A few days ago, a note was received requesting help finding families of MIA/POW's of the Korean War.    The Army has some unidentified remains of service members from North Korea.   Since DNA data was unknown in the 1950s there was no profile on these personnel.    The Army can now conduct DNA on the remains, but they have an  incomplete database of DNA from close family members with which to compare. Nationwide, DNA Samples are requested for over  6000 servicemen lost in the war. If you are a family member and your loved one is flagged for a DNA sample, please consider participating in the DNA     Program.  If someone you knew is listed and you know how to contact their family - Please do so!    There are four listings for Van Buren County - only one needs DNA - His mother has been contacted .

Database of all Michigan MIA/POW's
Listing of Michigan Soldiers needing DNA