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Chippewa City Cemetery

This cemetery is associated with St. Francis Xavier Church, built in 1895, which still stands today.  Between the 1880s-1900, there were 75 to 100 families that lived in this small community, which lies about a mile east of Grand Marais.  The church is owned by the Cook County Historical Society and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The church is open to the public for tours on a regular basis.

The cemetery is divided into two sections: the "old cemetery" to the east of the road, and the "new cemetery", to the west.  The original land for the "old cemetery" was donated by Claus C. Monker, a local fisherman.  The land for the newer section was also donated by a local resident, named Swamper Caribou.  The cemetery looks a lot different today than when the church was still in use.  At one time many of the graves were covered with wooden, ceremonial grave houses, a traditional Ojibwe way of marking a burial site.  Many original wooden fences and crosses have not withstood the test of time, and have disappeared or been moved from their original location.

If anyone can identify any of the plots with no names, I would really like to add them to this transcription.  Please contact me!

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Anderson, Beatrice R.
Anderson, Eva
Anderson, Thomas V.
Anderson, Verner F.
Beaver, Jo
Beckwith, Henry R.
Blackwell, Jack
Boostrom, Alex P.
Boostrom, Fern E.
Boostrom, Glenn P.
Boser, Katherine D.
Connors, Edward
Dahl, Betty
Dahl, Glen
Dahl, Helen
Dahl, Marcel
Dahl, Roberta J.
Dahmen, Mary M.
Drouillard, Edward
Drouillard, John
Drouillard, Margaret
Drouillard, William
Ertsgard, Carl
Ertsgard, Carolyn M.
Hoaglund, Jimmy
Howenstine, Charles
Jones, L.K.
LeSage, Elizabeth
LeSage, Frank
LeSage, Frank
LeSage, John B.
LeSage, Joseph L.
LeSage, Peter
LeSage, Peter A.
Longbody, Joseph (?)
Massie, Abraham
Morrison, Bernard D.
Morrison, James
Morrison, Joseph
Newman, John
Norberg, Grace
Paro, Jacqueline M.
Paro, Lloyd, R.
Paro, Roger L.
Paro, Ronald E.
Perrault, Charles
Powell, Andrew J.
Powell, Mike
Powell, Sophie
Sachs, Cathee H.
Smith, Mary E.
Stevens, Peter
Talbott, Delores
Wishcop, Frank
Wishcop, Gertrude
Wishcop, Joseph
Zimmerman, George
Zimmerman, Henry
Zimmerman, Jane (?)
Zimmerman, John
Zimmerman, Josephine
Zimmerman, Stephen G.

please email me at: to request headstone photos