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List of Minnesota Counties 

Map of Minnesota Counties 
From the Government Information Sharing Project, Information Services, Oregon State University

Map of Minnesota Counties 
From the Perry-Castañeda Library at the Univ. of Texas at Austin

Minnesota Territorial Map 1849-1851 

U.S. Census Bureau - Minnesota Profiles 

Yale Peabody Museum: GNIS - Minnesota  
Search the USGS Geographic Names Database. You can limit the search to a specific county in this state and search for any of the following features: airport arch area arroyo bar basin bay beach bench bend bridge building canal cape cemetery channel church cliff crater crossing dam falls flat forest gap geyser glacier gut harbor hospital island isthmus lake lava levee locale mine oilfield other park pillar plain ppl range rapids reserve reservoir ridge school sea slope spring stream summit swamp tower trail tunnel valley well woods

Color Landform Map of Minnesota

Same Thing, With County Boundaries Drawn In

Cook County, Minnesota (Census Tiger Mapping Service)

1895 Minnesota Map




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