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Who's who in Minnesota : 1941. - Freeborn Co chapter

Kate Johnson has compiled an index to the Freeborn Co chapter in Who's who in Minnesota : 1941." Originally compiled by C.N. Cornwall ; edited by Esther Stutheit; Minneapolis, Minnesota : Minnesota Editorial Association, 1941, c1942. This book contains short biographies of prominent Minnesotans in 1941, generally including occupation, parents, spouse, children, education, birth information, etc. Book is organized by county, and then alphabetically in that county. if you'd like Kate to check for an entry, please let her know. She has images of the Freeborn pages, and can check those easily (the entire entry). If you have an interest in a different county, she can also check that for you, but it will take a trip to the library, so there would be a delay. Remember that this is a pretty local directory, so prominent may mean pharmacists, lawyers, doctors, editors, merchants, possible teachers, librarians, etc.

All these individuals were alive when this book was compiled (1940-41). Locations are place of birth, according to the Who's Who entry.

Freeborn County:

Behr, Henry b. 1880, Germany,
Behrends, William F., b. 1893, Minnesota,
Berglund, Alfred, b. 1871, Minnesota,
Bertelson, Anton, b. 1889, Minnesota,
Blunt, Charles Lee, b. 1867, New York,
Bonnerup, Jens J., b. 1898, Denmark,
Carlsen, Alfred E., b. 1870, Illinois,
Christopherson, Alfred, b. 1873, Minnesota,
Day, Howland Carroll, b. 1888, Minnesota,
Donovan, Daniel D., b. 1873, Minnesota,
Eastwood, Howard W., b. 1904, Louisiana,
Faville, Frank Shaw, b. 1868, California,
Folken, Frank G., b. 1892, Nebraska,
Freeman, Cecil Loomis, b. 1884, Iowa,
Freligh, Wilfred P., b. 1887, Minnesota,
Gamble, Joseph William, b. 1891, Minnesota,
Gamble, Paul Middleton, b. 1898, Minnesota,
Gordon, Louis H. b. 1899, Pennsylvania,
Gray, William A., b. 1894, Nebraska,
Greeley, James Frank., b. 1892, Illinois,
Gross, James M., b. 1899, Minnesota,
Gulbrandson, Einar, b. 1879, Minnesota,
Gulbrandson, Mrs Milla, b. 1882, Minnesota,
Gullixson, Andrew, b. 1874, Iowa,
Gunderson, Joseph R., b. 1909, Iowa,
Guy, G. Arthur, b. 1891, Minnesota,
Hall, Aaron F., b. 1894, Minnesota,
Hanson, Andrew C., b. 1900, Minnesota,
Hartz, Albert C., b. 1896, Minnesota,
Hayek, Edgar L, b. 1885, Minnesota,
Higbee, Myrtle R., b. 1860, Ohio,
Hunte, Herman Henry, b. 1899, Minnesota,
Jacobson, Carl S., b. 1896, Minnesota,
Johnson, Haymond M., b. 1902, Minnesota,
Johnson, Joseph C., b. 1878, Minnesota,
Johnson, Kelsey Royer, b. 1905, New Jersey,
Johnson, Luther W., b. 1891, Minnesota,
Kamp, Byron A., b. 1883, Iowa,
Kellar, H.E., b. 1876, Minnesota,
King, Mary, b. 1889, Minnesota,
Kuchera, Louis A., b. 1898, Minnesota,
Knudson, Bennett Olin, b. 1890, Minnesota,
Lageson, Arthur J., b. 1898, Minnesota,
Lageson, Carl A., b. 1885, Minnesota,
Lawson, Willis M., b. 1893, Minnesota,
Leopard, Brand A., b. 1893, Minnesota,
Lyn, Walter Boyd, b. 1891, Minnesota,
McDermott, Charles Ward, b. 1884, Iowa,
May, Burt, b. 1878, Iowa,
Meighen, John F.D., b. 1877, Minnesota,
Morgan, Arch Gifford, b. 1860, Indiana,
Morin, Richard Wedge, b.. 1902, Minnesota,
Morin, William T., 1894, Minnesota,
Mortenson, Frank Peter, b. 1881, Minnesota,
Myers, Charles E., b. 1899, Iowa,
Myre, Helmer C., b. 1891, Iowa,
Nelson, Clarence T. b. 1894, Washington State,
Nelson, James C., b. 1879, Minnesota,
Nelson, Leslie C., b. 1913, Minnesota,
Nichols, Floyd V., b. 1895, Wisconsin,
Opdahl, Henry O., b. 1892, Minnesota,
Ostrander, Lyle Henry, b. 1891, Minnesota,
Ott, Robert L., b 1884, Minnesota,
Palmer, C. Foster, b. 1893, Wisconsin,
Palmer, W. L., b. 1868, Minnesota,
Pederson, Myron K., b. 1906, Minnesota,
Peterson, Elmer R., b. 1893, Iowa,
Peterson, Harold R., b. 1890, Wisconsin,
Peterson, Hjalmar L., b. 1890, Iowa,
Peterson, John O., b. 1879, Sweden,
Peterson, Norman E., b. 1880, Minnesota,
Peterson, Norris O., b. 1904, Minnesota,
Peterson, Paul W., b. 1893, Minnesota,
Rosenberg, L.C., b. 1878, Norway,
Ruble, Albert F., b. 1891, Minnesota,
Ruble, Harry E., b. 1883, Minnesota,
Sanders, Mrs Hazel G., b. 1892, Wisconsin (maiden name Gardner),
Sanders, N. Vere, b. 1893, Wisconsin,
Schultz, J. Albert, b. 1877, Minnesota,
Sether, John, b. 1876, Norway,
Simonson, S. Otis, b. 1867, Minnesota,
Skaar, Chris, b. 1874, Norway,
Skinner, Bert, b. 1878, Minnesota,
Snyder, James Merton, b. 1889, Minnesota,
Speltz, Theodore, b. 1867, Minnesota,
Spicer, Lester W., b. 1876, Minnesota,
Steele, Carl E., b. 1897, Minnesota,
Steele, Lysle Hugh, b. 1904, Oklahoma,
Stiehl, Victor, b. 1877, Minnesota,
Sturtz, William Prescott, b. 1896, Minnesota,
Swanson, Ole A., b. 1890, Norway,
Thompson, Frank Allan, b. 1868, Minnesota,
Van den Berg, J.A., b. 1883, New York,
Van Nocker, R.L., b. 1889, Wisconsin,
Vollum, Alfred T., b. 1887, Minnesota,
Voss, John H., b. 1901, Minnesota,
Wayland, Clarence, b. 1881, Iowa,
Wayne, Anton J., b. 1874, Denmark,
Wedge, Robert Clark, b. 1882, Minnesota,
Wells, Frank G., b. 1885, Minnesota,
Westrum, Edgar F., b. 1883, Minnesota,
Whitcomb, Lesley S., b. 1866, Vermont,
Whitney, Nate J., b. 1887, Minnesota,
Whitson, Sidney A., b. 1902, Minnesota,
Willey, Harold W., b. 1905, Kansas,
Willson, Charles Hamilton, b. 1873, Ohio,
Wolf, George James, b. 1901, Iowa,
Wulff, Hjalmar B., b. 1895, Minnesota.

Index donated by: Kate Johnson
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