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St. Joseph County Clerk's Office

Pattie S. Bender

PO Box 189

125 W Main St

Centreville, MI  49032

Phone:  269-467-5602

Fax:      269-467-5628





Hours for in-office research are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Due to limited space it is recommended that researchers not bring children.
The following records of St. Joseph County are available for research in the Clerk's Office:

Marriage Records 1832 to present
Birth Records 1867 to present
Death Records 1867 to present
Naturalizations Approx. 1850's - 1960's (incomplete)
Court Records Beginning 1833

All the above records are open to the public, with the exception of birth records. Birth records were closed several years ago by the State of Michigan. However, if a person is deceased, an heir or descendant may access the personās birth record by completing an "Affidavit of Heir" form and providing a copy of the individual's death record (if requesting a birth record 110 years old or older, a death record for that individual is not needed).

Searches by mail: Searches by mail will be conducted as staff time permits. For mail requests, fill out the GENEALOGY SEARCH REQUEST FORM, and mail it to St. Joseph County Clerk with the appropriate fee. Results of the search are hand-copied on a Vital Record Form.


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