On December 8, 1882, the U.S. Senate passed a Resolution calling for a listing of all those receiving a military pension on 1 January 1883. Each state was required to produce a list, giving the name of the pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post office address, the monthly rate of the pension, and the date of the original allowance. The listing for the entire U.S. was published in the U.S. Congress Serial Set vol. 2081, Ex. Doc. 84, Part 4

Following are pensioners from Hennepin County

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No. of certificate Name of Pensioner Post Office for which Pensioned Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of original allowance
  McCloy, Samuel Bloomington Disease of eyes $8.00  
  Quinn, Louisa Bloomington widow $8.00  
  Chadwick, Elizabeth Bloomington mother $8.00  
  Norris, Edward R Brooklyn Ctr. rheu $8.00  
  Watson, John T. Champlin sh. wd. r. leg $4.00 Oct 1882
  Fullerton, William Champlin loss right middle finger $4.00 Aug 1878
  Hunt, Robert Champlin g.s.w. left thigh $8.00  
  Mead, Anne Champlin widow $8.00  
  Parker, Nancy Champlin widow 1812 $8.00  
  Bond, Ann C. Champlin widow $8.00  
  Colburn, Nathan Champlin dis. of r. leg & totl. deafness $3.00 Feb. 1880
  Molend, Daniel Corocoran dis. of lung & heart $4.00 Feb 1881
  Rejon, John Dayton g.s.w. side causing inj. to ab. $ 4.00 Jan 1882
  Shepard, Maurice F. Dayton dis, of liver & spleen. ch. rheu $4.00  
  Richardson, Daniel S. Dayton child $10.00  
  Ricker, Grafton G Dayton wd. left arm & r. shoulder $8.00  
  Mcarty, Harriet A Excelsior widow $8.00  
  Dyer, Savin H. Excelsior inj. to abd. & varicose veins $6.00 Nov 1880
  McCormick, Sanuel Excelsior g.s.w. forearem & both thighs $10.00  
  Mergens, John B. Excelsior wd. lt. shoulder & dis. of eyes $10.00  
  Scott, Harvey E Excelsior g.s.w right leg $4.00  
  Sampson, Leroy F Excelsior g.s.w. right leg $4.00  
  Porter, Hamilton H. Excelsior wound left shoulder $6.00  
  Bennett, Mary F Excelsior mother $8.00  
  Abbott, Fanny M Excelsior mother $8.00  
  Clark, Joseph Excelsior wd. righ breast $7.50  
  Lapp, Adam Ft. Snelling dis. of heart $8.00 June 1882
  Hawley, Michael J. Ft. Snelling wound lower jaw $4.00  
  Hoag, Chas. M Hassan g.s.w. left leg $4.00  
  Kerr, William T Hassan g.s.w. left hip $4.00  
  Bren, Joseph Hopkins wd. left shoulder $4.00  
  Rutledge, John Hopkins g.s.w. l shoulder $2.00 Sept 1880
  Burchfield, Joseph Lenz chr. rheu. of heart $18.00  
  Hughes, Edward Lenz fracture rt. leg $2.00 Oct 1880
  Widenbock, Elizabeth Lenz mother $8.00  
  Gardner, Addison S. Long Lake wd. right hand $6.00  
  Brown, Oliver B S. Long Lake dis. of kidneys $12.00  
  Knief, Henry P. J S. Long Lake chr. rheumatism $4.00  
  Barnes, Elbridge S S. Long Lake g.s.w L. shoulder $6.00  
  Wakefield, Maria S. Long Lake mother $8.00  
  McCormick, John S. Long Lake inj. to L. shoulder $2.00 May 1879
  Show, John C. S. Long Lake g.s.w. left hand $15.00  
  Carroll, De Forest J. S. Long Lake chr. diarr $6.00  
  Batdorf, William Maple Plain child $10.00  
  Jarrett, Henry Maple Plain inj. L. shoulder $6.00  
  Austin, Florado Maple Plain lung disease $6.00 June 1880
  Shewsburg, Jemima Maple Plain mother $8.00 Sept 1879
  Pagenkopf, Sophia Maple Plain widow $10.00 July 1881
  Stinson, Sylvanus W. Maple Plain chr. rheumatism $4.00  
  Whitmon, Ezekiel Maple Plain g.s.w. L. shoulder $7.00  
  Hammons, Seth L Minneapolis injury to abdomen $4.00  
  Honkenson, Rich'd H. Minneapolis wd. left wrist $4.00  
  Whitcomb, Albert C. Minneapolis g.s.w. of head, dis. of eye, & nervous debility $18.00  
  Armes, Wm. Minneapolis injury to abdomen $4.00 Sept 1878
  Anderson, Syvert A Minneapolis g.s.w. left foot $4.00 Feb 1882
  Harris, Charles E Minneapolis loss index & middle finger $2.66 2/3
  Nolan, Jas. Minneapolis sunstroke & brain dis. $4.00 Oct 1880
  Higgins, Eben L Minneapolis wd. left ankle $2.66 2/3
  Howe, Eben Minneapolis partl. loss of memory, pain & weakness of limb $8.00  
  Howard, Daniel C Minneapolis chr. diar. & scurvy $6.00 June 1882
  Hicks, Henry G Minneapolis would of face $8.50  
  Huhn, George Minneapolis chr. rheumatism $4.00 April 1880
  Huhn, Fred'k C Minneapolis malarial poisoning $4.00 Oct 1878
  Hartson, Fred'k Minneapolis var. veins, dis. of abd. vis., and ch. diar $14.00 Apr 1881
  Hall, Frank Minneapolis frozen feet $2.00 Apr 1881
  Hickox, Jas. Minneapolis g.s.w right side $12.00  
  Hawkes, Jas. Minneapolis g.s.w. head $4.00  
  Arnell, John H. Minneapolis lung dis. and pleurisy $14.00 June 1880
  Brown, Thomas G Minneapolis partl. paralysis $4.00 June 1882
  Hallmon, Arnold Minneapolis inj. of rt. arm & rheu. $8.00 Sept 1880
  Fillmore, Annie Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Foote, Harriet M Minneapolis widow $10.00  
  Watson, Nathan D Minneapolis wd. left hand $6.00  
  Wood, Loxley Minneapolis ulceration of stomach $6.00  
  Woodworth, Lansing Minneapolis injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Royal, David Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $4.00 June 1880
  Robinson, David Minneapolis injury to abdomen $4.00  
  Reese, Charles Minneapolis injury to abdomen $8.00 $8.00 Nov 1880
  Robinson, Albert C Minneapolis inj. to abd. & g.s.w. r thigh $8.00  
  Rockey, Abram D Minneapolis partial deafness $.400 June 1880
  Wheeler, Willett C Minneapolis loss right index finger $3.00  
  Robinson, Geo. R Minneapolis g.s.w.thro. l. shoulder $8.50  
  Robertson, Geo. L Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $4.00 Sep 1882
  Reck, Geo. L Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $4.00 May 1882
  Breasley, Sam'l L Minneapolis wound of breast $10.00  
  Babo, Sam'l Minneapolis disease of eyes $6.00 May 1879
  Long, Archibald M Minneapolis shell wound r. leg $6.00  
  Luce, Alonzo B Minneapolis loss r. index fngr. $2.00  
  Humphreys, Albert J Minneapolis loss left arm $24.00  
  Branegan, Thos. Minneapolis g.s.w. rt hip & arm $4.00 Sept 1881
  Boynton, Sylvanus S Minneapolis shell wound right knee $4.00  
  Baldwin, Snell J Minneapolis g.s.w. of left hip $2.00 Mar 1882
  King, Bethiah A Minneapolis widow $14.00 July 1881
  Allison, Amos J Minneapolis g.s.w. foot left leg $4.00 June 1882
  Ashforth, Geo. H Minneapolis g.s.w. foot & both thighs $8.00 Jan 1897
  King, Jean Minneapolis inj. to both hands & l. great toe $6.00  
  Kernin, Edward J Minneapolis gs.w r. shoulder $4.00  
  Nevers, Renssellae Minneapolis injury to abdomen $4.00 Nov 1883
  North, Mark A. H Minneapolis total deafness & chr. diar $15.00  
  Laymon, Samuel Minneapolis chills, fever & lung dis. $10.00  
  Lemmer, Peter Minneapolis amp. 2 fingers r. hand $4.00  
  Larson, Erick Minneapolis lung disease $8.00 April 19 ___
  Leighton, Ephraim F Minneapolis g.s.w right ankle $4.00  
  Libby, Edward G Minneapolis g.s.w. right arm $8.00  
  Lendquist, Chas. J Minneapolis chr. rheumatism $4.00 Jan 18 __
  Luce, Benj. F. H. Minneapolis g.sw. buttocks & back $6.00 Aug 1877
  Niles, Chas. B. Minneapolis g.s.w. right knee $12.00  
  Lester, Geo. W. Minneapolis g.s.w. left hand $2.00  
152,092 Soyre, Harrison H Minneapolis g.s.w. left thigh $2.00 Mar 187__
161,343 Nichols, Wm. M Minneapolis injury to abdomen $7.50 July 187_
88,097 Cook, Albert L Minneapolis chr. hepatitis $2.00  
156,001 Walsh, Patk Minneapolis g.s.w. left hand $.3.00 Oct 187_
177,938 Reed, Walter S. Minneapolis g.s.w. left eye $3.00 June 18__
77,692 Chamberlain, Henry Minneapolis chr. diar $8.00 Feb 18__
54,215 Ellis, Robt. S Minneapolis total blindness $72.00  
29,235 Groves, Betsy Minneapolis widow $8.00 Mar 18__
61,957 Clark, Sophronia Minneapolis widow $8.00 Mar 18__
10,673 Haight, Lewis Minneapolis loss left arm $24.00 Apr 18__
90,938 Doherty, Timothy Minneapolis frac. r. clavicle & inj. to abd. $29.25  
155,951 Reynold, Wm. H. Minneapolis wd. right arm. $2.00 Oct 18__
3,018 Creysler, Wm. P Minneapolis inj. to middle finger $2.00 Nov 18__
3, 182 Ferman, Fred Minneapolis rheu. congestion of lungs, pericarditis $6.00 June 18__
211, 766 Ireland, Edward S Minneapolis bronchitis & asthma $6.00 June 1800
  Erick, Johnson Minneapolis loss of left arm $24.001 Sept 18__
30,293 Morrison, Jas Minneapolis g.s.w r. hand $6.00 Mar 18__
54,193 VanVleek, Patty L Minneapolis widow $30.00  
34,540 Castle, Isaiah M Minneapolis wd. right arm $4.00  
146,584 Hunting, Chas. H Minneapolis wd. left thigh $2.00  
272 Crossman, Eliza C Minneapolis widow $8.00 May 1873
101,922 Patrick, Geo. Minneapolis dis. right leg $16.00  
99,087 Crosby, Geo. H. Minneapolis g.s.w. right leg $4.00 July 1, 1869
115,144 Fuller, Frank R. Minneapolis sunstroke $4.00 Jan 1882
65,405 Southard, Chas. W. Minneapolis g.s.w. left foot $8.00  
194,471 Caly, Clara E. Minneaolis widow $8.00 Feb 1882
59,489 Ridout, Louisa J Minneapolis widow $8.00  
2,965 Upton, Eben Minneapolis anchy.1. hand $12.00  
67,310 Kneeland, Eben Minneapolis loss 2 & 3 fingers $2.00  
141,505 Buttermouth, Add'n S. Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $4.00  
31,787 Bartlett, Jas. S. Minneapolis heart disease $8.00  
129,383 Withev, Arthur Minneapolis inflamed lungs $8.00  
  Allen, Ethan Minneapolis dyspepsia $4.00 April 1881
  Jenny, Jacob Minneapolis g.s.w. left shoulder $8.00  
  Blaisdell, Henry E Minneapolis g.s.w. forearm $14.00  
  Burr, Henry Minneapolis consumption $4.00  
  Buskey, Jay Minneapolis g.s.w. left foot $4.00  
  Bryant, Jas. Minneapolis g.s.w. left thigh $4.00  
  Graves, Charles Minneapolis wd. left groin $2.66 2/3
  Gebhart, Gabriel Minneaolis g.s.w. right side & wrist $2.00 June 1880
  Geist, Frank J. Minneapolis heart disease $8.00 Apr 1880
  Gillespie, Jas. A Minneapolis g.s.w. left leg $4.00  
  Gunther, Jacob Minnepolis g.s.w. right forearm $2.00 Jan 1881