Parker's Lake Cemetery

    "This cemetery was organized in 1871, the same time the property was
donated to the chuch adjoining.  In all probability the church and cemetery
land was donated as one piece.  The first person to be buried in this cemetery
was Henry Clay, son of Francis and Matilda Clay.  There were 56 lots in this
piece of land, each one having sice graves, most of which were purchased by
very early settlers.  The Cemetery was incoporated later, and enlarged three
different times.  There is still room for further development, which will take
place soon.  (1953)  Almost 500 people are buried here, comprising people of
the community.  There are many tombstones bearing dates earlier than 1871,
but those people were buried first on their farms and later disintered and put
to rest at Parker's Lake.

        The present officers of the Cemetery Association (1953) are A. W. Day,
President, Peter W. Schmidtz, Secretary and Lloyd Hatcher, Treasurer.

                                                                        gift 11/12/75
                                                                            Avery Stubbs"

{no list of the said 500 mentioned other than Clay}.

Enclosed with the cemetery listings was an add of Thurs. May 1, 1975, P. 3.
"Announcing A Memorial  Park of Growing Beauty Near Lake Minnetonka"

Fairview Cemetery Association, Route 1, Box 157, Mound, Minnesota, 55364.
Phones 472-3925, 472-2119, or 277-3090.

There was an artists depiction of a tree, a photo of a treed grassy area and a
clip out coupon.