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An estimated 52,000 plus men and women lost their lives or were missing in action during the Vietnam War.
This is a page dedicated to the Vietnam Vets from St. Joseph County. Here, we honor them for serving their Country, and keeping us a free people.

Name DOB DOD Branch Rank
Baker, Ruston Lee 11/20/1948 8/18/1968 Marine Corp LCPL E3/KIA
Bennett, Kenneth D 12/13/1949 5/12/1970 Army SP4 E4/DOW
Brady, Joseph James 10/7/1948 4/24/1968 Marine Corp LCPL E3/KIA
Bryan, Robert Lamarr 10/18/1949 7/13/1970 Army SGT E5/KIA
Butler, Dennis Lee 8/31/1950 8/12/1970 Army CPL E4/Non Hostile
Carver, Randall Allen 9/18/1949 7/2/1970 Army SP4 E4/KIA
Crossman, Gregory John 8/9/1941 5/9/1978 Air Force MAJ 04/MIA
Cunningham, Jerry Max 2/25/1949 1/11/1970 Army PFC E3/Non Hostile
Cushman, Robert R 12/31/1931 5/20/1977 Army  
Hilyard, James Harold 12/22/1949 8/11/1968 Army PFC E3/KIA
Knox, Irville J 7/17/1946 12/27/1967 Army PFC E3/KIA
Lamb, Elwin Jay 9/17/1945 6/29/1967 Army SGT E5/Hostile DOW
Large, Bruce Edward 2/18/1945 7/25/1967 Marine Corps PFC E2/KIA
Ruple, Homer Alfred Jr 7/27/1938 2/2/1968 Army SP5 E5/KIA
Smith, Pedro Andre 8/20/1947 2/15/1967 Army CPL E3/Hostile DOW

If you have a relative or friend who sacrificed their life for our freedom, be sure to check our the Virtual Wall. The Virtual Wall is a commemorative website created to extend the legacy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It allows families, friends and veterans to post photo, text and audio remembrances to those who lost their lives in the war or remain missing in action.


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