Drake Genealogy To Have Second Edition
The Drake's of Van Buren County, Michigan, compiled by Toni I. Benson and
published in 1991 will have an updated second edition to be released in
2008.  The original 278-page book outlined the genealogy and descendants of
17 different Drake families in Van Buren County, and represented all
appearances of the Drake name in the county.

Since then the author has gathered information about hundreds more
descendants, accumulated additional details for existing lines, made some
corrections, made some study of ancestral background, and collected
photographs.  She has also retraced all of her original steps to collect
source citations about those subjects in the original work as well as
anything added since.

Input from Van Buren County "Drake" kin is needed and welcome during the
next few months.  Information is being sought on any descendant (or
marriage) of the original 17 lines.  In addition to names and vital records,
other information needed are obituaries, photographs, biographical notes and

The progenitors of the 17 Drake lines are:  Joshua C., Alvin T., Jehiel,
William H. (3), George W., Isaac, Reuben, Margaret E., Ransom, Ira H., Amos
H., Henry, Calvin B., Elizabeth and Benjamin.  Other families with large
representation in the book include:  Ashbrook, Cleveland, Dobbyn, Goodrich,
Goss, Maxam, and Shugars.

Anyone with information regarding Drake families in Van Buren County may
contact the author by e-mail, tbenson@vbdl.org or postal mail, 37070 82nd
Avenue, Decatur, MI  49045.  Names of those who provide information will be
listed in the front of this final revised edition.

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