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Springhill Cemetery, St. Clair County, Michigan
Mary E. Dougherty, Great Great Grand daughter of Gilbert Lossing, Hugh Todd, and Great Great
Great Grandaughter of Terrance Martin
This transcription was done in 1996.  While I had most of the information in my database,
there were some minor differences in name spelling, etc.  I also found a few errors in names
on the tombstones.  Husband and wife, and/or family that were buried together are listed as such.
The names listed are not necessarily in the order of their burial plots.
The following names are scattered all over the small cemetery.
Lossing, Rosemary 1922
Lossing, Gerald  1931
Rosemary and Gerald were children of Guy and Sylvia Lossing.)
Lossing, Fred C. 1899-1971 [Son of George and Ida {Berry) Lossing]
Lossing, Catherine 1901-1989
Lossing, George  1867-1961 [Child of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing]
Lossing, Ida  1875-1954
Lossing, Guy  1897-1982 {[Son of George and Ida (Berry) Lossing]
Lossing, Sylvia  1898-1978
McAuley, Carrie  1879-1963
McAuley, Francis [Son of Charles and Esther (Twichell) McAuley]
McAuley, Charles 1843-1921 [Son of David and Elizabeth (Lossing) McAuley]
McAuley, Esther 1846-1936
Young, Rhea M.   1898-1974  [Daughter of Bertha (Lossing) Watson]
Young, George A.  1898-1986
Note: Rhea’s daughter, Eileen Young French Phipps is also buried in Springhill Cemetery.
Watson, Bertha R. (Lossing)  1875-1965 [Daughter of  Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing
Watson, Fracis E. 1876-1943
Watson, Hazel A.  Died April 19, 1902, 1 year old.  [Daughter of Francis and Bertha (Lossing) Watson]
Cubitt, Henry F. 1857-1932
Cubitt, Cordelia  1861-1938 [Daughter of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing,
also birth mother of Ethel Lossing) Roberts]
Clay, Edward  1871-1936
Clary, Bertha M. 1878-1960  [NEE Berry, First husband was Darius Lossing]
Lossing, Dora  1883-1909 [First wife of Howard Lossing]
Lossing, Gordon R.  October 15, 1918, Feb. 22, 1945
Sec. Sgt. 275th Inf, 70th Div, WWII   [Son of Howard and Verena (Pohly) Lossing]
Lossing, Howard 1878-1948  [Son of Andrew and Harriet (Young) Lossing]
Lossing, Verena 1882-1920  [Nee Pohly]
Lossing, Andrew 1851-1928  [Son of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing
Lossing, Harriet 1848-1922  [Nee  Young]
Lossing, Elden H.
June 26, 1915 - March 2, 1970
Michigan, 1st Lt., 40 Bomb, OP, WWII
[Son of Howard and Verena (Pohly) Lossing
Lossing, M. E.  (Actually this is Nehemiah)  March 4, 1853 - May 11, 1929
[on of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing]
Lossing, A. H.  Feb. 29, 1856-June 4, 1942  [Nee Cubitt]
Lossing, Gilbert   April 22, 1825 - March 23, 1896
Lossing, Debbie A.  July 2, 1831 - Nov. 5, 1917
Perez-Guerra, Anne (Lossing)  1902-1994  [Daughter of Ethel (Lossing) Roberts Barton]
Lossing, Darius  1870-1896
[Son of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing and 1st Husband of Bertha M. (Berry) Lossing Clay]
Barton, Ethel (Lossing) Roberts  1879-1965
Roberts, Ira 1891-1973
Roberts, Lyla (Lossing) 1895-1971
Baby Roberts 1915
Green, Alex B.  1890-1957
Green, Mattie L.  1885-1961  [Daughter of Herbert and Mary (Mcauley) Lossing
[Note: Near the above graves there is a grave of their daughter, Ila, marked only as ‘Baby’,
who lived one week in July, 1916. - med]
Lossing, Mark G. II  July 28, 1981 - June 16, 1992
Lossing, Amos  1873-1946  [Son of Andrew and Harriet (Young) Lossing]
Lossing, Anna  1897-1924  [First wife of Amos Lossing]
Hearn, Irene E.  1898-1981 [Second wife of Amos Lossing, remarried to Hearn]
Lossing, Herbert 1855-1933 [Son of Gilbert and Debra Ann (Wire) Lossing]
Lossing, Mary 180-1948
[Note: Mary McAuley first married John Cubitt, had two children, a son who dies in infancy and Velma;
2nd Husband, a widower, died shortly after their marriage and his children were returned to their
grandparents; 3rd Husband, Herbert Lossing, was her 1st cousin, they had four children, two sons
dying prior to their 2nd birthday, at least one of their sons is buried near his parents,
the other might be buried in Casco Township, St. Clair Co., MI - med]
Zeller, Lovina  1873-1943
Zeller, Arthur  1875 -1953