Sec. 31, Independence Twp.,
on Co. Rd 6, two miles from Co. Rd intersection 92



Bryant, Jacob   March 5, 1903, age 98 yrs
Bryant, Mary, wife of Jacob   Nov 5, 1861, age 45 yr
Bryant, John M, son of J & M   July 19, 1857, age 19 yr
Bryant, George H., son of J & C May 5, 1875 Jan 1877
Bryant, Daniel H., son of J & C Jan 10, 1870 Sept 1872
Bork, Elener. wife of E Bork   Dec 29, 1887, age 27 yr. 11 mo. 8 da.
Bork, Eddie E, son of E & E Bork   Sept 10, 1888, age 11 mo. 14 da.
Bork, Perry, son of Peter & Elizabeth June 19, 1859 Sept 25, 1874
Chaffee, Hanna   Dec 1, 1892
Chancellor, Phebe Ann, wife of L Chancellor   May 29, 1893, 31 yr. 3 mo. 29 da.
Coffin, Mary, wife   Jan 26, 1870, age 57 yr.
Cruikshank, Andrew 1810 1871
Cruikshank, Nancy 1816 1888
Cunningham, John, son of T.B. Cunningham   Jan 17, 1897, age 28 yr. 3 mo. 16 da.
Cunningham, Sarah, daug. of T & B. Cunningham   March 4, 1879, 16 yr. 1 mo.
Cunningham, William D. son of T & B Cunningham   June 13, 1887, age 19 yr. 4 mo.
Cunningham, Thomas   Oct 5, 1874 age 17 yr. 11 da.
Durfee, Sarah (poss. wife of Peter)
Large white marker by Durfee grave (no name)
  1872, age 73 yr. 25 da.
Harrington, Harriet H. wife of H. Harrington   Feb 10, 1882. 33yr. 11 mo. 6 da.
Harrington, Norman, son of H & H Harrington June 3, 1877 July 4, 1877, age 1 mo. 1 da.
Hosmer, Edwin N, son of H.B. & M.J. Hosmer   March 15, 1862, age 6 mo. 17 da.
Hursch, Sarah, wife of J. Hursh   Oct 2, 1864, age 32 yr. 3 mo. 8 da.
Jadwin, Frances, daug. of J.W. & L Jadwin   Aug 22, 1882, age 1 mo. 5 da.
Jadwin, Wess, son of J.W. & L Jadwin   Sept 8, 1884 age 2 da.
Jadwin, Myrtle, daugh. of J.W. & L Jadwin   Nov 25, 1885, age 28 da.
Light, B. F. Sept 19, 1823 Dec 8, 1896
Light, Chas. B. son of B. F. & E Light   Feb 22, 1862, age 2 yr. 6 mo.
Light, Isabella J., daug. of B.F. & E Light   Feb 22, 1872, age 8 yr. 7 mo.
McCauslin, I. Walter   Nov 28, 1881, age 30 yr. 5 mo.
McIntosh, Annabel, wife of A.M. McIntosh   Nov 17, 1882, age 24 yr. 6 mo. 21 da.
Merriman, Adelbert, son of (?) & L. Merriman   1871
Nelson, P.N. and wife - NO DATES    
Rader, Jacob   May 20, 1871, age 75 yr.
Radar, W- NO DATES    
Radar, Ann, wife of W. Radar   April 26, 1878 age 38 yr.
Radar, Infant son   Jan 6, 1864
Radar, Osceola, son of W & A Radar March 6, 1859 Jan 20, 1887, age 21 yr. 20 mo.
Simmons, Franklin Jan 4, 1838 Dec 8, 1905
Waid, James 1834 1872
Woodard, Hallie C.
daug. of S & M.P. Woodard
July 25, 1880 Feb 24, 1881


This cemetery has no dates later than 1905. Someone keeps the grass cut, so in that sense it is not abandoned. Large Pine trees mark family plots. One tree is over 6 ft. in circumference. In very light black ink: "In 1999 we found a grave marker dated 1951, H.P. Hickman by Earl Taylor. This cemetery has been referred to as "Abandoned, Bryant Radar", by some "The Lewis Cemetery". I believe Avery to have pegged it right as Bryant-Radar, Independence.

UPDATE- March 2008.  One of our readers has informed me of the following information regarding this cemetery:

"Just a note to let you know that I called the Independence City Hall.  They sent me a copy of a booklet on the cemetery, written by Charles S. Rieland who renovated the cemetery in 2002.  It has information on all the people interred there, along with some pictures of the cemetery Here's part of the information on the cemetery from the booklet."

"The Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place of some of the earliest pioneers and represents an informal community of settlers who chose to bury their family members on this property.  Those families lived within a two mile radius of the cemetery, which includes portions of Hennepin, Carver and Wright Counties.  Starting as a single grave in 1857, this burial ground now holds approximately 82 graves.

Although the Oakland Cemetery Association owned the parcel in the early twentieth century, the cemetery now is being maintained by the City of Independence.  This area was first settled by Euro-Americans during 1854-1856.  Following Minnesota's admission to the Union in 1858, the townships of Independence, Watertown, and Franklin were organized, and Minnetrista in the following year.

Some of the families represented in the Oakland Cemetery were among the earliest settlers in this area.  Listed in the 1870 census are the following families:  Bork, Bryant, Coffin, Cruikshank, Cunningham, Jadwin, Light, Rader, and Waid.  Nearly all of the settlers were born in America and had native-born parents as well.  Many of the settlers followed a familiar migratory pattern in coming to Minnesota; they were born on the east coast, spent a few years in Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois, and continued farther west.

During the 1860s and early 1870s the Bryant family burial ground was transformed into a community cemetery.  In February of 1862, Charles and Isabella, children of Benjamin and Ester Light, died and were buried near the Bryant graves.  One month later, Allen and Mary Hosmer, who lived just northwest of the Bryants, buried their infant son, Edwin, at the developing cemetery.  Two years later in 1864, Sarah Hursh and Mary Bryant died.  Both of these funerals would have been communal events.  Friends and family probably gathered at the Bryant farm for the burials and perhaps congregated at the household afterwards.

In 1864, the Raders lost an infant son and buried him at the cemetery.  By the early 1870s, burials at the Oakland Cemetery began to increase in frequency.  In 1870, there were burials for two people: young Daniel Bryant, and Maria Coffin, the 37-year-old wife of Abel Coffin.  The following year three people, Andrew Cruikshank, Jacob Rader, and Adelbert Merriman were buried there.  In 1872 James Wade and Sarah Durfee were interred.  Burials at the cemetery continued through the last quarter of the nineteenth century with the last burial taking place in 1932, that of William H. Waid.

This cemetery has had three names over the years:  First known as the Bryant Cemetery
, then called the Rader Cemetery, and finally the Oakland Cemetery."