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THE PRESBYTERIANS OF WESTERN HENNEPIN COUNTY - 1863-1876.  History of the Presbyterian churches in Long Lake and Maple Plain, listing members of the early congregation.  Article written by Avery Stubbs in the Winter 1961 issue of the Hennepin County History Magazine.

City of Maple Plain
City Clerk:
Donald Loebrick  - (612) 479-0515




The following letter, or petition, from the ladies of Maple Plaine, Independence township, has just been recieved by Hon. D. A. Secombe, County Attorney: Maple Plaine, Feb. 22, 1871, Hon. D. S. Secombe, County Attoney:      

Dear Sir:  - We the undersigned ladies of Maple Plaine and vicinity are much aggrieved with a miserable "forty-rod whiskey" doggery in our midst where honest men, with ragged children and weeping wives at home, are often found spreading their money in a lavish manner.  To make matters worse, we are informed that the owner has no license, and that the county commissioners have received his money and told him to sell all the hydrophobia he can (so he says. A. Bennet.)  Now, if we are to be represented by such a board of county commissioners in townships where our husbands and sons voted no license, we deeply feel the bands of tyranny encircling our once happy but soon to be miserable homes.  We lay our grievance before you Mr. Secombe, hoping that you will take steps in the matter at once.  We do not pretend to say that any of our husbands are inebriates, but we see the evil of such an institution in our midst; and as we understand it, is not in conformity with the laws of the State.

M. Yokley M. Mannings
Alice Coombs S. S. Lillie
Millie Coombs Emma K. Armstrong
Kate Kennedy M. E. Mills
Ella Yokley C. A. Dubrack
C. B. Johnson, J. Batdorf
M. O. Wasson Odlia Barney
Harriet A. Austis A. B McKee
Hannah Feeney Barbara Walker
M. M. Mills Sarah Braman
  L. Batdorf


The county attorney has made the following reply to the petition: "To the Above Petitioners:   If the twon of Independence has voted "no license," the the county commisioners have no right to issue any license in that town.     If liquor is sold without a license in the town, when any one will come forward and make complaint against the seller, and will furnish legal evidence to prove the matter, it will be attended to promptly by                    

County Attorney 

D. A. Seccombe,               


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