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Kilroy, Lawrence


Funeral Services Saturday for Wales Township Man

Memphis, March 5 (1941) – Lawrence Kilroy, who was reliably established to have been 107 years old in 1940, making him the oldest resident in St. Clair county, died early today in his pioneer homestead near here in Wales township, where he was cared for by his nephew, William Wallace.

According to James Alpine, Wales township, whose father, Michael Alpine, was a cousin of Mr. Kilroy, the latter always was said of Michael Alpine to have been 14 years his elder.  There is no record of Mr. Kilroy’s birth in Ireland, but Michael Alpine was born August 16, 1847 in Ireland.

On the basis of this word-of-mouth report that 14 years separated their ages, it is believed that Mr. Kilroy was born about 1833.

His condition in recent years indicated almost beyond doubt that he was well past the century mark.  He remained nearly all the time on a couch and had to be helped a great deal.  He was able to eat fairly consistently, however, and seemed to enjoy life.  He was deaf, but had good eyesight.

He was never receptive to reporters, but consented to a picture several months ago.  He did not remember his birth date, nor many facts about his earlier life.  Associates recall his ??? that he was working on a railway ??? action crew in Illinois when Lincoln’s funeral train passed.  He worked on the Great Lakes several years and also in lumber camps.  He never married.

He is survived by two nephews, Mr. Wallace and L. J. Kilroy, Port Huron and a niece, Mrs. Martin Fisher, Port Huron.

Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Saturday in St. Phillip’s Catholic church, Columbus.  Rev. S. I. Driatkiewioz, pastor, will officiate.  Burial will be in the church cemetery.

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