Becker County, Minnesota

The following links contain information about cemeteries in Becker County, Minnesota. Some private cemeteries may not covered by any of these links.

The Becker County Historical Society has a Cemetery Database on their web site. This index contains approximately 90 cemeteries in Becker County and is arranged alphabetically by surname, first name, middle name, birth year, death year, age, and cemetery. You can search this database by entering just the first few letters of a surnme. This may yield more responses and be helpful in the case of spelling differences. For example: Entering "Sch" yields both Schaefer and Schafer.

Click here to see a list of Becker County, MN cemeteries listed on the U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) web site. The list contains a link to the GNIS web site which contains several reference maps. By following the link, you can view an online map showing the cemetery's location.

Kim's Cemetery page lists locations by township, range and section. This method of locating a cemetery is valuable as it can be related to homestead locations which are also given by township, range and section.

The publication, Becker County, Minnesota Cemeteries, compiled by Clare Gibbons, Mel Trieglaff and Nora Willprecht is a series of eight volumes about Becker County Cemeteries. Click here for details.

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