From the book, "Minneapolis Portrait of the Past". Published in 1890.
This company came into existance on the evening of January 25, 1868, when the following officers were elected: S.P. Synder, foreman; A.B. Bracket, first assistant; C. Fredericks, second assistant; C. P. Reigel, third assistant; C. A. Fuller, secretary; C. Miller treasurer.

The same date marked the birth of the other volunteer fire companies on the west side of the river. Several companies were organized in St. Anthony in 1858, all of which cheerfully responsed to alarms from Minneapolis, even after the organization of the west side force. The introduction of the waterworks in Minneapolis was coincident with the organization of the fire department, and hence, hand engines were considered unnecessary on that side of the river.

The picture was taken a year after organization of the company. The scene represents the apparatus and men on Second Street, between First Avenue South and Nicollet Avenue, standing in front of the building occupied as a truck house by the company. This was located alongside "Police Alley", on the site of the modern Municipal Court building. Among the members of the company in the group, at the right of the picture are:

W. S. Eberman, Lambert Hayes, George Hedderly, J. T. Lucas, and Cal Reigel. On the left are: A. B. Brackett, Fred D. Brown, Horace M. Martin, Neill Fredericks, and John Weinard. On the apparatus are: Jesse G. Jones, E. D. Kirst, A. Dale, C. C. Hashow, and several others.