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Historical Resources

Ellis Island Home Page - After 1892 or so; so you old timers won't find hard data on the relatives here.

Immigration History Research Center Homepage - Located in St. Paul, this is a national treasure. It helps if you read your foreign language. Much of its card catalog is located on the University of Minnesota's LUMINA system on the Internet.


Roots-L United States Resources: Minnesota - Comprehensive list of research links, including many to history-related sites

Minnesota Historical Societies


Libraries, Archives & Museums

HYTELNET - Library Catalogs: USA: Minnesota  - Before you use any of the Telnet links, make note of the user name, password and any other logon information

Minnesota Family History Centers  - A list of addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation from the Genealogy Home Page

Minnesota Historical Society 

Minnesota Library Systems and Catalogs 

University of Minnesota Libraries 


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