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Spencer Cemetery
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, MI

Ypsilanti's Spencer Cemetery no longer exists, but there is a memorial stone.

A special 'thank you' to Paulette Quartermain (now deceased) who donated the 1825-1940 (compiled in 1968) transcribed records for this cemetery in Dec 2001.

These names are not necessarily in alphabetical order. To activate the 'find' feature on your web browser, click on the following keys on your keyboard. For Macintosh computers: 'Apple' + 'F'. For Windows computers: 'Ctrl' + 'F'. Enter the surname of your choice and click on the 'Find' button.

BABCOCK, Ada May d/o A. J. & N. A. Babcock d. 8-23-1876 age 2m 12 d
         Nancy A. w/0 A. J. Babcock d. 7-13-1876 25y 5m 19d

BEACH, Russell A. s/o D. & T Beach d. 11-5-1851 32y 3m

BOWEN,  Ann w/o Zolva Bowen d. 12-12-1823 31y 8m 10d
        Zova d. 5-31-1863 75y 7m 19d
BROWN, Fanny w/o Rufus Brown d. 1-17-1871 76
       Martha C. w/o Jackson B. Tower d. 5-26-1874 39y
       Rufus d. 6-18-1855 68y 5m 11d

BURRELL, George 1817-1887
         Sarah 1805-1888

CHAFFEE, Jane w/o JM Chaffee d. 5-19-1855 21y 2m
         Walter H. s/o JM Chaffee d. 11-28-1851 7m 11d

CLAWSON, Abraham d. 5-29-1855 70y 11m 19d
         Abraham d. 8-18-1839 25y 2m 8d
         Eleanor w/o William Clawson d. 10-21-1859 79y 2d
         Thomas B. d. 4-18-1831 20y 6m 15d

COLBY, Ann  w/o William L. Colby d. 12-13-1874 78y 8m 7d
       Charles d. 8-7-1861 17 5m 4d s/o WH & Adelia
       Emma  d. 6-1-1885 5y 1m 4d d/o WH & Adelia
       Melvin d. 9-11-1853 3m 17 d s/o H & C Colby
       Warren d. 5-18-1862 1m 2d s/o WH & Adelia
       William L.  8-17-1844 32y

COTTON, Benjamin d. 1-13-1872 45y 11m 11d
        Martha w/o Benjamin d. 3-26-1852 58y
        Martha w/o William d. 2-14-1885 61y 10m 4d

EDDY, John  d. 3-7-1837 48y

EMERICK, Caroline 2nd w/o William Emerick d. 1-30-1877 57y 10m 2d
         Hannah 1st w/o William Emerick d. 4-3-1865 47y

FILKINS, Edith d/o Marion & Rose Filkins b. 10-5-1881 d. 4-23-1887

FREEMAN, Carrie Jane d/o W. & CE Freeman d. 9-23-1870 4y 5m 13d

FULLER, Julia A.   w/o Cyrus A. Fuller d. 7-25-1875 51y 2m 26d
        Julius B. s/o CA & JA Fuller d. 3-31-1857 8m 5d

GIGGEE, Adelia  w/o T. Giggee d. 1-15-1871 66y 3m 23d
        Thomas  d. 1-9-1873  66y 7m 27d

GREEN, Sally  In memory of Sally Green d. Ypsilanti, MI Sept. 2, 1881 aged 
              84y born in Rushville, NY Dec 16, 1797

GREENMAN, Augusta  7-10-1821   12-8-1885
          Augusta Jay  s/o A & NA Greenman d. 7-7-1859 4y 9m

GRISWOLD, Aaron d. 4-16-1849 35y 9m
          Henry A. s/o A & SL Griswold d. 3-26-1851 9y 7m 8d

HARRISON, Ellen  1851-1883

HILL, Sarah W.  w/o Albert S. Loomis 6-25-1825    7-12-1879

HINDS, William  d. 5-31-1853 30y 1m

HOLLEY, Infant Daughter  of E. & CH Holley  d. 12-16-1867 ed
        Clarissa H.  w/o Ebenezer Holley  d. 1-5-1868 28y 10m 20d
        Edwin R.  only child of E & F Holley d. 3-10-1875 1y 3m 6d
        George  d. 7-10-1879 52y 4m 2d
        Mary G.   d/o G & SA Holley d. 9-14-1861 5m 14d
        Satinah A. w/o George  11-1-1829   10-8-1897

HOWARD, Edward A., Capt.   d. 12-10-1883 50y

HUTCHINSON,  Betsey E. (Elizabeth Crokhite) w/o James 12-27-1797  7-14-1885
             Caroline d/o Elizabeth & James w/o Henry S. Palmer and 
             Van R. Bennett b. 3-5-1835  d. 9-3-1912
             Daniel W.  s/o Elizabeth & James b. 9-17-1819  d. 6-1-1850
             Henry H.  s/o Elizabeth & James b. 7-7-1821  d. 3-17-1845
             Margaret d/o Elizabeth & James b. 8-1-1825  d. 3-19-1853
             James h/o Elizabeth b. 5-20-1797  d. 11-14-1874
HYATT, Gage M.  s/o J & SA Hyatt d. 3-24-1882 5m 14d
       Sarah  w/o JH. Hyatt  d. 10-31-1882 24y

KINGHORN, John A. s/o A & SA Kinghorn d. 11-28-1883 26y
        Sarah A. Seymour  1827-1917
        Sarah  his wife  1854 (date of death blank) (probably wife of John A.)

KINNE, William only son of Joshua & Mary Kinne d. 8-11-1844

LILLEY, Betsey Ann  w/o Richard Lilley d. 1-16-1854 31y 5m 14d

LOOMIS, Albert S.  11-9-1825  3-29-1904
        Charles Albert  s/o A & S Loomis  10-2-1856  drowned 8-25-1874
        Cornelia  d. 8-4-1858 2m 11d
        James  d. 4-11-1871  77y 10m 21d
        Joseph  d. 2-22-1847  24y 5m 26d
        Mary Amanda  d. 9-11-1886 10m 17d
        Maria T.   In memory of Mrs. Maria T. Loomis who died Sept. 6 1862, aged 66y 10d
        Nathan  d. 2-12-1849  17y 7m 5d
        Sally  w/o James Loomis  see Sally Williams
        Sarah W. Hill see Sarah W. Hill

MARSHALL, Frank T.  d. 9-23-1860 28y 2m 19d

MARTIN, Abigail  d/o H & E Martin d. 4-25-1855 13y 4m 7d

MERRILL,  Gad,   Erected in Memory of Gad Merrill who died Aug. 7, 1836 68y
          Lydia,  Erected in Memory of Lydia, wife of Gad Merrill who died Oct. 30, 1838 70y
          Mary Ann,  Wife of Squire C. Merrill who died June 15, 1839  35y

MOON, Arthur  1856-1874
      Calista E.  1886-1908
      Charles  1879-1900
      Freddie  1867-1877
      Sarah  1790-1878
      Stephen  1778-1860

PALMER, Henry S.   (see Caroline Hutchinson)
        Margaret Hutchinson,  1st wife of Henry S. Palmer
        Andrew,  this stone beside that of Margaret Palmer, has only the one name

PARKS, Sarah  d. 2-28-1867 77y

PATTON, Mabel  w/o Charles Patton d. 10-4-1857

POLLOCK, Mertio J.  d/o G & MC Pollock d. 11-27-1881 13y 5m 3d

ROGERS, E. A. & E.  Infant sons of E.P. & A. L. Rogers

SEYMOUR  (see Sarah A. Kinghorn)

SHEAR, Frances E.  w/o AB Collar  1841-1886

SIMPSON - CARR  Father Gulia Simpson - Mother, same stone, no dates

SINES, Myrta,  adopted daughter of J & M Sines,  d. 2-2-1864 9m

SMITH, Sarah  d/o J & H Smith, d. 6-19-1851 6y

SPENCER, Emily H.  d. 1887 75y
         Grove  d. 8-29-1881 48y
         Kate  d/o G & N Spencer, d. 8-22-1853 4m
         Phebe  w/o Burke Spencer, 1836-1925
         Lydia Ann,  1842-1910
         Wirt  s/o G & E Spencer,  d. 12-21-1848 2y

TOWER,  Jackson B.,  see Martha O. Brown

WANNER, Frederick 1860-1925
        Louise F. 1858-1897
        William F. 1835-1911

WARNER, Willard W.  s/o O & A Warner d. 2-4-1857 18y

WATROUS, Betsey,  In memory of Betsey wife of E. Watrous d. 3-27-1848 60y
         Frances  w/o James Watrous  d.-16---  40y 6m 1d

WEST, Cynthia Louisa  1853-1866

WILLIAMS, Bradley  d. 9-28-1861 73y 7m
          Dinah  d. 4-10-1870  82y 8m
          Sally  w/o James Loomis  d. 8-22-1868  74y 11m

WOOLGER, George  9-18-1873 27 y

ZEBEL, John  1832- 1915

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