Van Auken School
Bangor Twp. - 1918

 The girl near the center of the photo, about three rows back with the dark ribbon in her hair, is Treva Marie Garrett, daughter of Mary and Bert Garrett, long time residents of Hartford.  Treva is Patrica McIntyre's mother-in-law.
Thanks to  Patricia McIntyre for submitting the picture
Can anyone identify anyone else in the picture?
UPDATE - Several more have been identified by  Marquerite (Goss) Sukach -(Leo and Richards sister).
and submtted by Linda (Goss) Peninger  (neice of Marquerite)
The teacher is Nora (Goss) Donavan-Linda's Great Aunt
The boy to her left with just his head showing is Linda's father-Leo Goss and the boy on the left side of the picture, in the second or third row with a girls hand on his shoulder, is Richard Goss - her uncle.