Michigan Schools

Kalamazoo County

Township/City/Village School Name
KALAMAZOO . . 0 7 Kilgore Rd., corner of Spring Rd. or N Avenue Fractional district.
KALAMAZOO . Brody 0 7 near Schoolcraft Contact: Catherine Donahue; Pupils - three Munson children, Laura Brockway
KALAMAZOO . Chenary 0 0 N.E. corner of "E" Ave. & 26th St. See BRAYMER, George - card file
KALAMAZOO . Kellogg 0 0 . "Michigan Monthly" magazine
KALAMAZOO . McKain's Corners 0 0 Just north of corner of S Ave., & 34th St. Residence
KALAMAZOO . Red Brick 0 0 East M-89, east of Richland .
KALAMAZOO . Silver Street 0 0 Vicksburg Area Teacher: Fern (Helkes) Moyer; Contact: June (Taylor)Swander - Clip from Portage Gazette Weekly 11 Apr. 1994; See Dinger School
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township . 0 0 Corner of D Avenue and 12th Street In 1994 was "Hickory Stick Antique Shop"
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Alamo Avenue 0 14 1601 Nichols Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49007; Corner Alamo Ave. & Nichols Rd. Now 7th Day Adventist Church site 1601 Nichols Rd. Ph: 342-2279; Stanley Besbris - pix Kal. Gaz
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Alamo Center 21 1 Little west of 6th St. on south side of D Avenue Built in 1873; annexed to Otsego school district in 1957
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Alamo Valley 25 5 West side of 12th St., slightly north of F Avenue intersection See Twin Lakes School.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Evergreen 10 2 SW corner of B Avenue and Ravine Rd. Later known as Ransom School.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Finch 1 1 NW corner of B Avenue and 12th St. Contact: Virginia Shumaker, 5111 West C. Ave., Kalamazoo, MI. Fractional with Cooper Township. Torn down; Teacher, Miss Warnement.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Gerald 28 5 SW corner of Owen Dr. & 6th St. See Tamarac School.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Hackley 17 3 SE corner of C Avenue and 2nd St. Built on land donated by Julius Hackley
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Kitzmiller 23 6 West of Ravine Rd. near intersection of Owen Dr. See Oak Grove School
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Oak Grove 23 6 West of Ravine Rd. near intersection of Owen Dr. Organized about 1876. Also known as Kitzmiller School; consolidated with Tamarac & Twin Lakes Districts in 1955.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Ransom 10 2 SW corner of B Avenue and Ravine Rd. See Evergreen School.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Skunk Hollow 25 5 West side of 12th St., slightly north of F Avenue intersection See Twin Lakes School.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Tamarac - Tamarack 28 5 SW Corner of 6th St. & Owen Dr. Kalamazoo Gazette, May 13, 1996; built 1880; Also known as Gerald School; converted to residence.
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Tamarack 0 0 Corner of Sixth Street and Owen Drive Built in 1880
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Twin Lakes 25 5 West side of 12th St., slightly north of F Avenue intersection Also known as Wilson School, Skunk Hollow School and Alamo Valley School. Consolidated with Oak Grove and Tamarac districts in 1955; converted to residence
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Williams 20 4 Corner DE Ave., & 2nd St., south of Alamo Kalamazoo Gazette, April 4, 1999; Extant, private residence; church in 1958
KALAMAZOO Alamo Township Wilson 25 5 West side of 12th St., slightly north of F Avenue intersection See Twin Lakes School.
KALAMAZOO Augusta . 0 0 Behind library in center of town Now museum.
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Bond 1 7 NE corner of & Avenue & 34th St. Fractional. Converted to residence. Stood on property owned by Amos Bond, a veterinarian. Farm later owned by Henry Metty.
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Brady 26 3 East side of 32nd St. between XY and YZ avenues. In 1918 this shows in Section 27 on west side of 32nd St.
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Brown 0 6 1/2 mi. north of W Ave., on 34th St., west end of VW Ave. Pupil: Louella Krupp; SEE DINGER SCHOOL clip from June (Taylor) Swander 11 Apr. 1994; In notebook under DINGER. Building gone. On farm owned by Gary Sherman, called Brown Farm, once owned by Vicksburg banker, Charles Brown.
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Dinger 32 4 North side of corner of YZ Avenue and 28th St. Teacher: Fern ( Helkes ) Moyer; Contact: June ( Taylor ) Swander - clip from Portage Gazette weekly 11 Apr. 1994. Residence.
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Harper 0 2 32nd St. & s. X Ave., east of Vicksburg Contact: June ( Taylor ) Swander - clip from Portage Gazette weekly 11 Apr. 1994; Pupil: Phyllis ( Helkes ) Martens. SEE DINGER SCHOOL IN NOTEBOOK; stands on Harold Harper farm. Converted to residence
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Jenkinson 17 0 North side of the corner of W Avenue and 27th St. Adjacent to cemetery. Named for twp. supervisor & feed-mill owner, Robert Jenkinson; privately owned
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Mores 0 0 . Vicksburg Area; Teacher: 1921 Mercer Munn; Contact: June ( Taylor ) Swander - clip from Portage Gazette weekly 11 Apr. 1994
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Morse 9 0 SW corner of UV Abenue and 29th St. Stood on farm of Willard Morse; school razed; one-story ranch house occupied site
KALAMAZOO Brady Township Tiffany 6 0 SE corner of Sprinkle Rd. and TU Avenue Demolished. Lot privately owned.
KALAMAZOO Charleston Township . 20 3 South side of Miller Drive (Territorial Rd.), just east of interseciton with Michigan Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Charleston Township Grey 22 0 North side of L Avenue between 42nd & 44th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Charleston Township Harrison 26 0 SW corner of Mercury Dr. & 46th St. .
KALAMAZOO Charleston Township Lawler 10 0 . Currently Fort Custer Military Reservation
KALAMAZOO Charleston Township Toad Hollow 32 6 North side of MN Avenue, between 38th & 39th Sts. Source: Rita Smith, 3509 Lowden St., Kalamazoo, MI; Kalamazoo Valley Heritage, Vol. 25 No. 4
KALAMAZOO Climax Township . 31 7 On line between sections 31 & 32, south side of S Avenue, between 37th & 39th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Climax Township . 27 4 East side of 43rd St., just north of RS Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Carney 17 0 North side of Q Avenue between 38th & 40th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Climax 0 0 . Became Masonic Lodge (still there in 1982)
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Harmony 8 0 South side of O Avenue, east of 38th St. .
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Howard 14 0 NW corner of Q Avenue & 45th St. .
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Lovell 1 0 South side of ON Avenue at corner of 48th St. Appeared to be on the county line between Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties. Probably a fractional district.
KALAMAZOO Climax Township Seeley 36 0 South side of Junction of S Avenue & 46th St. .
KALAMAZOO Comstock Elmrose 0 9 Between Miller Rd. & Carleton Ave. Contact: B. E. Carra, Miller Court, Paw Paw, MI
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township . 35 0 NW corner of N Ave., & 33rd St. Fractional
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Brick 0 1 East Kilgore & 33rd St. Extant - residence (1997); Built 1868, Consol. 1950
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Chenery 5 0 NE corner of H Ave. & 26th St. See Jickling School.
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Goodrich 32 0 West side of 28th St., north of MN Avenue See Kent School.
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Hipp 16 0 SW corner of East Main St. & 30th St. See Hoover School.
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Hoover 16 0 SW corner of East Main St. & 30th St. Was McKercher Rehabilitation Center in 1982. Also known as Hipp School.
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Jickling 5 0 NE corner of H Ave. & 26th St. Later known as Chenery School.
KALAMAZOO Comstock Township Kent 32 0 West side of 28th St., north of MN Avenue Also known as Goodrich School.
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Brick 11 0 SE corner of B Avenue & Riverview Dr. .
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Cooper Center 17 0 West side of Douglas & north of D Avenue, not right on intersection .
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Delano 28 5 SW corner of E Avenue & N. Westnedge Source: Dr. Phyllis DeLano, 1008 Short Rd., Kalamazoo, MI
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Gardner 35 0 East of Riverview Dr. between G Avenue & Mt. Olivet Dr. .
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Jug Corners 18 2 NE Corner D Ave. & 12th St.; 7630 N. 12th Street Fractional; Contact: Mrs. Richard Ploof, 39439 CR 374, Paw Paw, MI; Teacher - Miss Makara; student Jackie Ploof in 5th & 6th grades (1945-46)
KALAMAZOO Cooper Township Schau 24 4 East side of Riverview Drive between D & E Avenues Built late 1800's; closed 1939
KALAMAZOO Kalamazoo Township Drake 19 0 North side of Michigan Ave., east of Drake Rd. .
KALAMAZOO Kalamazoo Township Grand Prairie 7 0 SE corner of Grand Prairie Rd. & Drake Rd. (12th St.) A residence on the site of the school (3/4/2001)
KALAMAZOO Kalamazoo Township Milwood 35 0 West side of Portage Rd., about 1/2 mile south of Cork St. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Lindberg 0 0 5272 W. Michigan Ave. Now Whitman Saddle Co.; Per Louise ( Glenn ) Foltin + Robert Glenn. On west MI. Had to cross Portage to get there. 11 or 12 yrs. old ca. 1956 ( 68 now ) 5th grade ?; Louise wil contact Shirley Hunkins; 8/1/93 - Sharan Di Guanco phoned; 8 yrs. when moved here
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township . 0 12 . Fractional
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township . 35 0 South side of Stadium Dr., some west of 9th St. Historic Preservation in Oshtemo Township, pp. 91-94
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Balch 36 0 NE of corner of N Avenue and 11th St. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Buckhout 6 0 NW corner of 2nd St. & H Avenue 1910 Kalamazoo County Plat Book
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Chamberlin 6 0 SW corner of G Avenue and 2nd St. See Hurd School.
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Coleman 21 0 East side of 4th St. between L and KL Avenues .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Findley 23 0 North side of KL Avenue between 8th & 9th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Garrison 6 0 SW corner of G Avenue and 2nd St. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Hurd 14 3 6984 W. Main; north side of M-43 between 7th & 9th Sts. Owner of Hockey Services - Chris Kooi; Per Chester Douglass ( nephew of Irletta Dean Ph: 372-5956); Chester attended 1 year: 1926-1927; also known as Chamberlin School.
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Liberty 3 0 SE corner of G Avenue & 7th St. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Miller Station 0 0 Corner of 6th St. & West ML Avenue Contact: Judy Cochran Crippin, 5177 Beech Ave., Kalamazoo 49006, student from Kindergarten through 7th, 1956
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Potter 3 0 North side of H Avenue between 6th and 9th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Oshtemo Township Slack 19 8 NE corner of KL Avenue and Almena Rd. Per Bea Ellis 8/28/92; Norman Slack, 8503 Almena Rd., Oshtemo, MI 49009 - 372-2533; Fractional District
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township Briggs 29 1 East side of 26th St. between RS & S. Avenues Converted to residence.
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township County Center 6 0 SE corner of Sprinkle Rd. & N Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township East Lake 0 0 near 29th Street, about 1 mi south of Kilgore Rd. .
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township Pavilion 0 1 8028 South 29th St. at Q Ave. 1868-1965; Across street from Pavilion Town Hall; converted to residence; may have been last rural school in county to close
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township Pavilion Center 21 4 NW corner of 32nd St. & S Ave. Last one-room schoolhouse in Kalamazoo County; closed 1965; owned by Ken & Gail DeWolff; burned around 1943; site is farmland.
KALAMAZOO Pavilion Township Smith 7 0 NE corner of Bishop Rd. & 25th St. .
KALAMAZOO Pavillion Township Pershing 0 0 Intersection Shaver Rd. & Centre St. at Westnedge Bernice Haas Started teaching in one - room school in Pavillion Twnsp. = 6 yrs. Then Pershing 15yrs. Jrc.
KALAMAZOO Portage Township . 17 4 West side of Oakland Dr. between Schuring Rd. & Centre Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Portage Township . 22 5 Corner of Centre Street & Westnedge Ave. .
KALAMAZOO Portage Township . 0 7 Bacon Rd. Organized in 1860; converted to residence in 1937; Lawrence home
KALAMAZOO Portage Township . 34 0 South side of Bacon Avenue, 1/2 block east of S. Westnedge .
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Brooks 6 3 NW corner of Milham Rd. & Angling Rd. Also known as Dailey School.
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Carpenter Corners 9 2 SW corner of Milham Rd. & Westnedge Avenue Not certain if this is correct school; may have been located at corner of Oakland Drive & Kalamazoo; converted to residence
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Celery Flats 0 0 Corner of Oakland Drive & Shaver Rd. Built in 1856; closed in 1947; moved to Celery Flats Historical Area, Portage; restored with tours.
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Cox 24 0 SE corner of Center St. & Cox's Dr. .
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Curry 0 4 . Michigan One-Room Schoolhouse Association
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Dailey 6 3 NW corner of Milham Rd. & Angling Rd. See Brooks School.
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Indian Fields 0 1 . Michigan One-Room Schoolhouse Association
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Prairie Edge 32 8 7736 Garden Lane; east side of Oakland Dr., north of Osterhout Rd. 1856-1947; Celery Flats Historical Park & Museum Exhibit Building - 329-4522
KALAMAZOO Portage Township Rockney 11 0 South side of Milham Rd., between Portage Rd. & Sprinkle Rd. Now part of airport
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township . 25 0 West side of 11th St., south of XY Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township . 0 0 Corner of east "U" Ave. & 14th St. north, Schoolcraft Pictures
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Barber 0 8 5th St. & end of VW Ave. Per Dorothy Barber 9/16/93; only two broken steps left (1993)
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Brown Jug 34 0 West side of 6th St. on St. Joseph County line .
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Clark 11 0 SE corner of U Avenue & 8th St. .
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Fanckboner 14 0 SW corner of VW Avenue & 10th St. .
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Kinney 0 2 West of Schoolcraft Teacher: Frances Kinney. Kalamazoo Gazette photo, March 5, 2000; built in 1852
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Pleasant Valley 29 0 East side of 3rd St between XY and Y Avenues .
KALAMAZOO Prairie Ronde Township Section Sixteen 16 0 West side of 5th St. at VW Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township . 11 0 SE corner of BC Ave. & M-43 .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Bissel (Bissell) 10 1 SW corner of B Avenue & 32nd St.; or corner of M-43 & BC Avenue Building converted to residence
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Grand Union 35 0 North side of G Avenue east of 32nd St. .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Knappen 33 4 North side of Gull Rd. east of 28th St. .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Peak 20 0 West side of 28th St., south of DE Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Rector 18 0 SE corner of CD Avenue & 24th St. .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Spring Brook 9 0 North of M-89 about 1/2 mi east of 28th St. .
KALAMAZOO Richland Township Tolhurst 30 0 NE corner of F Avenue & 25th St. .
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Day 13 0 NE corner of CD Avenue & 46th St. .
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Ford 5 0 South side of Baseline Rd., west of Noonan Rd. (Barry County) .
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Howlandsburg 31 0 South side of G Avenue west of 37th St. Not in 1910 atlas.
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Ross Center 22 0 NE corner of M-89 & 43rd St. .
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Tyler 3 0 NE corner of B Avenue & 4th St. .
KALAMAZOO Ross Township Wooding 9 0 East side of 40th St. beteween B & C Avenues .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Bloody Run 0 0 Silver St. to X Ave., turn west to end, turn south - site on east side just before rd. turns west Clip from June Taylor; see "Dinger School". Teacher, 1921, Mercer Munn of Vicksburg; torn down
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Brick 14 0 SE corner of V Avenue & Portage Rd. .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Cobb 5 0 North side of U Avenue east of 14th St. .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Cooper 30 0 West side of 14th St., south of XY Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Gourdneck Prairie 2 6 NE corner of U Ave. & Portage Rd. 1845 - log cabin site; 1870 - present school, extant - residence; Kalamazoo Gazette, October 19, 1969, page 12 "Schoolcraft preserves part of historic past"
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Harsha 0 0 NE corner of Portate Rd. & U Ave. On farm of Russel Harsha; his wife Blanche taught for many years. After consolidation in 1947, Harsha purchased building and moved it to north side of his farm, where it stands - painted red.
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Lost Island 17 0 NW corner of W Avenue & 16th St. .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Prairie Grove 27 8 South side of junction of XY Avenue and Barton Lake Rd. Used by Chain-O-Lakes neighborhood group previous to being burned down by arson. Vicksburg Schools Outdoor Learning Center now occupies site. Established in 1861.
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Prairie Ronde 0 0 . Teacher - Catherine Hudson, 1935
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Schick 25 0 East side of 22nd St. south of X Avenue .
KALAMAZOO Schoolcraft Township Webber 2 6 NE corner of U Ave. & Portage Rd. See Gourdneck Prairie School. Sold to Schoolcraft Township.
KALAMAZOO Texas Township . 0 0 Corner of 8th St. & R. Avenue Pictures as a residence.
KALAMAZOO Texas Township . 10 8 SW Corner of 8th St. on "O" Avenue, near KVCC Picture as a residence
KALAMAZOO Texas Township . 0 0 Corner of Milham & 8th St. Located right behind old church on the pie shape corner. Picture as a residence.
KALAMAZOO Texas Township . 18 0 NW corner of RS Avenue & 6th St. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Dunham 10 0 SW corner of O Avenue & 8th St. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Kinney 25 0 North side of S Avenue, between 10th & 12th Sts. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township McElroy 24 0 South side of Q Avenue, east of 10th St. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Oak Grove 0 6 . .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Owlsburg 10 0 1st St. & "S" Ave. Contact: Robert Jeffries - Bloomingdale ( Margaret Brown ) Ph: 521-7840
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Pine Island 17 0 North side of Q Avenue, east of 3rd St. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Rix 5 12 NW corner of O Avenue & 4th St. .
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Texas Corners 14 0 North side of Texas Dr., east of 8th St. Does not appear on 1910 map. Shows on 1922 & 1950 without a name.
KALAMAZOO Texas Township Towers 22 0 NW corner of R Avenue & 8th St. .
KALAMAZOO Vicksburg Vicksburg Schools 0 0 301 S. Kalamazoo Avenue Overview of school history
KALAMAZOO Vicksburg area Packerville 0 0 . Teacher: Fern ( Helkes ) Moyer; Contact: June ( Taylor ) Swander - clip from Portage Gazette Weekly 11 Apr. 1994; See Dinger School
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township . 0 6 . .
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township . 0 8 . .
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township . 0 2 . .
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Beckett 24 0 Just west of corner of 47th St. & X Ave., north side of rd. Residence. After consolidation, school joined Athens School district.
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Berger 3 0 NW corner of U Avenue & 42nd St. Building gone. Difficult to heat in winter as it stood on a knoll.
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Fulton 21 0 South side of W Avenue a little west of 42nd St. Marian (Frost) Haenckel, Teacher: 1940 -41; 2- story; does not appear on 1910 atlas; two-story in village of Fulton; residence
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Gardner's Corner 15 1 1 mile No. of Fulton, MI. So. side of V ave., 1/4 mi. E. of intersection of 42nd St. + V ave. Now a residence.
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Holcomb 30 0 South side of X Avenue, west of 18th St. Foundation only remains. SW corner of this same crossing lies remains of house said to have belonged to 'Cap' Holcomb, a reputed Captain in the Confederate Army.
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Hull 8 0 North side of V Avenue, between 38th & 39th Sts. Building gone, site marked only by small coppice. Teacher - Lyle Stryker
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Leggett 33 0 SW corner of Y AVenue & 42nd St. Also called Wise School. Converted to residence
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Lynn 12 0 SW corner of UV Abenue & 47th St. Building gone. Upon consolidation, students to west went to Vicksburg, east went to Athens.
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Wakeshma 0 5 . Fractional; teacher in 1910 - Harry F. Day
KALAMAZOO Wakeshma Township Wise 33 0 . See Leggett School; SW corner of Y AVenue & 42nd St.
KALAMAZOO Wakesma Township Culp 24 5 North side of X Avenue between 46th & 47th Sts. Fractional with Athens Township, Calhoun County; Contact: Marian Haenchkel (former teacher) 1938-1939; building torn down about 1900; teacher in 1909 - Ethel M. Wilber
KALAMAZOO Wakesma Township Worden 34 0 West side of 44th St, north of junction with Z Avenue Contact: Marian Haenckle ( pupil ) (nee Frost); extant; 1918 map spells it Vorden

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