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1845 Flowerfield Township Census

The following pages contain the abstracted State Census of 1845 for Saint Joseph County, MI. To make proper use of it, one must understand that a 'State' census differs somewhat from the Federal Census which is taken every ten years, and always in years ending in zero.

This is a list of all free white males over 21, listed by name. The spelling given is exactly as it appears, and not necessarily as you might think it should be read.

John Sanders
H. Smith
Edward Beam
Henry Whited
J. H. Hopkins
William Rich
George B. Bush
William Smith
William Conclin
Abner Breece
William Wheeler
J. H. Sharp
Gideon Moon
Daniel Wilsey
A. C. Parsons
Milo Ingram
Ira Stowell
R. C. Johnson
Samuel Persons
William Worthington
John Kepler
Henry Spaulding
George Plummer
Lias Jewell
Daniel Stocking
James Townsend
D. Shrawger
Israel Palmer
Isarah Beck
David R. Thurston
G. W. Lightner
Calen Arnold
James Brown
Cornelius Conclin
John D. Vincent
Augustus Davidson
Nathan Baker
Ami H. Palmer
John Bowton
David Horl
William Richardson
Lyman D. Wood
R. Johnson
George Bristol
Daniel Whitefish
James Johnson
Clinton Arnold
William Johnson
Robert Jackson
Nathan Straw
John Wheeler
Daniel Stewart
Jacob Beam
Franklin Howard
John Hix
Philip Jones
John Stocking
Anson Brown
Andrew Conclin
John S. Brown
Alexander Davidson
J. J. Culver
Zera Taylor
David Hull
Alvin Ingram
John Swan
Charles Ash
Hiram Ash
T. Hamlin
D. M. Whitefish
Moses Stocking
Franklin Spaulding
Sylvestor Wood
Edward Arnold, Jr.
William Gunison
William Stewart
Thomas J. Fellows
Milo Gillett
Samuel N. Tubby
Joseph P. Gilson
William Gilmon
Reuben Stocking
James Ash, Jr.
Benjamin Conclin
George Brown
Harvey Persing
Edward Culver
Albro Castle
Theadon Worthington
Daniel Ingram
Abel Townsend
Samuel Cory
H. B. Lewis
J. Tubbs
Reuben Kepler
Vivian Beck
Aaron H. Foot
Ephriam Wood
Robert Gill
Henry Bannon

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