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This is a private burial grounds that is located on a farm on Chelsea-Manchester Road. (This information was found at the Library of Michigan, Washtenaw Co. Cemeteries)

Pierce, James D. son of E.a. & C Jan 24, 1862

Pierce, Lilly I. 1858-1867

Pierce, Nathan Marc 29, 1862 71 yr 6 mo 2d, War of 1812

Pierce, Amy aldrich Feb 28, 1861 73 yr 8 mo 19 d

Downer, Lamira wife of E.P. Sept 14, 1852 41 yr

Downer, Joshua Apr 9, 1864 78 yr 5 m 25 d

Downer, Betsy wife of Joshua Feb 3, 1878 87 yr 10 m

Randal, Ethelbert son of George & Eliza 1854

Champlin, Ira Sept 10, 1855 20 yr

There are many graves that are lost, which are now part of the lawn

Aldrich, Mercy (she was the wife of Samuel) Apr 1, 1839 81 yr

Aldrich, Huldah dau of S & M Mar 12, 1843 60 yr

Aldrich, David Feb 11, 1862 76 yr

Pierce (the children of Nathan and Amy)

Pierce, Mowry A.

Pierce, Emily

Pierce, Adeline

Pierce, Phebe S.

Pierce, Russell

Pierce, Amy A.

Pierce, Hiram 1821-1902M

Pierce, Catharine wife of Hiram 1828-1905

Pierce, John 1868-1902

Mulvaney, Phebe S. Pierce wife of Peter Aug 10, 1878 52 yr 9 mo

Downer, Betsy wife of Joshua

Three unmarked stones (presumably that of Joshuašs parents Stephen and Jane Spinks Downer)

Stephen 1765-1840

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