Wildy School - Paw Paw, Mi
Names written on the back of the picture - not necessarily in the order in which they appear.

Mildred Buckhout
Pearle Palmer
Mary Palmer
Elizabeth "Bessie" Melvin, Teacher
Irmah Drake
Leora Blaisdell
Frances Putney
Annah Drake
Grover Dean
Paul Buckhout
Rita Taylor
Carl Wilson
Robert Drake
Clinton Willis
Merle Bowen
Lloyd Bowen
Wreatha Hershburger
Elizabeth Wilson
Luella Wilson
Ida Palmer
Mary Buckhout
Hazel Palmer

Thomas Snow
Wilbur Elfeldt
Albert Lang
(Not there)

This picture was sent to me by Nancy Kless who is a granddaughter of the teacher Bessie Melvin.  Thank you for sharing it with us Nancy.

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