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This cemetery is an active cemetery, the newest grave sites are closer to the gate and the oldest graves are nearest Highway 10.  The quickest definition of old to new is where the upright markers stop and the flat markers begin.  The thought is that flat markers are easier to take care of, are less prone to vandals, and make mowing much easier.  It is six acres in size, owned and operated by the City of Anoka, the city Park Department takes care of the cemetery.

            This land was just called “woods” when the City of Anoka began looking at it for a new cemetery.  The first city cemetery was Oakwood, located just a couple blocks east of here.  That cemetery was filling quickly despite a four acre addition bought in 1879 for $200.  The City decided to act on the possibility of a second cemetery.  The deed for Forest Hill Cemetery was executed by the City of Anoka on February 25, 1890.    The plat was filed in July and the first person to be buried in Forest Hill was Olive Stimson.  She was actually disinterred from Oakwood and moved to Forest Hill on October 29, 1890.

            Oakwood continued to be used by family members who had plots there for many years, but today Oakwood is no longer considered active.  Occasionally, though, there will still be a burial there.

            In 1897, the interment fees were set by the City Council at the uniform price of $3.00.

            In 1898, the City decided they needed to provide better equipment for taking care of the cemetery, so they voted to buy a one-horse lawn mower.

            Wanting to have a “nice” cemetery that fit with the permanence the City desired, the council votes that only “granite” markers would be accepted in Forest Hill.  This eliminated any wooden crosses, or homemade markers from cement such as my be seen in other Anoka County cemeteries.  The idea may have been tied to the European thought of a cemetery being laid out like a park and providing a green space for citizens in the midst of the community.