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You can find the Scadin cemetery by getting off US 23. Go 2.9 miles south on North Territorial Road to Webster Church Road, turn left. Go 1.2 miles to the Corner of Farrell and Webster Church Road. The Webster Church is on one side of Farrell and this cemetery is on the other side of Farrell Road. There is no sign to this cemetery. There is a cemetery that is behind the church and that is the Webster Church Cemetery.

Scadin, R. Henry 1861-1923
Scadin, Kate Queal 1861-1937
Children of Henry & Kate Johnie/Scadin,
1887-1890 1885-1886
Scadin, Eliza S. sis of W.H. 1828-1847
Scadin, Lucy M. 1823-1842
Scadin, Lewis A. 1922-1832
Scadin, Edith L. 1872-1874
Scadin, John Stonewell bro of Will, Jr. 1869-1882
Scadin, Bertha M. 1863-1886
Spoor-Scadin, Charlotte Ann 1832-1908

Scadin, R. 1762-1840
Scadin, M. 1767-1844

Scadin, John S. 1826-1856

Scadin, Henry G. 1794-1849
Scadin, Lucy D. 1798-1873
Scadin, Millicent 1869-1944

Scadin, Will R. Jr. 1875-1966

Scadin, Robert Bruce 1832-1896 (Vet flag)

Scadin, Wiliam H. Sr. 1836-1902
Scadin, Susan Geraldine 1841-1931
Stowell, S. 1775-1851
Stowell, N. 1774-1851

Stowell, Eliza S. (Wife of John C.) 1813-1837

Spoor, Laura (Scadin) 1825-1884
Spoor, J. W. (P.M.) 1827-1908 (Vet flag)
Spoor, Ina 1956-1890
Zeeb, Margaret F. 1926-
Zeeb, Donald W. 1924-1997

Alexander, Bessie T. 1876-1956
Alexander, George E. 1869-1938
Alexander, Vida R. (Wife of George E.) 1877-1902

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