Daughters of William Henry Havens (1829-1892)  And Jane Lewis Havens
of Keeler, Van Buren Co., MI

Just hate to be the only one to have these pictures.  This one was sent to Mary Fowler Norman of Whitehall MI who was a cousin to these "gals".  Mary Norman was my great Aunt.

This photo is of the three daughters of William Henry Havens (1829-1892)  And Jane Lewis Havens.
Photo taken in Fergus Falls, Minnesota in 1928.
>From left to right:
Olive Havens Olds, born Stueben county NY ca 1854, moved to Keeler about 1855 with parents, married Martinus Olds in Van Buren county and moved to Minnesota.

Emma Havens born 16 July 1857 in Keeler.  Married Alpheus McNitt (or McNutt) 7 Oct 1875 in Van Buren county.   Lived in Hartford.  Died 18 April 1949 and is buried in Hartford

Ella Havens Pierce, born 27 Oct 1869 in Keeler, married Charles Pierce 22 Dec 1888 in Paw Paw.  She died in 1956 and is buried in Hartford.

Submitted by Pam Black  pomalablack@home.com

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