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War Memorials and Military Research Sites

American Civil War Research Database

US Army Military History Institute in Carlisle, PA

National World War II Memorial

WWI Draft Cards - Rootsweb

United States Military Records

National Archives - Research in Military Records

Online Military Indexes & Records


International Committee of the Red Cross maintains files of information only about victims of 20th Century conflicts (prisoners of war and civilian internees)


General War


US Department of Veterans Affairs




Ships Naval History

Naval Historical Center

United States Navy Memorial

Naval Vessel Register




Civil War - 1861-1865

Online Civil War Indexes, Records & Rosters

Cyndi's List - U.S. Military: Civil War



World War I - 1917-1918

Online World War I Indexes & Records - USA

Cyndi's List - Military - World War I: The Great War





World War II - 1941-1945

Online World War II Indexes & Records

Cyndi's List - Military - World War II





Korean War - 1950-1953

Online Korean War Indexes & Records






Vietnam War - 1961-1973

Online Vietnam War Indexes & Records