Van Buren Co., Michigan

    1870  Census Index

 An Index of all persons living in Van Buren Co., MI

     In 1991, The Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society published a book which was an all name index of the 1870 Van Buren Census.  All of the books have been sold, and it was decided that this index should be published on the Web.  The index alphabetically lists each person, the township in which they resided, and the page number of the census.  Please be advised that some of these names are hard to read in the original census, so check all spellings for your surname.

    I have scanned the book in its entirety, and each page is listed separately, with the page number below the page.  I have broken this down into 25  Web pages.  Below the Index, you will find a listing of the Township abbreviations and a map showing where the townships are located.

    I have also added a page in which you may list any Surname spelling corrections for names that you feel may be in error.  This page may be accessed at -  1870 Surname Corrections
    I also have a link of the original Title Pages of the book.

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                           NAME                    ABBREVIATION
                          Almena Twp.               ALT
                          Antwerp Twp.              ANT
                          Arlington Twp.            ART
                          Bloomingdale Twp.         BLT
                          Bangor Twp.               BNT
                          Columbia Twp.             CLT
                          Decatur Twp.              DCT
                          Decatur Village           DCV
                          Deerfield Twp.            DRT
                          Geneva Twp.               GNT
                          Hamilton Twp.             HMT
                          Hartford Twp.             HRT
                          Keeler Twp.               KLT
                          Lawton Village            LTV
                          Lawrence Twp.             LWT
                          Lawrence Village          LWV
                          Pine Grove Twp.           PGT
                          Paw Paw Twp.              PPT
                          Paw Paw Village           PPV
                          Porter Twp.               PRT
                          South Haven Twp.          SHT
                          South Haven Village       SHV
                          Waverly Twp.              WVT

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