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Blue Earth County Births

 Blue Earth County Births

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Rew, Bertha Caroline Rew, Francis E Minnie 21 August 1870 Garden City A-1/147/250 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Rosa Rew, Henry Amelia 30 July 1871 Rapidan Twp 1-A/38/31 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Female Rew, Frank Minnie September 1873 Rapidan Twp A-1/81/328 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Nellie R Rew, R G O A 11 October 1873 Mankato A-1/93/575 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Robert R Rew, Richard Etta 17 October 1874 Rapidan Twp A-1/121/414 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Allen Rew, Frank E Marion 03 August 1875 Rapidan Twp 1/12/32 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Leonard Carl Rew, Noel Weston Henrietta 29 January 1875 Garden City 1/14/28 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Jay Rew, Henry Amelia 29 September 1876 Rapidan Twp 1/28/39 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Edward E Rew, Noel Nettie 19 June 1879 Garden City 1/68/33 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Frankie C Rew, Frank Marion C 22 May 1880 Rapidan Twp 1/84/5 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rustemyer, Natalie Justina Rustemyer, Friedrich Meschede, Theresia 14 August 1884 Mankato   Sue Streett
Rustemyer, Clara Maria Rustemyer, Friedrich Meschede, Theresia 17January 1887 Mankato   Sue Streett
Rew, John Richard Rew, Rihard A Georgianna 20 October 1887 Mankato 3/51/1 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Unknown Rew, Lenard Pearl Pepper 30 June 1906 Mankato 5/162/4 Clarinda Rew Troemel
Rew, Grace Frances Rew, Leonard E Pearl Pepper 22 June 1909 Mankato 6/125/3 Clarinda Rew Troemel


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