(German Liberal)

Copied by Joyce Van Sloan Quinn, Spring 1976

ACKER, Henry C.- father 1878 1962
ACKER, Caroline- mother 1885 1924
FAUE, Eddie March 15, 1892 October 1? 1896
FAUE, Louisa September 18, 1826 August 1, 1898
FAUE, Mathilda-daug. of J & S. Faue   July 1889,
age 5 yr. 8 mo.
FAUE, Henry Sept 30, 1826 Dec 20, 1901
GASPAR, William
Son of A.L. Gaspar
November 30, 1888 September 1889
GASPAR, Theodore February 6 1890 October 6, 1899
date not clearly legible
GASPAR, Karlina
Born Phister in Blutens, Tirol
December 6, 1829 February 9, 1896
GASPAR, Bernard August 4, 1820 February 4, 1920
GERBER, Anna Maries
Born Gaspar
September 3, 1862 February , 1890
GERBER, Laura June 6, 1861 August 30, 1874
HANNEN, Mary- mother 1861 (1808)
Could this have been 1908?
HANNEN, Jerry- father 1858 1941
daug. of John & Margarethat Wolfsfeld. Wife of John Hannen born Frielingen, Kreis Birburg, Duetchland
1882 February 7, 1874,
age 52 yrs.
HASER, John Sr. 1824 October 12, 1902
HASER, John Jr. July 17, 1852 April 20, 1900
HASER, Maria S. K.
Frau Von H. Haser
August 22, 1824 April 11, 1881
HEUKER, Marina February ? February 185?
KOHNEN, Johnny May 8, 1887 June 1, 1889 2 yr. 20 da.
MEURER, Karthena 1808 1879
MUERER, Severin J 1808 1891
MUERER, Jos. Son of S & K Meurer January 21, 1861 July 15, 1861
6. mo. 16 da.
Wife of Fred Mohrmann
  November 11, 1887
age 65 yrs.
SCHUBERT, Karolina April 1, 1840 August 25, 1881
SCHUBERT, Ernestine March 13, 1866 September 10, 1884
THIES, Elsie Maud August 13, 1891 Aug 26, 1893, age 2 yr. 13 mo.
**WOLSFELD, Margretha
Daugh. of John and Anna Baatz, wife of John Wolfsfeld. Born in Frielingen, Kreis Bitburg, Deutchland
1793 February 2, 1873
age 80 yrs
**WOLSFELD, Nicholas
Born in Frielingen, Kreis Bitburg, Deutchland
October 13, 1837 May 4, 1886,
age 45 yr. 6 mo. 21 days.
WOLSFELD, John January 1, 1820 April 19, 1894, Age 74 yrs.
WOLSFELD, Karl October 14, 1837 February 16, 1896
Her stone is located between Acker and Wolsfeld
January 13, 1846 January 20, 1906
HILGERS? Jenriette
Name not clearly legible
  1863, age 63 yrs


**There is a separte marker with Nicolas Wolsfeld and Margretha Wolsfeld, as well as being on a marker with Nicolos Wolsfeld and Anna Hennen.

Also note, this is a recap of the German Liberal Cemetery, Medina, but contains more bio information on some of the surnames. The way the WHCPA formerly kept their records was rather antiquated. It is my understanding that t hey are getting things where they can be found. My family's files were just a bunch of loose and unassociated notes. Avery tried to put it together, but I understand the records extend to 1,400 families. The Stubbs family have a number of publications at the Minn. Historical Society on early settlers.

ORONO, 1889-1989. First and Early Settlers of Hennepin County, and Old Rail Fence Corners should be obtained by anyone really researching back there, or at least perused. Also, Bergman Richards publication of the Minnetonka area. He had access to some of my family correspondence in poss. of Bessie Olive Wiley. She donated it to WHPA which she was a member. She borrowed the material back, and died. William Logan Hursh, attorney, was her administrator and kept the material. Bergman probably got the stuff from him. All WHCPA had was a note saying someone, on some day, had spoken with him and he would not return the documents. All above should be used for reference since we have found some of the material a bit far off.

Bessie was the daugh. of James Wakefield Wiley and my gr. aunt, Luica Eloise (Louise) Barnes. Her brother, Wayne, was a super of Tillamook Schools, and his daugh. Lucia was No 8. Muralist in the US.