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St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Record Of Marriages

Centreville, MI

These Marriage records were transcribed from copies of the hand written originals. Every effort has been made to accurately reflect the content of the records. If you notice any mistakes or have any questions please feel free to email me. Any records with (?) in them means I am uncertain of the name. Over time, I will transcribe the marriages up to 1933 (98 entries). Check back for new additions or email me for specific name lookups.

01 12-9-1883

Nottawa Twp.

Johann Ch. F. Schmidt

Grogen, Germany 26 Carl Stuebe
      Wiehelmine C. F. Gruenberg Strabsund, Germany   Friedrich Kroel
02 10-19-1884 Centreville Carl Wasaher b. 10-25-1856   Paul Witkofsky
      Wiehelmine E. Washer b 2-3-1861   B. Lingstock
03 12-23-1885 Lockport Twp Carl W. F. Westphade b. 2--8-1860   Wilhelm Bent
      Wilhelmine M. F. Schroeder b. 7-17-1865   Christian Schroeder
04 1886 Centreville Friedrich Schlarf b. 2-21-1862   Fritz Harter
      Anna Moeller b. 12-20-1860   Louise Schlarf
05 1-5-1888 Sherman Twp. Wilhelm Bent   22 Wilhelm F. Wahl
      Anna A. Miller   21 Anna Schmidt
06 8-29-1888 Lockport Twp. Gustav Schroeder   21 Friedrich Schroeder
      Maria Schultz   20 Sophie Schultz
07 9-27-1888 Lockprt Twp. Albert Gruenberg   25 Johann Schmidt
      Augusta Schroeder   23 Karl Gruenberg
08 10-8-1890 Centreville Hermann Cruse b. 3-4-1869   Friedr. Reinhold
      Katharina Wilkowsky b. 1-4-1872   Minna Dietrich
09 2-5-1891 Lockport Twp. Ira Havens Centreville Mich.   Minna Dietrich
      Minna Reinhold Lockport Twp.   Fr. Reinhold
10 12-3-1891 Sherman Twp. Friedr. Schroeder Sherman Twp.   John Schroeder
      Minna Bohm Sherman Twp.   Friederieke Rhode
11 3-9-1893 Centreville Mich. Wilhelm Rambadt Germany   Johann Rambadt
      Friedericke Rhode Sherman Twp. Mich   Louise Rhode
12 11-8-1894   Heinrich Tucholski(?) born Germany   Ferd. Punschke(?)
      Widow Catherine Bohm born Germany   Jacob Stuck(?)
13 1-31-1895   Johann Rambadt born Germany   Rob Timm
      Anna Timm born Germany   Minna Rambadt
14 12-12-1895 Lockport Twp. George Zelt Sherman, Mich.   Frank Stuby
      Minnie Rambadt born Germany   Hilda Rohde
15 2-19-1896 Centreville In Church George Stoeven Grant Park, Ill   Albert Punschke
      Louise Rhode Sherman Twp Mich   Emma Thaurer(?)
16 4-2-1896 Centreville In Church Johann Meyer Centreville Mich   Peter Hagelgans
      Carolind Dierachan(?) Lockport Twp. Mich   Lena Meyer


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