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Dahlheimer and Bebeau (Bibeau)
The ancestors of the Dahlheimer family of Minnesota emigrated from Germany, via Ohio, to Dayton, Hennepin County, in 1855.  The ancestors of the Bebeau (Bibeau) family of Minnesota emigrated from La Rochelle, France in the 17th century and settled first in the province of Quebec, Canada.  In the mid-1800’s they immigrated to Minnesota (to Little Canada, Ramsey County and Dayton, Hennepin County).  

Hoisington/Horsington Family. This web page is an attempt to gather all information on the Hoisingtons in America in one place and to foster further research.  The Hoisington Family has been in North America for almost 350 years. The earliest documented Hoisington in North America was not named Hoisington, but John Horsington. Other early Horsingtons in America have been found in Virginia and North Carolina and we believe there is a connection, but as yet that connection has not been found

Betlach/Betlack/Betlock Family.  www.mybetlachbranches.com
The BETLACH family originated in Czechoslovakia. Several of the family members settled in Hennepin County after coming to Minnesota. Betlach Jewelers started by Frederick Betlach is still in business today. Frederick was the son of Frank and Jenny Litera.  Frank and Jenny's other son Jesse Betlach was a commercial artist in Minneapolis, having done the Land 'O Lakes Indian Maiden painting that is still used today.

"Irma's Genealogy Page" Since 1992, Irma Lommen has been researching the Limburg, Netherlands immigrants to America. Not just any immigrants, but those who left from a certain part of Limburg in the 1860's, especially the years 1860 to 1863. In that period, hundreds of people from the center of Limburg left their homeland to find a better living in America. Most of them settled in Minnesota. "This project is taking a lot of my time but is such great fun! During the years I have met many descendants of those Limburg immigrants from all over America through the Internet, but also in person in Minnesota and over here in Limburg. I Have made many dear friends this way. Although those immigrants went to several other States too, Minnesota has become a special place to me. During the years I have gathered a lot of information and on this page and I'd like to share some of this with you. I hope it will give some a start and point others in the right direction". Some of the information on Irma's pages include:
Limburg Immigrants
Passenger list ship Chase, from Antwerp to New York, arr. May 15, 1862
Passenger list ship Germania, from Antwerp to New York, arr. Apr. 23, 1863
Census 1865 Laketown, Carver County, Minnesota
Why did they choose to Emigrate? by Irma Lommen-Salden

Allen, Olson
Site features Swedish emigrant brothers from Järnskog, Varmland, Sweden to Minneapolis in the 1880's. The families lived on Taylor St., Minneapolis.   Allen co-owned the Carlson & Allen Sash & Door Company of Minneapolis, as well as wrote hymns for the Swedish-American hymnal and poetry for the "Chicago Bladet." Site features pictures of the Minneapolis families as well as the Swedish siblings and the Varmland area. Some of these were furnished by the freelance writer, May Dahlbeck, of immigration stories, a relative in Varmland. Karolyn Roberts, Petersburg, IN


Gerber, Sexton, Mooney, Lahiff, Archer and Knaeble
Other surnames include Preisen, Coleman, Duffy, Kees, Sweeney, Gilbert, Carroll, Sweeney, McGinnis. All are Minnesota names- Tom Gerber

Moore, Clark
History of the Moore and Clark families from Ireland & England, with related lines of McMahon, Erickson, Palmer, Barber, Jonsdatter, Orr and Mizner/Misner and many others.

"Website of the Loughrey Family Association of America"
Most members of the Association descend from a line of Loughreys that begins with James
Loughrey, Sr., who was born between 1729 and 1732 in Northern Ireland.  James married a woman named Elizabeth and emigrated to the United  States, where they had nine children, including John (b. 1755), Amos (b.  1757), James, Jr. (b. about 1769), and Elizabeth (b.1772), all of whom  were born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
The Loughreys moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio, and then on to Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa, where  many still live today.  Site also includes a guestbook where people  interested in all branches of the Loughrey family can trade information and research requests. - Liz Fuller

The Townsend site is temporarily down at this time. However, Ross may be contacted by e-mail and will be happy to exchange information. The subject line MUST contain the words "TOWNSEND FAMILY" or your e-mail may be deleted. "I am doing a project on early townsends in Minnesota. I am using material that would not be available to someone out side of this area. I hope this will be of value to someone as I have found a lot on other Genweb sites that have helped with my family"
Ross Dunlop

CARR, DUVAL, HANLEY, LEDUC & MCDONALD"Carr & Plo(e)ger Families of Chicago, Illinois and Related Lines. Information about those lines can be found in the Genealogy Reports of Daisy Madora LeDuc and Jesse Madden Carr found on the above website.



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