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Eugene Barnes has generously provided information from a 1940 Memorial Booklet listing burials for soldiers who served in the military from the Civil and World Wars. The following cemeteries included are: Methodist Evangelical Cemetery Maple Grove; Rush Creek Cemetery (north Maple Grove); South Maple Grove Cemetery; Lewis Cemetery, Maple Grove; Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, Maple Plain; Medicine Lake Catholic Cemetery; Gaspers Cemetery, Medicine Township; Woodend Cemetery, Zumbra Heights; Brooklyn Center M.E. Cemetery -Mound; Union Cemetery, Mound; and Nigler Cemetery, Osseo. I would also like to thank Patty Russell for the transcription of these records.

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Dedicated to the memory of those valiant soldiers who served the  United States of America, and who made the supreme sacrifice, in order to preserve the Union, establish world justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of justice, freedom and democracy for all.  




Methodist Evangelical Cemetery

Maple Grove

Civil War

Bonn, Christian Schoch, Jacob
Neumann, Christian    Stalberg, Christian
Saussele, Carl  Wolkow, Christian
Schneider, Christian    Zoerb, Casper


World War  
Wolkow, Carl  



Rush Creek Cemetery    

(north Maple Grove)

Civil War

Conover, John A, Laflin, Adin A
Eddy, Cyrus E.  Mitchell, John H.
Eddy, John M.    Scott, Frank
Evans, Chester F.   Scott, James M
Henry, Otis P.  Scott, James W
Henry, Wm.Byron Woodworth E. P.
World War
Laflin, Clifford



South Maple Grove Cemetery

Civil War

Kluck, Charles       Luther, Hoff
Jobes, Bishop       Thompson, Sylvanus
Martin, Stewart       Weaver, J. E.
Smith Royal W.    Williamson, Steven



Lewis Cemetery

Maple Grove

Civil War

Astrope, Thomas        Jarrett, Henry
Austin, Chandler       Keator, Charles
Austin, Florado     Kennedy, William
Batdorf, John McGary, Ennis
Beel, Jacob McGary, John
Bradford, George   Mills, Robert
Brandon, Ed      Mills, William
Budd, William        Pagenkoph, William 
Chapman, J. Z.     Painter, William
Copeland, Albert   Richards, A. K.
Cox, David     Shaw, Thomas
Fisher, Daniel   Shrewsbury, J.
Fogleman, Henry   Sommers
Gribble     Stinson, John
Harrington, H. Styner, Daniel
Hoisington, Earl    Sutherland, Martin
Hoisington, George Sutherland, William
Honchins, Harvey   Washington, George
Ingerson, Ashbel  Whitman, Ezekiel
Ingerson, William Williams, John
Jackson, Henry  Yokley, S. W.

World War

Collins, Raymond  Stinson, Paul
Elwoll, Peter J.   Stotroen, Oscar
Hafshal, Martin Styner, Glenn
Johnson, Albin Styner, Charles R.
Martenson, Wm Nehrbass, Lyndball 
  Scheer, Otto



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