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South Fork Lutheran Cemeteries
Fillmore County Minnesota

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South Fork Lutheran Cemeteries
Fillmore County, Minnesota

These cemeteries belonged to the Hauge Evangelical Lutheran Church at South Fork. This church was organized in 1876 and was of the Norwegian Augustana Synod.

These cemeteries are located in section 12 of Preble Township, about four miles east of Choice, on County Road 13.

There are three cemeteries at this location. All are close to each other. Cemetery A is west of the church, Cemetery B is north, across the road, of Cemetery A. Cemetery C is next to Cemetery B.

There are several unmarked graves. A list of these unmarked graves and burials at other cemeteries is included in the alphabetical list. If I am quite sure that the person is buried here I have listed the grave as "unmarked". Others are listed as "unknown" but likely they are buried at South Fork also. This list was generated from the church funeral records. These funeral records don't start until Oct. 1895.

The tombstone locations was taken from a reading of the stones complied by Sarah Storlie in 1981 with an update by Helen Jameson in 1999.

Alphabetical Order

Aske, Edwin James (Unknown burial, b. Mar. 10, 1895, d. Jan. 3, 1901, son of Jørgen and Bertha Danielson, farm name was Aske)
Aske, Jane (Unknown burial, b. May 15, 1898, d. Apr. 9, 1901, daughter of Jørgen and Bertha Danielson, farm name was Aske)
Amunrud, Karen Elisa A4-3 
Anderson, Sarah: see Spilde, Sigri A5-5
Anfinson, Christian (Unknown burial, b. 10 May 1824 in Norway, d. 4 Dec. 1904.  He was  a  relative of Sven Ryan at C6-2)
Bakke, Luverne Elsworth (1930, unknown burial, 2 weeks old) 
Bodsberg, Christine Mathilde A4-4 
Bolland, Hellena A4-6 
Bolland, Lars A.  A4-5 
Bolsø, Anders A. B1-1 
Bolsø, Ingeborg Estensdotter B1-2
Braa, Erik O.  C6-9 
Braa, Kari O. C6-10
Braa, Marit (1858-1905, unknown burial, wife of Knud Erickson Braa, born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
Braa, Knut E. (1855-25 Oct. 1926, unknown burial, husband of Marit Braa, son of Erik and Kari Braa)
Bergland, Eland Victor (Unknown burial, spelling uncertain, b. in Spring Grove, d. 31 July 1905 in Spring Grove. 
Likely a son of Olaf C. and Emma (Erlandson) Bergland) 
Bugten, Knudt T.  C3-1 
Buross C8-5
Buross, Anne Maria C8-4 
Buross, Jonette C8-7 
Buross, Olaf C9-1 
Buross, Olaus C8-6 
Butler, Cora: (Unknown burial, b. 21 Nov. 1903 in Dunn County, Wisconsin, d. 27 April 1936)
Christopherson, Anne: (Unknown burial) Born in Norway, died 29 Oct. 1895 in Highland, age 82. 
Dahl, Ada H.  C8-1
Danielson, Edwin (See Ashe, Edwin James)
Danielson, Edwin (Feb. 21, 1946, buried at Choice)
Danielson, Jane (See Ashe, Jane)
Danielson, Jorgen (Mar. 13, 1946, buried at Choice)
Ellingson, Ida Olava A5-2 
Erlandson C8-8
Erlandson, Anne Maria C7-3 
Erlandson, Kasper N. C7-2 
Erlandson, Olga A. C7-1 
Fladeland, Carl A2-3 
Fladeland, Selma A2-3 
G. K. A3-10
Gausta (John Peterson (Gaustad)?, on B5-2?, 1935)
Gaustad, Ingeborg (Isabelle) Nilsdtr. A2-2 
Gaustad, Peder Pederson A2-1 
Gaustad, Peter Peterson B5-3 
Gaustad, Petra Menora (b. Apr. 20, 1899, d. Apr. 25, 1899, daughter of Ole and Ragnhild Gaustad, reinterned in Decorah, 
Iowa on May 10, 1939)
Gaustad, Ragnhild b. 20 March 1873 in Norway, d. 13 Aug. 1900 (Wife of Ole Gaustad, reinterned in Decorah, Iowa on 
May 10, 1939)
Glasoe, H. B.  C6-5
H. B. A3-9 (Hellena Boland? Duplicate?)
Haakenson, Haakon C.: (Unknown burial, b. 13 April 1849 in Lomen Parish, Vestre Slidre, Oppland, Norway, (Obituary says 
Valders) d. 31 May 1915.  Haakon is certainly buried here but his wife Christina is buried at Scheie.)
Hatling, Vernon Clifford: (Unknown burial, b. 6 Feb. 1915, d. 2 Aug. 1943 in Sicily during World War II, a son of 
Martin and Gena Hatling.)
Haugberg, Anne M.  C5-6 
Haugberg, Haaken A.  C5-5 
Helgeson, Peder: (Unknown burial, b. 18 Nov. 1865 in Newburg Township, d. 7 Aug. 1923, single, son of Ole and Julia 
(Melberg) Helgeson)
Hellerud C1-2
Hellerud, Anne Marie Gudmundsdatter B4-2 
Hellerud, Berthe M. J. B2-6
Hellerud, Carl Otto C1-1 
Hellerud, Emma L. B2-4
Hellerud, Emma Louise C1-3
Hellerud, Gustav B2-1 
Hellerud, John O.  B4-1 
Hellerud, Karen B2-2 
Hoff, Alexander: (Unmarked grave, b. in Decorah, d. 17 July 1935, age 84 years and 7 months.)
Hoff, Floyd: (Unmarked grave, b. in Yucatan, d. 2 May 1914 in Yucatan.)
Hoff, Maria: (Unmarked grave, b. 24 June 1853 in Norway, d. 9 Aug. 1921 in Norway Township, parents Lars and Anne Flam?)
Houge, Alvin C8-3 
Houge, Martin C8-2 
Iverson C4-5
Iverson, Børre C4-6 
Iverson, Clara Annette C4-7 
Iverson, Mathilda C4-4 
Jameson A3-4
Jameson, Andrew: (Buried at Highland Prairie, b. 26 Dec. 1872, d. 27 July, 1940, son of Ole and Asbjørg Jameson.)
Jameson, Clara A.  A4-8 
Jameson, Halvor A3-3 
Jameson, Hannah A3-5 
Jameson, Henry E. A4-7 (Son of A3-3 and A3-5)
Jensen C1-11 
Johnson, Andrew  A4-2 
Johnson, (See Hellerud, Berthe M. J. B2-6)
Johnson, Carl G. A4-1 
Johnson, Clarence Orlando (1901-1902, buried at Choice)
Johnson, Clara E. B2-3 
Johnson, Gerhard Samford B2-5
Johnson, Haldor A3-2 
Johnson, Hendrick  C2-2
Johnson, "Mr. and Mrs. Helleruds little daughter" B2-7
Johnson, Minnie Julia (Dec. 30, 1939, attended Choice Methodist Church, buried at Choice)
Johnson, Torbjørg Halvorsdtr. A3-1
Johnson, Serine (1877-1903, buried at Choice)
Johnson, Sievert (Died 12 Jan. 1896, buried at Choice)
Haakenson, Haakon C. (13 Apr. 1849-31 May 1915, unknown burial, from Lomen Parish, Vestre Slidre, Oppland, Norway)
Houge, Marten (8 Dec. 1887-28 June 1919, unknown burial, son of Simon and Johnson, Helga (Wisland) Houge)
Huseby, Raymond Stanley (15 Oct. 1913-20 Apr. 1915, unknown burial, son of August and Clara (Haakenson) Huseby)
Knutson, Gunnil (See Nesset)
Knutson, Halvor (See Nesset)
L. A. B. (Loose Stone) A5-4? (Lars A. Bolland?) (Duplicate?)
Larson, Karoline (Wife of Charles Larson, buried at Choice)
Lee, (Lie) Ole C.  C1-12 
McCowan, Mary J.  B3-1 
Muns, John (May 3, 1957, buried at Choice)
N. L. S. A5-3 (Nils Spilde)
Nesset, Gunnil Knutson A4-10 
Nesset, Halvor Knutson A4-9 
Nohre, Gorgina Petrine (Nov. 4, 1946, wife of Sam Nohre, buried at Riceford Lutheran)
Nohre, Sam (Aug. 1957, husband of Gorgina, buried at Riceford)
Norby, Andrine d. 28 Sept. 1896, buried at North Scheie, wife of Lars G. Norby
Olson C4-2
Olson, Amanda C4-3 
Olson, Gust C4-1 
Olson, Tolef  M. (Nov. 16, 1942, buried at Choice) 
Overland, Esther C5-2
Overland, James L. C5-1 
Paulson, "New born child": (Unknown burial, buried 11 Jan. 1914, child of L. Paulson)
Paulson, Christian C5-4 
Paulson, Jorda? O. (1932, unknown burial, "Elderly Lady Member", d. in South Dakota) 
Paulson, Rebbecca C5-3 
Peterson, Burnall S. C2-3 
Peterson, Carl O.  C2-5 
Peterson, Joanne A1-1 
Peterson, Johanna B5-1	 
Peterson, John B5-2 
Peterson, Mamie C2-4
Peterson, Peter (See Gaustad, Peter Peterson B5-3 ) 
Rostvold, Judith: (Unknown burial, b. 11 Oct. 1890, d. 23 March 1905.  A daughter of Ingebret and Ingebor  Rostvold.)
Ryan, Karoline C6-3 
Ryan, Ole Christian C6-4 
Ryan, Ole O. C6-1 
Ryan, Sverre Albert: (Unknown burial, b. 10 April 1899, d. 25 April 1899, son of C6-2 and C6-3)
Ryan, Swen C6-2 
Rye, Anne A3-6
Rye, Johannes A3-7
Rye, Mary A3-9
Rye, Olena A3-10
Rye, Palmer A3-8
Sand, Anna (Feb. 16, 1957, wife of Peter Sand, buried at Choice)
Sand, Peter (Feb. 23, 1957, husband of Anna Sand, buried at Choice)
Seglem, "Infant Son": (Unknown burial, b. 23 Feb. 1913, d. 25 Feb. 1913, son of Einar and Helma Seglem.)
Seglem, Olaf Edwin A4-11 
Skorgen A5-1 
Skorgen C1-5
Skorgen, Gina M. C1-9 
Skorgen, Gjertrud C1-4
Skorgen, Ingvald  C1-8
Skorgen, Olga P.  C1-9 
Skorgen, Oscar G.  C1-7 
Skorgen, Peder I. C1-6 
Spilde, Nils A5-3
Spilde, Sigri, later known as Sarah Anderson A5-5
Tangen, Carl: (Unmarked grave, b. 4 April 1884, d. 27 Aug. 1952.  Son of C6-7 and C6-8)
Tangen, Christ: (Unmarked grave, b. 23 Mar. 1873, d. 18 Dec. 1956.  Son of C6-7 and C6-8.  Single.)
Tangen, Karoline C6-8 
Tangen, Olava: (Unknown burial, b 1868, d. 22 Mar. 1940.  Daughter of C6-7 and C6-8. Single)
Tangen, Olaves C6-7 
Tangen, Ole: (Unknown burial, b. 1865 on the Tangen farm in Bjørke, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway, d. 1 Dec. 1928.  
Son of  C6-7 and C6-8.  Single) 
Thompson, Kristina: (Unknown burial, d. 23 April 1896 at Bratsberg, 81 years old, b. in Norway)
Treangen, Karen B1-4
Treangen, Edward B1-3
Vitse, Christian (Buried at Choice)
Vitse, Elmer (b. 5 July 1901, d. 28 Oct. 1903, son of Christian and Gunhild Vitse. Unknown burial. 
May be buried at Choice.)
Vitse, Gunhild (April 6, 1945, buried at Choice)
Wold, Hans L.  C5-7 
Wold, Helmer J.  C4-8 
Wold, Karstena C5-8 

Burials by Location:

Cemetery A

Row 1
A1-1 Joanne Peterson 1941-1942 (Daughter of LaVerne and Violet Peterson)

Row 2
A2-1 Father, Dec. 16, 1844-Dec. 4, 1900 (Peder Pederson Gaustad, husband of A2-3, born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
A2-2 Mother, Aug. 27 1845-Jan.31, 1935 (Ingeborg (Isabelle) Nilsdtr. Gaustad, wife of A2-1, born in Byneset, 
Sør-Trøndelag, Norway )
A2-3 Carl Fladeland, Apr. 6, 1890-Feb. 1, 1908 (Children of Tollef and )
A2-3 Selma Fladeland, May 7, 1887-Nov. 24, 1908 (Kristina Fladeland)

Row 3
A3-1	 Torbjørg Halvorsdtr. Johnson (d. 14 Sept. 1916, age 72, wife of A3-2, Nesset from Fyresdal, Telemark, Norway.)
A3-2 Haldor Johnson: Dec. 6, 1839-Aug. 6, 1907  (Husband of A3-1, born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.) 
A3-3 Halvor Jameson: 1866-1960 (Husband of A3-5)
A3-5 Hannah Jameson: 1869-1947 Wife of A3-3)
A3-6 Anna Rye: 1833-1905 (Born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, wife of A3-7)
A3-7 Johannes Rye 1840-1910) (Born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, husband of A3-6) 
A3-8 Palmer A. Rye: 1914-1914 (Son of Peter and Margaret Rye)
A3-9 Mary Rye: 1876-1955 (Born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, daughter of A3-6 and A3-7)
A3-10 Olena Rye: 1869-1961 (Born in Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, daughter of A3-6 and A3-7, d. 14 Apr. 1961)

Row 4
A4-1 Carl G. Johnson: Apr. 24, 1874-Aug. 8 1893 (Son of A3-1 and  A3-2)
A4-2	Andrew Johnson: Feb. 23, 1887-May 25, 1897 (Son of A3-1 and A3-2)
A4-3 Karen Elisa, Wife of Christian Amunrud: Nov. 2, 1881-May 9, 1905 (Daughter of A3-2)
A4-4 Christine Mathilde Bodsberg: Dec. 20, 1835-Sept. 1, 1894 (Wife of Jens Bodsberg, b. in Melhus, 
Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
A4-5 Lars A. Bolland: Born Feb. 25, 1824 at Mælhus, Norway-Died Feb. 12, 1899 (Husband of A4-4, from Melhus, 
Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
A4-6 Hellena Bolland: Born Jan. 23, 1837 at Byneset near Trondhjem, (now Trondheim) Norway, died Sept. 21, 1898 
(Wife of A4-4, from Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
A4-7 Henry E. Jameson: Dec. 14, 1898-Jan. 8 1899 (Son of A3-3 and A3-5)
A4-8 Clara A. Jameson: Nov. 25, 1894-Jan. 2 1899 (Daughter of A3-3 and A3-5)
A4-9 Halvor Knutson Nesset: Feb. 6, 1812-Aug. 20, 1886 (From Fyresdal, Telemark, Norway, husband of A4-10)
A4-10 Gunnil Knutson Nesset, born Jørgensdatter: June 10, 1809-Mar. 2, 1897 (From Fyresdal, Telemark, Norway, 
wife of A4-9)
A4-11 Olaf Edwin Seglem, Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Seglem: Nov. 16, 1870-Aug. 8, 1885 (Son of  Peder and Kari Seglem, 
born 16 Nov. 1870, died 30 Aug. 1886)

Row 5
A5-1 Skorgen (Gjertrud (Røttom) Skorgen, b. about 8 May 1856 in Norway, d. 4 Nov. 1883, first wife of Peder I. 
Skorgen (C1-6), mother of Ingvald Skorgen, C1-8)
A5-2 Ida Olava Ellingson: Feb. 20, 1880-Nov. 2, 1880. (Daughter of  Henry  and Gina Ellingson (Gaustad))
A5-3 N. L. S. (Nels Larson Spilde, born in Norway, died 17 Aug. 1877, 58 years old, son of Lars and Marit House)
A5-4 L. A. B. (Loose Stone) Lars A. Bolland?) (Duplicate?)
A5-5 Sigri Spilde, later known as Sarah Anderson.  Born 4 May 1815, died 1 May 1883. 

Cemetery B

Row 1
B1-1 Anders A. Bolsø: Aug. 14, 1835-Apr. 23, 1905 (From Bolsøy Island near Molde, Møre og Romsdal, Norway)
B1-2	Ingeborg Estensdotter Bolsø: (b. 3 May 1836 in Støren parish south of Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, 
d. 1 July 1923)
B1-3 Edward Treangen, Father: 1869-1954 (Husband of B1-4, son of Ole Gunder and Ronnag (Halbakken) Treangen from 
near Riceford
B1-4	Karen Treangen, Mother: 1878-1962 (Wife of B1-3, daughter of B1-1 and B1-2)

Row 2
B2-1 Gustav Hellerud, Father: 1850-1929 (Husband of B2-2, son of B4-1 and B4-2)
B2-2	Karen Hellerud, Mother: 1846-1929 (Wife of B2-1, Karen J. Hermanson born in Nannestad, Akershus, Norway)
B2-3 Hellerud: Clara E. Johnson: Dec. 20, 1891-Apr. 27, 1916 Daughter of B2-6 and Christopher Johnson)
B2-4 Emma L. Hellerud: Feb. 20, 1880-July 6, 1907 (Daughter of B2-1 and B2-2)
B2-5 Gerhard Samford Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Johnson: Dec. 23, 1896-Sept. 1,1897 (Son of B2-6 and 
Christopher Johnson)
B2-6 Bertha M. J. (Johnson) Hellerud, wife of C. Johnson: May 9, 1874-Apr. 16,1897 (First wife of Christopher 
Johnson.  Christopher buried at Choice.  Daughter of B2-1and B2-2)
B2-7 Mr. and Mrs. Helleruds little daughter: Born Oct. 5, 1889 (Daughter of B2-6 and Christopher Johnson)

Row 3
B3-1 Mary J. McCowan: died July 1854, Buried in Canada

Row 4
B4-1 John O. Hellerud: June 22, 1824-Jan. 26, 1906 (From Hakadal, Akershus, Norway, husband of B4-2)
B4-2	Anne Marie Gudmundsdatter Hellerud, wife of John Hellerud: Dec. 16, 1828-Feb. 20, 1900 (Wife of B4-1, 
from Hakadal, Akershus, Norway)

Row 5
B5-1	Johanna Peterson: Dec. 10, 1861-Mar. 27, 1917 (Wife of B5-2, daughter of B4-1 and B4-2)
B5-2 John Peterson: Mar. 7, 1853-Dec. 27, 1934 (Husband of B5-1, from Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
B5-3 Peter Peterson Gaustad: June 6, 1880-Nov. 5, 1908 (Son of B5-1 and B5-2)

Cemetery C

Row 1
C1-1 Carl Otto Hellerud, Father: 1868-1939 (born in Hakadal, Akershus, Norway, a son of  B4-1 and B4-2, husband of C1-3)
C1-3 Emma Louise Hellerud, Mother: 1867-1931(A daughter of Hans Gudmundsen and 	Ingeborg Agathe Masvollen, 
born in Hakadal, Akershus, Norway, wife of C1-1 )
C1-4 Gjertrud Skorgen: 1854-1949 (Second wife of C1-6, from the Batnfjorden area near Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.  
Daughter of Ole C. Lee, C1-12)
C1-6 Peder I. Skorgen: 1843-1926 (Husband of C1-4.  His first wife was Gjertrud Røttom, A5-1)
C1-7 Oscar G. Skorgen: 1886-1930 (Son of C1-4 and C1-6)
C1-8 Ingvald Skorgen: 1876-1951 (Born in Norway, a son of A5-1 and C1-6)
C1-9 Gina M. Skorgen: 1885-1975 (Daughter of C1-4 and C1-6)
C1-10 Olga P. 1888-1977 (Skorgen, a daughter of C1-4 and C1-6)
C1-11 JENSEN: (Girl, b. 29 April 1915, d. 30 April 1915, daughter of Christian Jensen and Emma Skorgen.) 
C1-12 Ole C. Lee: Sept. 23, 1833-July 19, 1917. (Ole C. Lie, b. in Norway, father of C1-4)

Row 2
C2-1 James Hellerud 1950-1991 (Son of  Alvin and Mildred Hellerud)
C2-2 Hendrick Johnson: 1870-1939 (Son of  A3-1 and A3-2)
C2-3 Burnall S. Peterson, Son: 1925-1972 (Son of C2-4 and C2-5)
C2-4 Mamie Peterson, Mother: 1897-1992  (Daughter of Morton and Jorgena Vitse, b. 8 June 1897, d. 22 Oct. 1992)
C2-5 Carl O. Peterson, Father: 1887-1953 (Son of B5-1 and B5-2, b. Mar. 1887, d. 26 Mar. 1953)

Row 3
C3-1 Knudt T. Bugten: 1854-1902  (Knut Trondson Bugten: b. 1854 on Lien/Skree in Fyresdal, Telemark, Norway, 
a son of Torbjørn Trondson Lien/Skree and Torbjørg Ånisdtr. Midtgarden.)

Row 4
C4-1 Gust Olson: Apr. 15, 1879-July 24, 1943 (Born in Kristiansand, Norway)
C4-3 Amanda Olson: Mar. 4, 1879-June 13, 1956
C4-4 Mathilda Iverson, Mother: 1879-1965 (Wife of C4-6, daughter of C5-3 and C5-4)
C4-6 Børre Iverson, Father: 1868-1934 (Husband of C4-4, son of Christian and Bertha Iverson)
C4-7 Clara Annette Iverson: Oct. 28, 1913-Nov. 6, 1913  (Daughter of C4-4 and C4-6)
C4-8 Helmer J. Wold: Oct. 3, 1869-July 5, 1919.  (Son of C5-7 and C5-8)

Row 5
C5-1 James L. Overland: 1902-1940  (Husband of C5-2, son of Johannes Steinar and Anna Loena Overland)
C5-2 Esther Overland: 1905-1989 (Wife of C5-1, daughter of  Enos and Jakobina Krogstad)
C5-3 Rebecca Paulson: 1851-1927 (Wife of C5-4, born in Norway)
C5-4	Christian Paulson: 1845-1928 (Husband of C5-3, born in Denmark)
C5-5 Haaken A. Haugberg: July 27, 1831-Jan. 18, 1907 (Husband of C5-6, born in 	Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, 
a son of Andres Larson Håbjørg and Anne Olsdtr. Vorseth.  His name in Norway was Hågen Anderson Håbjørg
C5-6 Anne M. Haugberg: Aug. 27, 1820-July 17, 1909  (Wife of C5-5, a daughter of Christopher Kalolhaugen, d. 17 July 1909.)
C5-7 Hans L. Wold: Oct. 7, 1817-Sept. 19, 1902 (Husband of C5-8)
C5-8 Karstena Wold: Jan. 4, 1827-May 28, 1923 (Wife of C5-7)

Row 6
C6-1 Ole O. Ryan: Aug. 30, 1873-Jan.25, 1947  (Brother of C6-2)
C6-2 Swen Ryan, Father: 1865-1944  (Husband of C6-2, born in Sparbu in Henning parish, 	Nord-Trøndalag, Norway, 
a son of Ole Andreason and Karen Svensdtr. (Bjerkem) Ryan.)
C6-3	Karoline Ryan, Mother: 1869-1943  (Wife of C6-2, born at Ryghplass in Åsen, Nord-Trøndalag, Norway.  
Her parents were John Andreas Nilson and Sopie Oldsdtr. Rygh)
C6-4 Ole Christian Ryan, PVT. 32 CO 161 DEPOT BRIGADE, WORLD WAR I: July 22, 1895-May 24, 1963  (Son of C6-2 and C6-3)
C6-5 H. B. Glasoe: 1841-1928 ( Henrik B. Glasoe, born 14 Nov. 1841 in Norway, d. 3 Apr. 1928.  He was single and 
a hired man at Ryan and Rostvold farms.  Henrik was a son of Benjamin Olson who lived on the Gladsø nordre farm in 
Beitstad, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
C6-7 Olaves Tangen: Jan. 1, 1835-May 30, 1911  (Husband of C6-8.  He lived on the Tangen farm in Bjørke, Nannestad, 
Akershus, Norway, a son of Ingeborg Kristophersdtr. Tangen from Nannestad and Ole Gudbrandsen from Rognstad in Hurdal, 
Akershus, Norway.)  
C6-8 Karoline Tangen: (Wife of C6-7.  She was Karine Gilbertsdtr. (Sandsneseiet) Erickson Tangen, b. about 1849 in 
Norway, d. 2 May 1916.  Karoline was buried at South Fork and must have been buried next to Olaves)
C6-9 Erik O.: Apr. 4, 1824-Nov. 9, 1905 (Erik O. Braa from Byneset, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, husband of C6-10)
C6-10 Kari O.: Sept. 25, 1823-May 31, 1905 (Kari O. Braa, from Gudbrandsdalen, 	Norway, wife of C6-9)

Row 7
C7-1 Olga A., Daughter (Olga Erlandson, b. 1888, d. 1919, daughter of C7-2 and C7-3)
C7-2 Kasper N.: 1842-1929 (Kasper Erlandson, husband of C7-3)
C7-3 Anne Maria: 1845-1932 (Anne Maria Erlandson, wife of C7-2)

Row 8
C8-1 Ada H. Dahl, Infant: Apr. 12, 1907 (Daughter of Henry and Ada Dahl)
C8-2 Martin Houge: 1919  (Son of Simon and Helga Houge)
C8-3 Alvin Houge: 1902  (Son of Simon and Helga Houge)
C8-4 Anne Maria Buross: 1829-1900  (Mother of C8-6)
C8-6 Olaus Buross, Father: 1853-1901  (Husband of C8-7, born in Nannestad, Akershus, Norway)
C8-7 Jonette Buross, Mother: 1873-1947  (Wife of C8-6, daughter of C7-2 and C7-3)

Row 9
C9-1 Olaf Buross, Brother: 1901-1923  (Son of C8-6 and C8-7)

1. The original tombstone information was complied by Sarah Storlie in 1981.
2. I have translated only the important information that was in the Norwegian language.
3. My notes are enclosed by parentheses marks ( () ).

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