NEW UPDATED INFORMATION- The Archives contains microfilm copies of sacramental records (Baptism, Marriage, Death) for most parishes in the Minnesota counties of Ramsey, Hennepin, Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, Rice, Scott, Washington, and Wright. The Archives also has some burial records for the metropolitan Catholic Cemeteries of Calvary (St. Paul), St. Mary’s and St. Anthony (Minneapolis). Date ranges of records depend on parish. Earliest: 1840s. Most recent: 1990s.


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Cemeteries in Hennepin County MN by Cities
Bloomington Cemetery
- 10340 Lyndale Avenue South - For information, contact Bloomington City Clerk by calling. 612/881/5811 ext. 251
Transcriptions of Bloomington Cemetery.
Bloomington Ferry Cemetery
- 115/21/06/NWNE - This cemetery is also known as Tapping Cemetery.
Dawn Valley Memorial Park
- 9940 E Bush Lake Rd - For information, contact the Dawn Valley Cemetery Association by calling  612/941-7686 or writing at 9940 E Bush Lake Rd . Bloomington, MN 55438.
Gemelus Chasad Cemetery
- Established prior to 1938.
Oak Grove Indian Mission Cemetery
- 401 E 104th St
Mound Cemetery - 3515 69th Ave N. Brooklyn Center Partial Listing
Brooklyn-Crystal Cemetery

Lincoln Cemetery
- This cemetery is located on 62nd Ave N between near Maryland Ave N.
Champlin Cemetery
800 Cartway Rd - Published information includes Champlin Cemetery, Cartway Road & Baxter Streets, Champlin, Hennepin, Minnesota Click for Photo (Anoka County Genealogical Society, 1975).
St Fridolin Cemetery
11700 Goose Lake Rd - Established in 1866.
- Published information includes History & Summary of St Fridolin Lutheran Church & Cemetery of New Schwanden, Champlin Township, Minnesota, by Wayne C Blesi (1972).
St John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
- 119/23/13/NENE
Old St Thomas Cemetery
- This cemetery is located on 93rd at Trail Haven Rd.
Old St Walpurga Cemetery
- This cemetery is located on  109th between Valley Dr & Cain Rd.
St Jeanne de Chantel Cemetery
(St Jean's)- This cemetery is located on Cty Rd 50 east of Rolling Hills Rd.
St Thomas Cemetery
- This cemetery is located at the junction of Cty Rds 10 & 50. (2000 Co. Rd 10, Corcoran).
Glen Haven Memorial Gardens - 5100 Douglas Drive North - For information, contact the Glen Haven Cemetery Association by calling  763/533-8643 or writing at 5100 N Douglas Dr . Crystal, MN 55429.
Adath Chesed Shel Emes Cmtry - 3800 Winnetka Ave N. Crystal MN 952-929-9470
New St John the Baptist Cemetery
- 121/22/31/NESW - Published information includes "Old St John the Baptist Cemetery, Dayton, MN" in Cousins et Cousines 4(3): 8/81 p. 67.
Old St John the Baptist Cemetery
- 120/22/08/NWNW - Published information includes "Old St John the Baptist Cemetery, Dayton, MN"  in Cousins et Cousines 4(3): 8/81 p. 68-80.
DEEPHAVEN (No cemeteries listed)
Eden Prairie Cemetery - 116/22/20/SENE - Established in 1864.  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
- 116/22/26/NWNW - Established in 1885. Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Adath Jeshurun Cemetery - 5605 France Avenue South - For information, call 763/922-1072. - Established in 1888.
Grand View Park Cemetery - 6901 Maloney Avenue - For information, call 612 / 938-1135.
South Side Hebrew Cemetery
- 5605 France Avenue South.
Leach Cemetery - 117/23/35/SENW
Oak Hill Cemetery
- 5901 Lyndale Ave So. Richfield MN. Ph. 612-861-5650. 117/23/35 - First burial in 1855
Golden Valley Cemetery - This cemetery is located at the junction of Winnetka & Medicine Lake Rds.- Established in 1869.
Kellers Family Cemetery - 118/21/29/NWSE - First burial in 1868. Some graves moved to Crystal Lake Cemetery. 
Greenfield Cemetery - 119/24/12/SESE - Established in 1850 as Greenwood Cemetery.
Reich Cemetery
- 119/24/11/NESE
Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery
- 119/24/11/NESE
GREENWOOD (No cemeteries listed)
St Anne's Cemetery - This cemetery is located at the junction of Hamel Rd & Sioux Dr. (200 Hamel Road).
- Published information includes "St Anne's Cemetery, Medina Township," by Florence Johnson in Minnesota Genealogist 11:3-4 (9-12/1980), p 117-120, 153-159.
HOPKINS Hennepin County Poor Farm Burials-Preliminary List.    
Hennepin County Potter's Field - This cemetery was located on the site of Hennepin County's Poor Farm. The Poor Farm closed in 1953 and was sold to Honeywell. Information from the Hopkins Historical Society says that 380 unidentified remains were reburied at Woodside Cemetery (10 Hillcrest Dr - Tonka Bay, MN 55331) in 1955.
See Woodside Cemetery - Shorewood MN
Grand-view Park Cemetery Assn.
6901 Maloney Ave, Hopkins- 952-938-1135
Anna Mason Cemetery - 118/24/25/NE
Christ Lutheran Cemetery
- 118/24/36/NWSW
Oakland Cemetery
- 118/24/31/NWSE - This cemetery was first known as the Bryant Cemetery, then the Rader Cemetery, and finally the Oakland Cemetery.
- Established in 1857.Bryant-Radar Cemetery
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Union Cemetery Union Cemetery (Partial)
Sts Petri & Pauli Cemetery - Located at Hamel Rd east of Cty Rd 19.
St. Peter & Paul Medina Twp. Loretto MN
Susan Morrow has transcribed tombstone records from 1865-2002 and burial records from 1882-1992. Will do lookups.
Immanuel United Methodist Cemetery - Located on 101st Ave N.
- Established about 1860.
Koehler Family Cemetery
- Located on Hwy 101 north of 97th Ave N.
Maple Grove Cemetery
- 119/22/04/SENW - Established in 1867
Maple Knoll Cemetery
- 119/22/15/SWSW - Established about 1865.
- Published information includes "Maple Knoll Cemetery - Maple Grove Township," by Alfred J Dahlquist in Minnesota Genealogist 10:4 (12/1979), p 191-193
.Maple Knoll Cemetery
Niggler Cemetery
119/22/13/NESE - Established in 1867. According to Osseo City Hall the South half of this cemetery is located in Maple Grove and the North half located in Osseo.  The dividing line is the gate in the front of the cemetery.
St Patrick Cemetery
- County Rd 10, Maple Grove. - Established about 1866. - Published information includes "St Patrick Cemetery - Maple Grove Township," by Alfred J and Barbara L Dahlquist in Minnesota Genealogist 13:1 (3/1982), p 43-73.
Weaver Lake Cemetery
- Located at the junction of 89th Ave N & Dunkirk Ln. - Established about 1861. - Published information includes "Weaver Lake Cemetery - Maple Grove Township," by Alfred J and Barbara L Dahlquist in Minnesota Genealogist 13:3 (9/1982), p 123-128
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery Christ Lutheran
Lewis Cemetery - This cemetery is located at the junctions of Cty Rd 90 & Hwy 12.
MEDICINE LAKE (No cemetery listing)
Holy Name Cemetery - 155 Co. Rd 24, Medina.
Free Thinkers Cemetery
German Liberal Cemetery 2629 Hamel Road. Medina
Crystal Lake Cemetery
3816 Penn Ave N.
Minneapolis MN 55412
Ph. 612-521-7619



Fort Snelling National Cemetery - 7601 34th Avenue South

For information, call 612 / 726-1127, or write to: 7601 34th Ave S . Minneapolis, MN 55450.
- Published information includes Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Washington: USPGO, 1972).


Friends Cemetery - 029/24/23/NE

- This was located near Elevator A north of Hennepin Ave.
- Graves were removed to Lakewood Cemetery.

Hillside Cemetery - 2600 19th Avenue Northeast.

- For information, call 612 / 781-3391.
- Established in 1890. Called Laurel Hill Cemetery prior to 1900.
Some Misc. recordings.
Click Here

Lakewood Cemetery - 3600 Hennepin Avenue South  Searchable Database now online!

- For information, call 612 / 822-2171.
- Established in 1861.
- Notable individuals buried here include Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr (5/27/1911 - 1/13/1978), mayor of Minneapolis in 1945, US Senator in 1949-64, 1971-78,  -- Vice President of the United States in 1965-69.
- Published information includes Haven in the Heart of the City:  The History of Lakewood Cemetery, by Mame Osteen (Minneapolis, MN: Lakewood Cemetery, 1992).

Maple Hill Cemetery Maple Hill At "Find A Grave".

- Located at Broadway & Fillmore NE.
- Established in 1857, closed in 1890. In 1935, the area was called Folwell Playground. This area has also been called Maple Hill Park and Beltrami Park. Most graves were removed to Lakewood Cemetery or Hillside Cemetery.
- Published information includes "Maple Hill Cemetery (Now Known as Beltrami Park),Minneapolis, Hennepin County," by Alfred J Dahlquist in Minnesota Genealogist 9:4 (12/1978), p 152, and "Maple Hill Cemetery, Hennepin County, Minnesota," by Barbara Sexton and Lauraine Kirchner in Minnesota Genealogist 12:2 (6/1981), p 73-77.

Mt Pleasant Cemetery

- This cemetery no longer exists, but in 1910 was located on 45th Avenue Northeast at the end of 5th.

Oak Hill Cemetery

Located at Lyndale Ave S & 59th St.
Contact person: Dick DeField,
5901 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55419
SASE if contacting by mail.
For information, contact Richfield Cemetery Association. 612/861-5650.
Established in 1859.

Old Friends Cemetery

- This cemetery was located at 19th & Nicollet.
- Moved to Friends Cemetery near Elevator A.

Old Maple Hill Cemetery

- This cemetery was located at 5th Ave & 8th St SE.
- This was the predecessor of Maple Hill Cemetery. The graves were moved to Maple Hill Cemetery in 1857.

Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery - 2945 Cedar Avenue South

- For information, call 612 / 729-8484.
- The first burial here was in 1853. The cemetery at that time was known as Layman's Cemetery. It has also been called Minneapolis Cemetery.
- A box of information dating from 1889 to 1947 is located at the Minnesota Historical Society in St Paul. It was given by the superintendent of the time, Albert E Nelson.
VETERAN'S DATABASE online- There are over 180 veterans buried in the cemetery. These include veterans of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Indian and Civil Wars, the Spanish-American War and World War I. 

Susan Hunter-Weir will do lookups for Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery, (formerly known as Layman's Cemetery. Huntweir@class.cla.umn.edu

Rosedale Cemetery

- This cemetery no longer exists, but in 1910 was located on King's Highway Avenue South between West Lake and 31st.

St. Anthony of Padua  2729 Central Avenue Northeast

- For information, call 612 / 822-0907.
- Established about 1857.
- Published information includes St Anthony of Padua, Minneapolis, MN 1851-1995, which includes interment records (previously published as St. Anthony of Padua Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN, 1851-1985 / cemetery census by Leslie LaCount, Judith M. Palmquist.  Brooklyn Center, MN : Northwest Territory Canadian & French Heritage Center, c1989), grave locations, a plat map and cross references. It is available from
Park Genealogical Books.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.  (St. Anthony Cemetery) 4403 Chicago Avenue

For information, call 612 / 822-0907.

Orphans from the Catholic Boys Home were buried here in unmarked graves.
St. Mary's Cemetery Sheila Northrop and Mary Wickersham have transcribed their great-grandfather's records, compiled during the years 1874-1894, when he served as caretaker for St. Mary's Cemetery in Minneapolis. These are the earliest known burial records for St. Mary's.

St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral Cemetery - 31st Ave and Stinston Boulevard NE.  Minneapolis.
Sunset Memorial Gardens Sunset Memorial Chapel (partial)  2250 N.E. St. Anthony Blvd. Minneapolis.
Temple Israel Memorial Park - 4153 3rd Avenue South

For information, contact Temple Israel by calling 612/377-8680 or writing at 2324 EmersonAve S . Minneapolis, MN.
- This cemetery was established in 1873. The name was changed from Montefiore Cemetery in 1960.

United Hebrew Brotherhood - 6009 Wayzata Blvd # 101, Minneapolis, MN 952-922-6866
Evangelical Bohemian Presbyterian Church Cemetery - 117/22/26- Established in 1887.- May be the cemetery located near John Hus Presbyterian Church.
Groveland Cemetery - Located on Minnetonka Blvd east of Cty Rd 101. - For information, contact the Minnetonka Historical Society.
Picha Family Cemetery
- 117/22/32/E2NE - Ten burials between 1871 to 1883
MINNETONKA BEACH (No cemetery listings)
Bay Park Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery
- 5015 Cty Rd 151 - For information, contact Fairview Cemetery at 5015 Cty Rd 151 - Mound, MN  55364-9714, or by calling 952-472-3925
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Cemetery

Union Cemetery
- Located on Cty Rd 110 west of West Edge Blvd.- Established in 1862.
Adath Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery - 3800 Winnetka Avenue North - This cemetery is also known as Herzl Memorial-Workmans Circle Cemetery.- For information, call 612 / 929-9470.
Beth-El Memorial Park - 3800 Winnetka Avenue North - For information, call 612/926-6720.- Established in 1921.
Gethsemane Catholic Cemetery - 8151 42nd Avenue North - For more information, call 763-537-4184.
St Mary's Cemetery
- This cemetery is located at the junction of Xylon and 45th Avenues North. It is also known as Assumption Cemetery.
Long Lake Cemetery - 118/23/35/N4SW- The first burial here was in 1862.
Maxwell Family Cemetery
- 117/23/05/SESE
Brooklyn & Maple Grove Union Cemetery - 1
19/22/13/SESE - Also know as American Cemetery.- Established in 1862.
Niggler Cemetery -
114 West Broadway  According to Osseo City Hall the South half of this cemetery is located in Maple Grove and the North half located in Osseo.  The dividing line is the gate in the front of the cemetery.
St Martin's Cemetery
St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
119/22/13/SESE - Established in 1866.
St Vincent de Paul Cemetery
Located on 93rd Ave N. - Published information includes "St Vincent de Paul Cemetery, Hennepin County, MN," by Ann Bastien in Cousins et cousines 5:1-3 (2-8/1982), p 93-112, 121-136, 143-154
Boucher Family Cemetery - Some burials were moved to St Joseph Catholic Cemetery.
Medicine Lake Catholic Cemetery

Mt Olivet Cemetery
- 12301 Cty Rd 9 - For information, contact Mt Olivet Lutheran
Church at 12235 Old Rockford Rd Plymouth, MN 55441, or by calling (612) 559-2775.
Parkers Lake Cemetery
- Co. Rd 6 at Niagara Lane, Plymouth - First burial in 1868.
Parker's Lake Cemetery
St Joseph Catholic Cemetery
- 13015 Rockford Rd. (Located just off Rockford Rd near Medicine Lake Dr) - Established about 1877

Congregational Church Cem. Bounded on the North by Hwy 12 Bounded on the West by Walker Ave. Exact location unknown.

Assumption Church Cemetery - 028/24/34/SESE - First burial in 1876.
B'Nai Emet Cemetery
- 028/34/32/NENE - Formerly called B'Nai Abraham Cemetery.
Gemelus Chesed Cemetery
- 028/24/32/NENE
Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery
- Located at 70 1/2th St & Penn Ave S.- For information, call 612/925-0071.- Established in 1889. Called Order Brith Abraham Cemetery until 1921.
Richfield Cemetery Association 5901 Lyndale Ave S. 612-861-5650
Sunset Cemetery
ROCKFORD (No cemetery listing)
St John the Evangelist Episcopal Cemetery - Located on Cty Rd 116 southeast of Hassan Pkwy.- For information, contact St John's Episcopal Church of Hassan in Rogers, MN.
St Martin Cemetery - Located at Cty Rd 101 & 137th Ave N.
St Anthony Township Cemetery - Located on Stinson Blvd between 29th & 30th Ave NE.
St Mary's Russian Orthodox Cemetery
- 3021 Stinson Blvd
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery
- 2250 St Anthony Boulevard Northeast - For information, call 612 / 789-3596. 
German Baptist Cemetery - 117/24/32/NWNE - Established in 1858.
St Bonifacius Catholic Church Cemetery
- Located at Main St & Kennedy Memorial Dr.
Bass Lake Cemetery - 028/24/06/NWNE - Rumors say that graves were relocated to Layman's Cemetery about 1934, but this does not appear to be true. The final disposition of this cemetery is currently unknown.
Resurrection Cemetery 117/23/36/NENW - For information, contact St John the Baptist Church in Excelsior, MN.
- Established in 1925.
Cemetery of the Resurrection
Woodside Cemetery
- Located at Smithtown Rd & Howards Point Rd.- Established in 1862.
SPRING PARK (No cemeteries listed)
TONKA BAY (No cemeteries listed)
Oakland Cemetery - no information
Swede Lake Cemetery - no information
Trinity Cemetery - no information
Greenlawn Cemetery

Greenlawn - Recorded by James K. Childer Oct 1982.
For all other burials contact the cemetery. Located at Minnetonka Ave & Park St.- Published information includes "Greenlawn Cemetery, 501 Park Street, Wayzata, Minnesota," by James K Childers in Minnesota Genealogist 14:1 (3/1983), p 29-34.

Old Wayzata Cemetery - Wayzata Boulevard at Walker St., Wayzata.

Summit Park Cemetery
 (Summit Hill Cemetery) Wayzata Boulevard at Hwy 12.

Also known as Old Wayzata Cemetery.- First burial in 1855. Located at Wayzata Blvd & Walker Dr. 

All burial records for GREENLAWN, SUMMIT PARK AND THE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CEMETERIES are kept by the City of Wayzata. Information can be obtained  at the CITY OF WAYZATA, 600 RICE ST. East. WAYZATA MN. 55391.

WOODLAND (No cemeteries listed)
Fletcher Catholic Cemetery - This cemetery is located near the intersection of Hwys 94 & 101.
Gaspers Cemetery
Catholic Cemetery - 117/24/31/NWNE
Halsted Family Cemetery
- 117/24/35/N2NE
Minnetrista Cemetery
- 117/24/05/SENW - Established in 1868
. Minnestrista Cemetery


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