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You are invited to submit a query for your Freeborn County ancestors. Please write the entire query as you wish it to appear with surnames only in CAPS the first time you type them. Every effort will be made to post your query within 48 hours, however no guarantees are made. Remember, your query must specify a Freeborn County connection to be posted on this page. In the subject line of your query, please specify "Freeborn County Query". Let me know if you get answers!

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Posted Queries

Gretchen Badenhop Tue 16 Dec 2003
Seeking info on Christopher V. HANSON (1883-1962, Albert Lea), and Thora BOHL (1889-1965, Albert Lea). Chris' parents were Mortin (b. 1852, Denmark) and Marie (b. 1860, Denmark, nee CHRISTOPHERSON). Children: Ardith Gwendolyn (grandma-in-law), Robert S., Lowell Bruce, Alvin Leroy, LaMoyne "Bones", Rosalie, Marvel, and Lavonne. Chris' siblings: Enoch, Victor George, Philip, Dora, Dagney Lydia, Peter L., Eli, Herman, and Adolph. I have some pictures and Chris' funeral card and obituary. Thank you for additional info!

Tom George Sat 8 Nov 2003
I am looking for information on:
-- Henry Nathan GEORGE, b. 26 Oct 1844, Wilmington, New York; d. 2 Nov 1915, Freeborn County, Minnesota
-- (wife) Clarissa WESTON George, b. 8 Apr 1842, Wilmington, New York; d. 13 Dec 1901, Freeborn County
-- (daughter) Effie Gertrude George, b. 21 Oct 1879; d. unknown
-- (son) Earl H. George, b. 9 Apr 1870, Alden, Freeborn County; d. 20 Apr 1932, Geneva, Freeborn County
-- (wife) Gertrude WALASKI George

Karen de Boer Thu 6 Nov 2003
I am looking for information on Mr. and Mrs. H. B. PETERSON, who lived on South Madison Street in Albert Lea in 1925. First names would be a great start! Mrs. Peterson's maiden name was HANSEN. She was my great-great-grandmother's sister and, if I knew her first name, I might be able to find a death record listing her parents' names. Thank you.

Paul Nance Sat 1 Nov 2003
Seeking additional information on Dwight Monroe DOMINICK who, according to Minnesota death records available at, died in Freeborn County, Minnesota on 31 August 1915. I suspect that he is the Dwight M. Dominick, son of John Frederick Dominick and Mary Esther GALLUP, who was born 11 July 1848, probably in Greig, Lewis, New York. If so, I can share much additional information on his Dominick and Gallup ancestors from Greig and Schoharie Counties, New York. I also suspect it is his widow, Harriet E. Dominick (born CARTER) who appears in the 1920 census for Albert Lea, Freeborn County with two of their children and a grandchild.

Gail Christensen Mon 20 Oct 2003
I'm seeking information on Karen/Carrie PEDERSEN JENSEN. She was a sister of my great-grandmother and was born in Magleby, Sjalland, Denmark, about 1840. She married a man named Jensen/JENSON and lived in the Albert Lea area. They may have had two sons named Isaac and Peter. Any information on Karen or her descendants would be appreciated.

Rune Roalkvam Sun 14 Sept 2003
I am seeking information on Oliver and Ida ROALKVAM. According to the Social Security Death Index, their last address was Albert Lea, Freeborn County when Ida died May 1984 and Oliver died July 1984. They were both born (at least Oliver -- I cannot be quite sure that Ida was born Roalkvam but the age fits with Oliver's sister) in Worth County, Iowa in 1901-2. They are second cousins of my father. I'd like to know if there are any children surviving them. Any information on Ida and Oliver is greatly appreciated! Thanks ---- Rune Roalkvam, Sand, Norway

Barbara Sullivan Thur 11 Sept 2003
Karen Kirstine BARNER and Anders (Andrew) LARSON married 6 October 1871 in Bancroft, Freeborn County. Karen died in 1874 after giving birth, not known if child lived. What happened to Anders? Karen, born 1845, came to Minnesota from Moen, Denmark, about 1870. Her brother, Mads Peter, and his family came to America in 1877 and lived near Alden.

Magnar Kristian Hjelmeland Sun 7 Sept 2003
Looking for descendants of the Swan LUND family. His Norwegian name was Svein Thoreson Lund. He emigrated to the United States in 1872 from Kvinnherad with wife, Christie and children, Halvor, Christie, and Thore. They are listed in the 1880 census in Mansfield Township, Freeborn County.

Moira Bue Fri 29 Aug 2003
Looking for information on Trygve BUE who sailed from Oslo, Norway on 20 October 1898, age 15, destination given as Gordonsville, Minnesota.

N.J. Hughes Mon 7 Jul 2003
BAGAASON, Ole K. Looking for more information on my great-grandfather and his family. I have been told that he was the first white child born in Freeborn County. He had a son (my grandfather) Obie K., also born in Freeborn County.

Judy McHugh Mon 23 Jun 2003
Looking for info on Esther SCHUETT/SCHUTZ JERSHA/JIRSA, born 24 November 1895, Minnesota, died March 1974, residence was Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Father: August Schuett/Schutz; mother: Augusta STARK. Don't know for sure if the one in the Social Security Death Index is the right one but some dates do match. Mostly I'm just trying to fill in "holes"!

Joanne Hayward Sun 1 Jun 2003
Researching the family of Nathan A. HUNT, born 1827 in Vermont, son of Luther Hunt. He appears in the 1870 census of Geneva, Freeborn County with wife, Mary, and children, Ella and Estella. Possibly had other children. I would like to find the last name of his wife, names of any other children, dates of death and burial places for Nathan and Mary. I believe he is the Nathan A. Hunt listed in Minnesota Civil War Soldiers. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Brian Kirkpatrick Thu 29 May 2003
My great-grandfather, Dell KIRKPATRICK, was born in Shell Rock, Freeborn County on 17 April 1884. His mother was Emma BLIGHTON, b. 19 Nov 1862, Grove Township, Worth County, Iowa; his father was Robert Kirkpatrick (possibly KILPATRICK), b. 17 Oct 1854. They were married 1 Jan 1883. My problem is that I can't find any record of where Robert was born or where they were married. Any help would be appreciated.

Barbara Morris 16 May 2003
I am looking for information on Anna HUMMEL and Carrie/Carnie NORTHAM. These women were sisters with the maiden name of CURTIS. We believe their parents were Chancy W. and Maria B. Curtis from Minneapolis. They lived in Albert Lea around 1940 to 1960. A very important fact we are trying to find is the maiden name of their mother, Maria B. Curtis. Thanks!

Dan Judd Thu 27 Mar 2003
I can be contacted for information on the following Freeborn County families: DEARMIN, LOWRY, HAYES, GULBRANDSON, and WESTLAND.

Sandy Hedman Wed 26 Mar 2003
I am looking for information on the McCORMICK family of Albert Lea. I believe they had a farm that was listed for sale in the Standard in 1870. My great-grandmother was Elizabeth Jane McCormick and I am trying to connect her to this family. She later lived in Hennepin County and died in Minneapolis in 1958. I believe her father came from Canada. Any information would be appreciated.

Suzanne Culp Thr 27 Feb 2003
I am in search of some families named TUSEN/TUSON and FLORA. Alexander Tuson married Anna Flora, date and place unknown. They both died in Whitefish, Flathead, Montanna. Anna was possibly part Indian. Their children were: Lora, Mary, Anne Winafred (b. 8 June 1934, Albert Lea?), and Minnie.

Lee VanHee Wed 26 Feb 2003
I'm looking for information about my grandmother's family. Her name was Johanna Matilda LARSON and she was born about 1883 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Her mother was Christina. She had a brother, Roy, and three sisters, Laura, Milla, and Jessie. Johanna married David SPOON and moved to Montana. I have posted photos of her house and family members at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shellie Sun 2 Feb 2003
I have an old photo (school group, I think) from Nunda Township, Freeborn County. My grandfather, Gilbert KVALE (born January 1909), is in the photo and he is about six-years-old. There is an American flag in the background with 48 stars on it so that places the photo at about 1915. If there are any people who have ancestors who went to school in Nunda around that time, please contact me. I would like to identify the kids on the photo. I am willing to share copies of the photo too.

Judy Fri 24 Jan 2003
Looking for August and Augusta (STARK) SCHUETT. They were in Glenville, Freeborn County in 1935. August was born about 1860; Augusta about 1861; four children. Would like death dates or anything else. Thanks, Judy.

Dave Sat 21 Dec 2002
William HUNT was born in 1805 in Vermont. With his wife, Abigail, they lived in Erie County, Ohio in 1850. Their children were: Andrew b. 1832, Hannah b. 1834, Mary J. b. 1836, Sarah M. b. 1845, William S. b. 1846, Albert b. 1849. They lived in Freeborn County in 1870. William died that year. I don't know if there were any other children. I would like to know if any of the children are listed in the 1870 census in Freeborn County. I know Sarah wasn't. I don't know who married Hannah and Mary J. If you have any information, please contact me.

Doug Schneider Sun 8 Dec 2002
I am seeking information on Martha OLSON (nee HAWKINSON) d. in 1936; spouse Emil S. Olson; children: Elmer, Marion, Orville, Herbert, Arvid, and Norbert. All family records were destroyed in a house fire and details are sketchy. My father-in-law has passed away and left little information behind. Any help would be appreciated.

Judy Rowe Sun 17 Nov 2002
I am seeking information on Ellen ALFORD PORTER, born in May of 1873 to Ellen (REDIKER) and Alonzo Alford in Hayward, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Ellen married W. K. Porter in 1893. They had a daughter, Helen, born in May of 1900. In the 1900 Federal census records for Glenville, Freeborn County, Minnesota, it shows Ellen and Helen Porter living with George W. and Mary ALLEN. Mary was Ellen's half-sister and they grew up together. Mary was born Mary RICHARDS in February 1859 in Canada to Ellen RICHARDS Alford and William Richards. She married George W. Allen in 1878.
If you have any information on any of these people, please contact me. I would love to share information. Thank you. Judy Rowe

John J. Allen Mon 30 Sep 2002
I seek information on my grandmother, Emma Etta LEMONS, born 5 May 1875, Glenville, Minnesota, and her parents, Jacob and Helga (Helen) GULBRANDSON/RUGLAND Lemons.

Tom Cotton Sun 22 Sep 2002
Searching for any info on Jennie HOVLAND, born ca1878, daughters, Irene and Ester. Residing in Riceland Township, Freeborn County on 1920 census. Thanks, Tom Cotton

Steve Bennett Fri 20 Sep 2002
Looking for information on Samuel Johnston WALLACE and Margaret Elizabeth GUY, who are both buried in Fairview Cemetery, Moscow Township, Freeborn County. Samuel was a Methodist minister; Margaret grew up in Albert Lea. They were married, I believe, in Mower County, Minnesota. Samuel was born in 1884 and died in 1951; Margaret was born in 1883 and died in 1979. Any help will be appreciated.

Jan Gaffney Sat 14 Sept 2002
Searching for the burial site of Randi Steffensdatter PAULSON, b. 1818, Norway; d. 8 Apr 1874, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Her husband, Paul, was a shoemaker and farmer in Bath Township. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Paul Pedersen Thur 29 Aug 2002
NOTE: New Address
Searching for information on WESTBY family members: Ellif, Randie and children, who arrived 1886 and left in 1913; Halvor and Brita, arrived in 1872 and are buried in Hartland Cemetery; and Nels. Also, any information on the TENNYSON/TENNESON/TENNISON family: Hans, Anna and children arrived 1878 and left in 1899. Thank you!

Pam DeLong Tue 27 Aug 2002
I am looking for any information on the MITHUEN/MITHUN families. I know that some ancestors lived and died in Freeborn County. I have heard that they all seemed to live in the Albert Lea area or somewhere close by. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. My great-grandparents were Ivir and Carrie (KNUTSON) Mithuen. Thanks a lot!

James J. Covel Mon 26 Aug 2002
Looking for info on Ernest COMPTON and Millie SEGAR. Millie was b. 19 Oct 1869; d. 6 Jan 1930 in Albert Lea, Freeborn County. Millie's parents were Charles V. Segar and Mary M. SCOVILLE. Thank you for any info connected to these people.

Mark and Kristi Wed 21 Aug 2002
Looking for any vital information on Asa WALKER, who purchased 80 acres in Freeborn County 21 Jan 1873. Unfortunately, this is all the info I have. Am hoping someone out there will have or know more information. I believe his parents might have been Asahel and Mehitabel (CLIFFORD) Walker. Would appreciate any information on this person and his family. If this is the correct lead, then I have much to share in return. Kristi Clifford-Halverson

Deborah Adams Tue 6 Aug 2002
Seeking 1860 census information: Francis Hudson LAMB and Sylvia. Children: Arvilla L. Lamb, b. 1854, Kendallville, IN; Luella A. Lamb, b. 1856, Shell Rock, MN; Minnie Ett Lamb, b. 1861, Glenville, MN; Eva Adelle Lamb, b. 1859, Albert Lea, MN. Also seeking birth records for the children. Wed 24 Jul 2002
Seeking info on Joseph Blunt HOOKER, who established the "Freeborn County Standard" in 1860 in Albert Lea. He was born 1840 in New York City; married Sarah WOLLEAT(?) 1862 in Steele County, Minnesota. They had four children in Owatonna before moving to California in 1869. He died in California in 1908.

Vickie Engler Wed 17 Jul 2002
Looking for information on Charles BELKNAP, husband of Carrie BROWN-Belknap, who lived in Glenville, MN and disappeared shortly after their marriage in 1888. He was a performer and had a hot air balloon which he took up and never returned. Any information would be helpful.

Emma Fedie Wed 10 Jul 2002
Am looking for info on great-grandparents William H. and Mary STEWART. Moved to Shellrock in the early 1870s and lived there about 30 years. Mary passed away in 1896 and William in 1914. They had five children: Walter m. Cora ? ; Minnie (Mary) m. Patrick BURNS in Luverne, MN; Rush Clark; Mabel Grace m. ? LOW; Mary Almaretta m. T. G. BUE. Any info would be appreciated. Wed 3 Jul 2002
I am researching the family of Jens Albert CHRISTENSEN, husband of Christina Augusta NIELSEN, who lived in Albert Lea before moving to West Branch, Iowa at the turn of the 20th century. They had four daughters and three sons, one being Albert Christensen. One daughter was Sena Christina who married Thomas Peter SORENSEN -- their daughter Emma Irene married Everett HOGAN in 1928. There is still family, I believe, living in the Albert Lea area.

Michelle Ford Thu 11 April 2002
I am researching my Danish-American line, CHRISTENSEN/HEEGARD.
Carl Christensen Heegard and Rebecca HANSEN came from Denmark to the Geneva, MN area and are buried in the Geneva Cemetery. Their children were: Mary, Agnes (Mrs. Chris CARLSEN), William (m. Ida FREDRICKSON), Stina (Mrs. Charles JORGENSON), Hannah (Mrs. Frank C. NELSON), Clara (Mrs. Lars SWENSEN), and Harvey (m. Agnes JENSEN).
Carl also had a brother, Jens Christensen Heegard, who lived in Albert Lea, MN (m. (1) Lena ANDERSON and (2) Mary Hannah Nelson). Jens also had several children, many of whom moved to the Starbuck, MN area.
I am most interested in finding the parents of Carl and Jens and am trying to determine the place name in Denmark for their family line. It would be exciting to find a relative on this side of my family. Thank you!

Joyce Finch Sun 31 Mar 2002
I am interested in information about the family of Hoken H. CHRISTIANSON and his wife, Dagmar C. (ANDERSON) Christianson. Any help will be appreciated.

Tricia Thompson Thu 28 Mar 2002
Seeking other researchers for the McMILLEN family in Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Alanson McMillen and his brother, LeRoy McMillen, settled there in 1870. Alanson (also called Lant) and his wife, Polly, nee HORNING, had the following children: Zada Adella, Hervy Clifford (m. Mary McLEOD), Joy Eva, and Milo Henry.

Donald M. Hewitt Mon 25 Feb 2002
Seeking additional information about Milton Elkanah HEWITT, born about 1833 in Paris, Oneida, NY; moved to Freeborn County, Minnesota, where he had a farm in Bancroft Township. Milton was my grandfather. I have able to find only a relatively small amount of information about him.

Chris Cyr Sat 23 Feb 2002
I am looking for information on Baard and Christie JOHNSON. Baard was born about 1849 in Norway and died in Brookings County, SD. They had 7 children: John A., Edward Oscar, Martin B., Ida (married Henry H. HERMANSON), Lena (born 24 June 1874 in Oakland, Freeborn County and married Ole J. BYRE -- my great-grandparents). This family was in the Oakland, Freeborn area at least from 1870 to 1883 when they moved to South Dakota. Any information would be great!

Paul Pedersen Thu 14 Feb 2002
Searching for information on WESTBY family members (Ellif, Randie and children who arrived 1886 and left in 1913, Halvor and Brita arrived in 1872 and are buried in Hartland Cemetery, Nels). Also, any information on the TENNYSON, TENNESON or TENNISON family (Hans, Anna and children arrived 1878 and left 1899). Thank you, Paul Pedersen

Jim Cannon Sun 27 Jan 2002
Looking for Freeborn County HOGAN researchers. Most important is John Hogan (1826-22 Feb 1916) son of Cornelius Hogan. John was married to Bridget O'LEARY (1832-6 Apr 1909). Their son Dennis (1863-9 Feb 1936) was married to Mary Ann GARDNER (3 Dec 1868-25 Dec 1896). She was the daughter of Richard L. Gardner (20 Sep 1836-16 Dec 1926) and Rosanna MERRIMAN (25 Feb 1850-29 Dec 1928). All are interred at St. Mary's Cemetery, Newry, along with other Hogans. I am trying to locate the parents of Bridget O'Leary.

Cathy Larkins Fri 25 Jan 2002
Searching for information on Cyrus HUTCHINSON, son of David K. and Eliza Hutchinson of Glenville, Freeborn County, Minnesota. Cyrus is listed in the Shell Rock, Minnesota census, age 25 and in his parents' home. What happened to him after that? Who did he marry? Where and when did he die? David K. and Eliza Hutchinson both died in 1908. I thank you for any help you can send my way. Cathy --

Barbara McCoy Tue 22 Jan 2002
Searching for BREISETH family in Freeborn County. Belle was married there 1 Jan 1912 to Ed SWENSRUD and lived the rest of her life in Worth County, Iowa. Need info on parents and siblings. Thanks!

Denis Taft Tue 22 Jan 2002
NOTE NEW ADDRESS: I am looking for the birth year of John WRIGHT, born in Freeborn County, the son of Bartholomew and Jane (TULLY) Wright. One source said he was born 14 Dec 1880 but that conflicts with the birthdate of a sister who was born 28 June 1880. Another source said he was the oldest of all his siblings. His parents married in 1877. I am guessing that his birthdate may have been 14 Dec 1878 and that would fit with all his six or seven siblings. Does anyone have the 1885 Minnesota census for Freeborn County and could corroborate the birth year for members of this Bartholomew Wright family? Thank you!

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