mary Ann? d/o J.C. & ? 3 Jan 1897; Mary Ellen ?mo;

  • Catherine?; and Mackey, beloved children of Mr. & Mrs. E.J. no names or dates

  • Frank 1859-1919; Michael 1851-1923; Margaret; Patrick (Father) 1843-1919.

  • Could be Malloys - John W. 1891-1916;

  • Unreadable double stone both Ireland 5-21-1881 age 71 and 10-23-18?? age 71

Williams Cemetery - located in Columbus Twp in Section 1, Mayer Rd, Smiths Creek. Abandoned, overgrown with brush and weeds. It is in the middle of a cultivated field.

Initials on some small stones:

A.H.; S.S.; B.B.; R.B.; H.B.; A.H.; E.B.; G.D.P.; B.M.

There were four stones with no lettering:

  • Richard b or d? 19? Feb 1867

  • Hattie b or d? 27 Dec 1872 (Hattie & Richard on same stone)

  • Margaret (no dates); Stone (no name) 13 Aug 1808 - 27 Dec 1893

  • E.C. Williams married Polly Hubble and had ten children. Came to St. Clair Twp. in 1844. Section 6, Post Office was Smith Creek. Mugridge, Truman B. Oct. 1918 (b or d)? This came from the Whiting clippings, out of the Port Huron newspaper.


Cemetery Transcripts

Lester Cemetery, Marine City, Cottrellville Twp. - located near the city�s northern limits on the west side of North Belle River Ave. (Cottrellville Twp., on Belle River Rd. north of Degurse St.) (13 burials).

Interesting facts taken from an undated newspaper article written by Bill Bunn between 1980-1991: The community was known as Newport for 31 years but was first incorporated as the Village of Marine in 1865. The Michigan Legislature changed the name to Marine City in 1867. It was incorporated as a city in 1867.

David Lester was a prominent shipbuilder and the first president of the village. The Lester family built 62 boats, almost three times the number built by any other organization in Marine City, between 1857 and 1899. The vessels included the V.H. Ketchum, which at 233 feet was the largest ship on the Great Lakes in 1874.

David Lester is laid to rest in this cemetery. The first grave was dug in 1857, which could be Infant son Lester who was born and died in 1857. The last in grave was dug in 1919, which could be Mary Roberts Muir�s, born 1884, died 1919.

Smith Cemetery, Marine City, MI., Cottrellville Twp. is located SW 1/4, Sec. 15, Cottrellville Twp. West of Marsh Rd. on Shortcut Rd.

Starville Maple Grove Cemetery, Cottrellville Twp. is located on section line between sections 18 & 17, Cottrellville Twp., behind Starville Church. This cemetery is active and well kept. (aka Starville Cemetery & Maple Grove Cemetery) 

Cemetery Read 30 July 1980 by Becky Thomas and Helen Whiting


Cemetery Transcripts

Extracted from two different file records titled: East China Twp. Death Records and Rosehill Cemetery. Rosehill Cemetery is located NW 1/4, Sec. 18, East China Twp on Puttygut Rd. west of River Rd., St. Clair, MI

ECTDR = extracted from East China Twp. Death Records which covers Hillside in St. Clair, MI; Holy Cross and Woodlawn Cemeteries located in Marine City, MI. and Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, MI.


Cemetery Records

Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery, NW 1/4, Sec. 20, Fort Gratiot Twp. On the south side of Keewahdin Rd., just west of the curve where M-136 becomes Pine Grove Ave. Across from the township hall and fire station.

This relatively new cemetery contains no above ground level markers. Records were maintained by the Township Supervisor�s office across the road from the cemetery. Since they were primarily filed according to ownership, there was some confusion as to which name actually applied to who would be buried in the plots, or whether anyone was buried in certain lots. An unnamed child is indicated as c/o followed by parents� names.

GRANT Township

Grant Township

Martin Baker Family Cemetery - Martin Baker, with his wife, Catherine Lemon, and their family came to Grant Twp., St. Clair Co., Michigan in 1852. He settled on 200 or so acres along the Black River in Sections 5, 6, 7 and 8. Part of this had been logged off. It is thought his daughter, Sarah Ann, and her husband, Abraham Cline, came with them. In the winter of 1853-1854, daughter Catherine and husband, John Macklem came over. These families came from the Whitchurch Township area, York Co., Ontario.

The "Baker Cemetery" was started on this land on the east bank of Black River, about 3/8 of a mile north of Jeddo Road. Members of the Baker and many related families are buried there. Some names are Macklem, Cline (Clyne), Kilbourn and Fuller. Originally the road followed the riverbank at that location. There were many markers and "post and chain" marked lots. Access now is through farmland. Its isolation and easy access from the Black River have caused it to be vandalized. Few identifiable markers now remain. Known to be buried there are:

  • Martin Baker - 21 May 1809 - 10 May 1889

  • Catherine Lemon Baker - 812 - 31 Dec 1890

  • John W. Macklem - 1 July 1826 - 13 Nov 1900 Civil War Veteran

  • Catherine Baker Macklem - 18 July 1831 - 17 Feb 1899

  • James Fuller - 2 Feb 1813 - 24 Nov 1868 (daughter Clarissa m. Martin�s son, Benjamin)

  • Several Macklem children and grandchildren who died young:

  • Burley Macklem, who died 21 May 1879 could be the husband or son of Martin and Catherine Baker�s Cline granddaughter

  • Two of Abraham and Sarah Ann Baker Cline�s daughters married a Kilbourn. Sarah Catherine married Timothy Kilbourn. Elizabeth�s Kilbourn husband�s first name is unknown.

  • John Patrick (last name unknown) died 10 May 1885.

Harmony aka Conlan Cemetery is located in the northeast 1/4 Section 32, Grant Township, St. Clair County, Michigan between Metcalf and Norman roads on the west side. Originally, Thomas Conlan owned the property. It is now in the care of Grant Twp.

The following families are buried here: Atiken, Atkins, Balmer, Bennett, Brown, Burch, Campbell, Clay, Conlan, Coon, Crane, Darr, Earnest, Ellerthorpe, Farr, Grimes, Harris, Hay, Holland, Hubel, Hugill, Kilbourn, Lermont, Lynch, Malloy, McCutcheon, Merchant, Monroe, Myron, Nelson, Radford, Reeves, Ross, Runion, Spafford, Travis, Wilson, and Woodward.

Jeddo Burial Grounds - This is located on Jeddo Road, one-quarter mile east of Wildcat Road in Section 3. There is access from Jeddo Road. The cemetery itself is on a hill north of the road. Aaron Schagel owned it in the 1840�s. He, with some of his family, came here from Chatham Twp, Argenteuil Co., Quebec - "On the Ottawa." He died in 1848 and was perhaps the first burial there, but no visible marker remains. Several of his family later owned the land - daughters, Almeda Hill, Almira Stalker, and sons, Henry and Elijah. In 1889, deeds were recorded to the "Trustees of the Burial ground Association of Jeddo", signed by Almira Stalker, Hiram H. Stalker, Herbert Stalker, James and Almeda Hill, William S. Moore and Lucinda C. Moore. These deeds are recorded in Vol. 101, pages 227, 338, and 339.

Grant Twp now assumes the care of the cemetery. A numbering system was worked out in 1979 with #1 starting in the southeast corner, extending to #18 on the east side. There are four rows of lots of various sizes with a walkway between the first and second and another between the third and fourth. The second row is numbered 19 to 34, the third 35 to 46, the fourth 47 to 59.

Donald and Dorey McInytre recorded the cemetery directly from the monuments. It was replotted and permanently numbered by Grant Burch, Halford Streeter, Wesley Strevel, Woodrow Wilson, and Clifford Deater with Boy Scouts Mike Conlon, Mike Hardy and Mike Barrett.

The following families are buried here: Austin, Brothwell, Brown, Burns, Cadwell, Cameran, Campbell, Clyne, Corner, Cummings, Dawson, Denton, Dezell, Dixon, Dunbar, Ferrett, Fuller, Griggs or Gricos?, Hartwick, Hill, Hollister, Hunt, Ketchum, Lamb, McKenzie, McNary, Minor, Moran, Potter, Roberts, Schell, Spaulding, Stalker, Streeter, Stephens, Thompson, Todd, Wright and some unmarked.

St. Lawrence Cemetery of Grant Twp., Sec. 2, St. Clair Co., Mich. This is on Jeddo Road about 3/4 mile east of Jeddo. For many years there was a small Catholic Chapel, an early mission on the lot. It is said to have been the second oldest Catholic chapel in St. Clair County. the property was originally owned and donated for use as a cemetery by John Carroll. The first priest was Father Kilroy, a traveling priest, whose name appears on many of the early marriage records of the county.

Additional Information: Property originally donated by John Carroll. A little wood frame church building stood at the cemetery location. The first priest was Father Kilroy, who was a traveling priest, who held mass there once a month during the 1920�s. Other priests officiating at St. Lawrence were: Father Gunnigan from Emmett, Father Kronomaker from St. Clair, and lastly Father Zindler. Once a year a cleaning bee was held at the cemetery. The Ferguson, Skiffingtons, and the Burnhams would come and bring their scythes, clean it up and afterwards have a picnic there. The Lavair Peters family of Jeddo now mows and cleans it annually.

The church building at the site was sold in 1949 to Mr. Quain of W. Burtch Road at Blaine, Mich. for $135. He dismantled it and used the lumber to build onto his own home, in Blaine. As of 1978, the cemetery is old and tumbledown in appearance although there are some fairly new stones too. There is a general feeling of neglect and forgotten times in the cemetery.

The following families are buried here: Branagan, Brown, Burnham, Burns, Carroll, Conroy, Doran, Eaught, Fergus, Ferguson, Flannery, Gibbons, Gorman, Madole, McCarthy, McDool, McGlain, McKenzie, McLean, Mel?Lean, Mora, Myron, O�Connor, Roudy, Ryan, Skiffington, O�Connell, Smith, Teabo, Teabouch.

There are footstones with no additional information:

Julia, McC, M., J.C., E.T., C.B., P.F., P.G., S.F., William, Bet J.C., D.M.C. 1834

Strevel Family Cemetery - This small cemetery is located in Section 9 of Grant Twp. of St. Clair County. It is on Harris Road about three quarters of a mile west of Wildcat Rd. It is on the borderline of what was the division of farms of two Strevel brothers, Clark and Wesley, sons of Matthias and Sarah McNary Strevel. The family of four sons and two daughters came to Michigan from Cramahe Twp. of Northumberland Co., Ontario about 1850. Twenty-four years previous they had left Albany Co., New York where only Elizabeth, the oldest living child, had been born. Matthias and Sarah were married March 9, 1824 in Albany Co. It is believed both families came to Albany from Dutchess Co - the Strevels about 1800 and the McNarys about 1810. The four sons, Clark, Wesley, Norman and Abbott, and daughter, Phoebe, were born in Canada. Only Elizabeth was married when the family came to Michigan. Her husband was Andrew J. Black. They had a daughter, Phoebe Maria, born in 1850, who is on the 1850 census in Michigan.

Elizabeth Strevel Black died in 1856 in Port Sanilac, Michigan, according to the family Bible record. It is possible that she is buried in this family cemetery, but there is no marker. The second daughter, Phoebe Strevel Hinckson, died in 1853 in Grant Twp. and is quite possibly buried here, but no marker or record.

Markers have been located for the following relatives:

  • Matthias Strevel

  • Sarah McNary Strevel

  • Clark Strevel

  • Jane McGinnis (Gardner) Strevel

  • Wesley Strevel

  • Sarah Ann Beal Strevel

  • Pauline Beal (Littlefield) Strevel

  • Theodore Beal (father of Pauline)

  • Sarah Ann Fitzgerald Beal

  • Two infant sons of Wesley and Sarah Strevel

  • Two infant daughters of Wesley and Sarah Strevel (Jennie and Sarah)

  • Charles Strevel, son of Wesley and Sarah

  • Evolina E. Strevel

  • Maud Strevel, daughter of Norman and Evolina

  • Infant son of Norman and Evolina Strevel

  • A relative of Mrs. Clark Strevel whose last name was Gardner

  • Joseph Wilton (h/o Albina Strevel, son-in-law of Clark Strevel, grandfather of Marjorie Stoutenberg Trembath)

  • Sidney Strevel, (s/o John and Alice Strevel and grandson of Clark and Jane Strevel)

  • Paul Strevel, (son of Norman and Evolina who is probably buried here but no visible marker).

ST. CLAIR Township

St. Mary's Cemeteries

St. Mary�s Cemeteries, St. Clair Twp, St. Clair County, MI on Clinton Ave. and Yankee Rd. The cemetery readings are through 1980.

Cemeteries read by Helen Whiting, Marge Owens, Becky Thomas, Lois Wedge & Others

Typed by Kay Mitchell, June 2002

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