E - H

Eagle Saint John High School GS 371.805 Sai
Early Births & Deaths, Marcellus Township, Cass County, Michigan Castle, Amelia & Nancy Corwin GS 977.412 Cas
Early Births and Deaths, Niles Township, Berrien County, Michigan Castle, Amelia GS 977.411 Cas
Early Births For LaGrange, Pokagon and Volinia Townships, Cass County, Michigan Castle, Amelia B. GS 977.412 Cas
Early Chronical History of Antwerp Township, Van Buren County, Michigan 1835-1870 Hollis, Robert G. GS 977.413 Hol
Early Families of York County, Pennsylvania Dull, Keith A. GS 974.841 Dul
Early History of Schenectady, New York and Its First Settlers Sanders, John GS 974.744 San
Early Indian Mission Baroux, Father Louis GS 977.412 Bar
Early Marriages 1831-1856, Berrien County, Michigan Corwin, Nancy GS 977.411 Cor
Early Marriages 1831-1858, Cass County, Michigan Corwin, Nancy GS 977.412 Cor
Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785-1835 Hale, R. Wallace GS 971.5 Hal
Early Times in Allegan Township 1836-1986 Armstrong, Joe GS 977.414 Arm
Eaton County Cemeteries : Brookfield Township Eaton County Genealogical Society GS 977.423 Eat
Eaton County Cemeteries : Chester Township Eaton County Genealogical Society GS 977.423 Eat
Eaton County Cemeteries : Roxand Township Eaton County Genealogical Society GS 977.423 Eat
Eaton County Quest Eaton County Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Eat
Eau Claire Area's Annual Cherry Festival : commemorating the 125th anniversary…village of Eau Claire 1861-1986 . GS 977.411 Eau
Echo : yearbook of Allegan High School Allegan High School GS 371.805 Wat
Echoes : genealogies of Pennsylvania families with lineages to... Schadt, Robert GS 929.2 Sch
Edgar A. Brundage, Otsego, Michigan : private, Co. F., 11th Regt., Michigan Cavalry, 15 October 1863-20 March 1865 Warnke, Robert D. GS 929.2 Bru
Edwardsburg : the first one hundred and fifty years Montgomery, Otis GS 977.412
Edwardsburg First Hundred Years : index Castle, Amelia B. GS 977.412 Mon
Edwardsburg, including Union : telephone directory . GS 650.025 Edw
Eighteenth Century Baptisms in Salem, MA Emmerton, James A. GS 929.3 Emm
Elston/Elson Family History : from New York to Michigan Elston, Kenneth GS 929.2 Els
Emmons - Hartsell - Keene Families Corder, Shawn GS 929.2 Cor
Enduring Poles Milostan, Harry GS 301.328 Mil
Epitaphs in the Only Stephentown on Earth McClave, Elizabeth W. GS 974.741 Mac
Everett Centennial Album, 100 Years, 1883-1993 . GS 977.413 Eve
Evergreen School, District #7, Bloomingdale Township, Van Buren County, Michigan . GS 977.413 Eve
Faith Covenant Program : includes brief history of the Decatur Bible Church . GS 977.413 Dec
Families Ontario Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Ont
Families of Frank and John Wauchek From Germany to America 1843-1996 Hollis, Connie GS 929.2 Hol
Families Somerville, Somervaill, Summerall, Summerell, Summerill, Summerlin, Sumlin, Sumrall/Sumrill Hines, James H. GS 929.2 Hin
Family Chronicle Moorshead, Halver GS 929.1 Fam
Family Group Records Vickerstaff, Doris W. GS 929.2 Vic
Family History Index : a list of less than common surnames found in 25 selected family histories Mansfield, G. M. GS 929.2 Man
Family History of Myrtle Weston and Lloyd Calloway Van Duaa, Barbara L. GS 929.2 Van
Family History of Myrtle Weston and Lloyd Calloway (cont'd) Van Duaa, Barbara L. GS 929.2 Van
Family History Research In Kalamazoo County, Michigan Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society GS 977.417 Kal
Family Name Register of the Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society 1959-60 Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society GS 929 Kal
Family of Daniel Miller and Allied Families Robertson, Helen Miller GS 929.2 Rob
Family Record of Noah S. Beachy and Catherine Plank Miller, Larry GS 929.2 Mil
Family Registry Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints FCH GS 929.3 Fam
Family Research Holmes, Denise GS 929.2 Hol
Family Research (cont'd) Holmes, Denise GS 929.2 Hol
Family Tree Record of William Ferrel & Sarah Hurtle Ferrel Hartman, Estella Marie GS 929.2 Har
Family Tree Talk Muskegon County Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Mus
Fantastic Family Gatherings : tried and true ideas for large and small family reunions Anthenat, Kathy Smith GS 929.1 Ant
Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Montcalm County, Michigan, 1917 . GS 977.453 Far
Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Berrien County, Michigan, 1917 . GS 977.411 Far
Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Kalamazoo County, Michigan . GS 977.417 Far
Farm Plat Book and Business Guide, Berrien County, Michigan . GS 912 Ber
Farm Plat Book and Business Guide, Kalamazoo County, Michigan . GS 912 Roc
Farm Plat Book With Index to Owners, Berrien County, Michigan . GS 912 Ber
Federal Census 1850 For Preble County, Ohio Shilt, Rose GS 977.101 Shi
Federal Census of 1850, St. Joseph County, Michigan : in alphabetical order Silliman, Sue GS-MF 977.419 Sai
Fennville High School Yearbook Fennville High School GS 371.805 Fen
Fire! Fire! Fire! Green, James J. GS 977.414 Gre
First Alfred Seventh Day Baptist Church Membership Records, Alfred, New York Sanford, Ilou M. GS 974.784 San
First Baptist Church Directory, Lawton, Michigan, 1865-1983 . GS 977.413 Fir
First Baptist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan : directory of members and friends . GS 977.418 Fir
First Hundred Years 1873-1973; White Cloud Area White Cloud Centennial Committee GS 977.458 Fir
First One Hundred Years of Crystal Springs Springsteen, Fanny GS 977.412 Spr
First One Hundred Years, 1867-1967 : the Memorial Presbyterian Church of Midland Yates, Dorothy L. GS 977.448 Yat
First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak, Michigan : the first fifty years Cole, Maurice F. GS 285 Col
First Presbyterian Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1975, Alumni Directory . GS 977.418 Fir
First United Methodist Church of Watervliet, Michigan Rouse, Faye GS 977.411 Rou
Fitch Gazetteer : an annotated index to the manuscript history of Washington County, New York, Vol 1 Perry, Kenneth A. GS 974.749 Per
Flint Genealogical Society Quarterly Flint Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Fli
Football - We Love You : the faces of football in Galesburg-Augusta, Michigan Schebeck, Will GS 796.33 Sch
Fort St. Joseph, 1692-1782 : the Story of Berrien County's Colonial Past Peyser, Joseph L. GS 977.411 Pey
Forts of the West; military forts and presidios, and posts commonly called forts... Frazer, Robert W. GS 978 Fra
Forum Federation of Genealogical Societies GS 929 Fed
Four Flags Tracer Four Flags Area Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Fou
Fox Families Fox, Walter K. GS 929.2 Fox
Fragmenta Genealogica Crisp, Frederick Arthur GS 929.6 Cri
Francis Ball's Descendants Ball, T. H. GS 929.2 Bal
Freemasonry : a way of life Parker, William E. GS 366.1 Par
Freemen, Freeholders, and Citizen Soldiers : an organizational history... Kemmer, Brenton C. GS 973.2 Kem
From Day to Day at School : Paw Paw High School 1920 . GS 371.805 Paw
From New York to Michigan, The Genealogy of Jacob and Michael Van Wagoner, Jr. 1823-1984 Van Wagoner, Philo W. GS 929.2 Van
Fruit of the Family Tree Wiggam, Albert E. GS 575.1 Wig
Gateway to the West Short, Anita & Ruth Bower GS 929.1 Gat
Gazetteer Biographical Record Directory, Genesee County, New York, 1788-1890 Beers, F. W. GS 974.701 Bee
Gazetteer of the St. Joseph Valley, Michigan & Indiana Turner, T. G. GS 977 Tur
Genealogical & Local History Books in Print Schreiner, Bette A. GS 016.929 Sch
Genealogical and Biographical Record of the Savery Families and of the Severy Family Sevrey, O. Irene Frazine GS 929.3 Sev
Genealogical Guide to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library Oldenburg, Joseph GS 929.1 Old
Genealogical Periodical Annual Index : key to the genealogical literature . GS 929.1 Gen
Genealogical Register New England Historic Genealogical Society GS 929.1 New
Genealogical Research in England and Wales Gardner, David E. GS 929.1 Gar
Genealogical Research in England's Public Record Office : a guide for North Americans Reid, Judith Prowse GS 929.1 Rei
Genealogical Sources in Chicago 1835-1900 Chicago Genealogical Society GS 977.311 Chi
Genealogical Study of Lammert and Frederika Van Dam Family in America and Lammert's Roots in the Netherlands Trimpe, Anne GS 929.2 Tri
Genealogies of Arlie Bell Conklin - Fox Family Lovin, Helen M. Hoyt GS 929.2 Lov
Genealogies of Barbados Families Brandow, James C. GS 972.981 Bra
Genealogies of Oliver & Lydia (Cronkhite) Fox : the Fox Family Lovin, Helen Hoyt GS 929.2 Lov
Genealogy and Surnames : with some heraldic and biographical notices Anderson, William GS 929.4 And
Genealogy Gems Howe, Shirley Swift GS 977.413
Genealogy of an Ellis Family of Michigan : Part V Goodwin - Related Families Ellis, Lois A. GS 929.2 Ell
Genealogy of the Bisbee Family Bisbee, Frank J. GS 929.2 Bis
Genealogy of the Bisbee Family : descendants of John and Joanna Brooks Bisbee Drake, Viola Bisbee GS 929.2 Dra
Genealogy of the Blanding Family : with Blanden, Blandin, Blandon Blanding, Leonard Clark GS 929.2 Bla
Genealogy of the Caverly Family From the Year 1116 to the Year 1880 Caverly, Robert Boodey GS 929.2 Cav
Genealogy of the Conklin Families, Pioneers of Hartford, Michigan, Van Buren County Lovin, Helen M. Hoyt GS 929.2 Lov
Genealogy of the Fox (Fuchs) Families : old deeds, wills & etc. Fox, Walter K. GS 929.2 Fox
Genealogy of the Quick Family in America (1625-1942); 317 years Quick, Arthur Craig GS 929.2 Qui
Genealogy Online, 5th Edition Crowe, Elizabeth P. GS 929.1028 Cro
General Directory of the City of Chicago For the Year 1844 Chicago Genealogical Society GS 977.311 Chi
General Index to the Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Ricord, Frederick W. GS 974.9 Bar
Generations Calhoun County Genealogical Society GS 929.1 Cal
Genesee County, Michigan, Cemeteries Flint Genealogical Society GS 977.437 Fli
Genesee County, New York State Census, 1810 Central New York Genealogical Society GS 974.792 Cen
Geneva Township Burial Records With Added Notes Clinard, Karen GS 929.3 Gen
German Americans in the American Revolution : Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards' History Tolzmann, Don Heinrich GS 973.346 Tol
German Connection . GS 929.1 Ger
Gerry : one of the Sherburne Girls, a memoir, Book One: My First Eleven Years Jackson, Geraldine S. GS 929.2 Jac
Glacial Geology and Groundwater Resources of Van Buren County, Michigan Michigan Geological Survey Division GS 551 Mic
Glimpses of the Past : stories and pictures of North Berrien pioneer families North Berrien Historical Society GS 977.411 Nor
Gobles News : years' past . GS 929 Gob
Goldleaf : yearbook of the Coloma High School, Coloma, Michigan Coloma High School GS 371.805 Col
Goshorn Lake Remembered Lane, Kit GS 977.414 Lan
Gracelawn Cemetery, Flint, Michigan, Burial Records - open 1913 through 1997 Bastien, Robert & Marty GS 977.437 Bas
Grand Army of the Republic, Brodhead Post #31, Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, MI, Adjutant's Report Brodhead Post #31 GS 973.7 Gra
Grand Army of the Republic, Burnside Post #27, Decatur, Van Buren Co., MI, Descriptive Book Sep 1881-1923 Burnside Post #27, GAR GS 973.7 Gra
Grand Rapids - Renaissance on the Grand Elliott, Gerald GS 977.456 Ell
Grange in Michigan, an agricultural history of Michigan over the past 90 years Trump, Fred GS 630.62 Tru
Graphic Street Guide of Greater Kalamazoo : including Comstock, Galesburg, Oshtemo, Parchment, Portage, Richland… . GS 912 Met
Graves Registration Records, Volume 2, 1959-1965 (Allegan, Baraga, Barry Counties) . GS-MF 977.414 Gra
Greater Grand Rapids Windsor Publications GS 977.456 Gre
Greenman Family in America Greenman, Peter Holden GS 929.2 Gre
Greenman Family of Prospect Lake, Michigan; Van Buren County Genealogies, Volume 2 Howe, Shirley Swift GS 929.2 How
Greybric Benton Harbor High School GS 371.805 Ben
Gruner Heritage : a family history and genealogy Rabbitt-Zang, Marian E. GS 929.2 Rab
Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Pennsylvania Hoenstine, Floyd G. GS 974.8 Hoe
Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives Colket, Meredith Bright GS 929.3 Col
Guide to the Michigan Genealogical & Historical Collections at the Library of Michigan... Michigan Genealogical Council GS 929.3 Mic
Guide to the Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections Honhart, Frederick L. GS 929.3 Hon
Gull Gull Lake High School GS 371.805 Gul
Hagar Township Plat Book . GS 912 Hag
Halsey Genealogy Since 1395 A.D. Halsey, David GS 929.2 Hal
Hamilton County, Ohio, Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume III : Cummingsville Weslyan Cemetery Craig, Robert D. GS 977.177 Cra
Hamilton Family Genealogy and Associated Families Hamilton, John D., Sr. GS 929.2 Ham
Hamilton Reformed Church, Hamilton, Michigan : dedication services . GS 977.414 Ham
Handbook of Freemasonry Ronayne, Edmond GS 366.1 Ron
Handy Guide to Hungarian Genealogical Research Suess, Jared H. GS 929.1 Sue
Hartford High School yearbook Hartford High School GS 371.805 Har
Hartford Times Genealogical Column & Index December 6, 1941-March 7, 1942 Boyle, Edith & Letha Culver GS 929.3 Har
Hartle and Cook Families; 1221 Engl. To Early 1900's Hartle, Frank GS 929.2 Har
Harvard Alumni Directory . GS 974.402 Har
Harvard Index For 1891-92 : a university directory, vol. XVIII . GS 378 Har
Hayden Family : 299 years in America, History and Biography Hayden, Charles GS 929.2 Hay
Heads of Families At the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790, Virginia United States. Bureau of the Census GS 975.5 Uni
Henderson Family Tree : descendants of the emigrant from England Wells, Linda H. GS 929.2 Wel
Henika District Library Centennial Celebration 1899-1999 Farnsworth, Del GS 977.414 Far
Henry Mowat : voyage of the Canceaux, 1764-1776 Wahll, Andrew J. GS 910.4 Wah
Heraldry in America Zieber, Eugene GS 929.6 Zie
Heredity Register of the United States of America . GS 929.1 Her
Heritage Guidebook : landmarks and historical sites in Southeastern Wisconsin Zimmerman, H. Russell GS 917.775 Zim
Heritage Review Germans From Russia Heritage Society GS 929.1 Her
Highlander University High School GS 371.805 Uni
Highlights in Galesburg History : including history of William Rufus Shafter Raymond, Ayres GS 977.417 Ray
Hillsdale County, Michigan . GS 977.429 Kal
Historic Restorations of the Daughters of the Revolution Barrington, Lewis GS 728 Bar
Historical and Genealogical Record of the Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution 1976-1988 Reeves, Geraldine R., ed. GS 929.1 Ree
Historical and Genealogical Record of the Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution, 1964-1976, v. VI Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution GS 929.1 Mic
Historical and Genealogical Record of the Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution, 1976-1988, v. VII Michigan Daughters of the American Revolution GS 929.1 Mic
Historical Collections - Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society (index) Michigan State Historical Society GS 977.4 Mic
Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County, New York Roberts, Millard F. GS 974.701 Rob
Historical Outline, St. Joseph County Townships and Villages . GS 977.419 His
Historical Papers of the Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine . GS 977.418 His
Historical Reflections of Cass County Cass County Historical Commission GS 977.412 Cas
Historical Sketch of the Town of Deer Isle, Maine : with notices of its settlers... Hosmer, George L. GS 974.1 Hos
Historical Sketches of Berrien County, Volume 2 Myers, Robert C. GS 977.411 Mye
Historical Sketches of Berrien County, Volume 3 Myers, Robert C. GS 977.411 Mye
Historical Sketches of Berrien County, Volume 4 Myers, Robert C. GS 977.411 Mye
Historical Sketches of Berrien County, Volume I Myers, Robert C. GS 977.411 Mye
Historical Society of Michigan newsletter Historical Society of Michigan GS 977.405 His
Historical Tour of Cass County, Michigan Cook, Barbara GS 977.412 Coo
Historical Wyoming Wyoming County Historian GS 929.1 Wyo
Historie En Oude Families Van De Nederlandse Antillen Krafft, A. J. C. GS 929.2 Kra
History and Genealogy of the Sidsel and Christian Clausen Family 1804-1985 Larson, Lawrence N. GS 929.2 Lar
History and Traditions of the Land of the Lindsays in Angus and Mearns… Jervise, Andrew GS 929.2094 Jer
History of Ball Hill Cemetery, Carroll County, Indiana Ball Hill Cemetery Association GS 977.294 Bal
History of Brick School 1959-1991 Brick School Book Committee GS 977.411 Bri
History of Calhoun County, Michigan Gardner, Washington, Hon. GS 977.422 His
History of Cass County From 1825 to 1875 Rogers, Howard S. GS 977.412 Rog
History of Cass County, Michigan - with illustrations and biographical sketches . GS 977.412 His
History of Decatur County, Indiana : its people, industries and institutions Harding, Lewis A. GS 977.201 Har
History of England Lunt, W. E. GS 942 Lun
History of Genesee County, New York, 1890-1982 McCulley, Mary GS 974.701 Mac
History of Kalamazoo County, Michigan . GS 977.418 His
History of Keeler Methodist Church : index Anderson, Phyllis GS 287 Fos
History of Kiwanis in Michigan, With Vital Statistics and Statistical Tables Loesell, Clarence M. GS 366 Loe
History of Lawrence Public School District No. 24 Longcore, Erma Parks GS 977.413 Lon
History of Little Paw Paw Lake and Deer Forest, Michigan Rasmussen, R. L. GS 977.411 Ras
History of Montgomery County, Indiana, Together With Historic Notes on the Wabash Valley Beckwith, H. W. GS-MF 977.248 Bec
History of Otsego County, New York, 1740-1878 . GS 974.701 His
History of Preble County, Ohio : her people, industries and institutions Lowry, R. E. GS 977.101 Low
History of St. Joseph Reber, L. Benjamin GS 977.411 Reb
History of the Beattie Family and Memoirs Beattie, Robert GS 929.2 Bea
History of the Churches of Prince Edward County Taylor, Patricia A. GS 971.358701 Tay
History of the City of Vincennes, Indiana, From 1702 to 1901 Cauthorn, Henry S. GS 977.239 Cau
History of the Clan MacLean : from its first settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull… MacLean, J. P. GS 929.2094 Mac
History of the East Main Church of Christ : the first 48 years Kirby, El Marie GS 285.834 Kir
History of the Gabriel Ulrey Family Binnie, Lester H. GS 929.2 Bin
History of the Keeler Methodist Church, 1845-1960; serving the community for 125 years Foster, Dean GS 287 Fos
History of the Lawrence United Methodist Church Johnson, Johnie B. GS 929.3 Joh
History of the Meachum Family of Van Buren County, Michigan Gerstman, Virginia Meachum GS 929.2 Ger
History of the Michigan Male Chorus Association : organized May 7, 1927 Egner, Joe C. GS 780 Egn
History of the Niles Schools American Association of University Women GS 977.411 Ame
History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania . GS 974.801 His
History of Van Buren County, Michigan Rowland, Oran W. GS 977.412 Row
History of Van Buren County, Michigan (index to Volume 2) Rowland, Oran W. GS 977.412 Row
History of Van Buren County, Michigan, 1982 . GS 977.413 His
History of Western Allegan County . GS 977.414 His
Holland's Muskegon City Directory For 1879...1880 . GS 977.45 Hol
Holly Township Cemeteries, Oakland County, Michigan Oakland County Genealogical Society GS 977.438 Oak
Holy Family Church, Decatur, Michigan, Membership Roll Holy Family Church GS 977.413 Hol
Holy Family Church, Decatur, Michigan, Membership Roll Holy Family Church GS 977.413 Hol
Holy Family Parish, Decatur, Michigan National Directory Service For Catholic Parishes GS 977.413 Nat
Home Songs Simpson, Mary A. GS 811 Sim
Honor Roll of Kalamazoo County 1917, 1918, 1919 . GS 977.418 Hon
Houghton County, Michigan . GS 977.499 Kal
How the Dowd Family Came to Michigan Dowd, Oscar J. GS 929.2 Dow
Howard Finley Family Books Finley, Howard GS 929.2 Fin
Huff and Thompson Genealogies : New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Michigan… Barnes, Kathy L. GS 929.2 Bar
Hulce/Hulse Families in America Harper, Lynn C. GS 929.2 Hul
Humbert Family in America Grills, Merton W. GS 929.2 Gri
Hunter Family History . GS 929.2 Hun
Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, 1895 State Census - Part II Kingwood - West Amwell Duncan, Patricia B. GS 974.971 Dun
Hurlbut Family Data . GS 929.2 Hur

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