Hennepin County

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No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post Offce address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of original allowance
  Ferkins, Henry H Minneapolis g.s.w. left ankle blank blank
  Fox, George W. Minneapolis g.s.w. right left $8.50  
  Fix, Calvin R Minneapolis lung disease $4.00 Oct 1880
  Finnagan, Patrick Minneapolis loss left leg $18.00  
  Fowley, Aaron K Minneapolis varicose veins of both legs $6.00 Dec 1880
  Fleethorn, John Minneapolis g.s.w. of thigh $8.00  
  Frazier, William Minneapolis g.s.w. right hip $4.00  
  Farnham, Stephen S Minneapolis spinal meningitis & res $10.00  
  Broderick, William H Minneapolis minors of $12.00 Mar 1882
  Kostmonn, Mary Minneapolis widow 19.00 Dec 1880
  Irwin, Sophronia Minneapolis widow $19.00  
  Farnsworth, Austin W Minneapolis g.s.w. right leg $4.00  
  Finley, Anthony Minneapolis g.s.w. hip $2.66 2/3
  Gutling, William Minneapolis wd. left arm $4.00  
  Serity, William Minneapolis g.s.w. left shoulder $8.00  
  Gleeson, Patrick Minneapolis sunstroke, heart dis., chr. diar. & C $8.00 June 1882
  Galpin, Morenus J. Minneapolis pistol sot r. thigh $4.00  
  Grover, Milton Minneapolis chr. diar. & dis. of abd. via $10.00 Sept 1882
  Gobear, Louis Minneapolis g.s.w. left side of head $2.00 March 1881
  Bean, Oliver W. Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $6.00 Oct 1880
  Bailey, Merrill A Minneapolis Injury to abdomen $8.00 June 1881
  Bixby, Luther C. Minneapolis Loss of right left $18.00  
  Baker, Lewis D. Minneapolis g.s.w. right foot $2.00  
  Bunce, Levi P Minneapolis heart disease $6.00 Aug 1881
  Burgess, Joseph P. Minneapolis wd. right thigh $4.00  
  Booth, Jonathan Minneapolis odema & ulcer of l leg $12.00 Jan 1878
  Bean, John S. J. Minneapolis g.s.w of face, deafness of l. ear, imp. vision l. eye $8.00  
  Bugbee, John G. Minneapolis g.s.w. left left $4.00  
  Kibby, Anson M. Minneapolis inj. to spine $4.00 Aug 1880
  Kitman, Alonzo Minneapolis Lung disease $8.00 Feb 1880
  Keniston, Alfred Minneapolis Injury to Abdomen $18.00  
  Branton, Robt. H. Minneapolis g.s.w. chest $4.00 Nov 1880
  Kearns, Patrick Minneapolis g.s.w. both thighs $4.00  
  Kartung, Nicholas Minneapolis injury of left knee $4.00 May 1882
  Murphie, Edward D. W. Minneapolis father. $8.00  
  Mersen, Maria Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Wilson, Joel Minneapolis father $8.00  
  Williams, Hannah Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Kermon, Jacob Minneapolis child $10.00  
  Pratt, Miles G. Minneapolis child $10.00  
  Ramp, Charles E. Minneapolis child $10.00 Sept 1879
  Reese, Samuel B. Minneapolis Wound of both hands $6.00  
  Rice, Martin B. Minneapolis g.s.w. head $4.00 May 1882
  Rolfe, Joseph H. Minneapolis Lung disease $6.00  
  Whitmore, Rufus E. Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $8.00  
  Woods, John Minneapolis g.s.w. of head $8.00 Dec 1878
  Wilson, John Minneapolis g.s.w right left $4.00 Aug 1880
  Wallace, Jas. P Minneapolis g.s.w. of left leg $2.00 Oct 1880
  Wilson, James K. Minneapolis chr. Kiarrhea $15.00  
  Wright, Hiram P Minneapolis inj. to foot & g.s.w r. foot $8.00 Oct 1880
  Wilby, Henry O. Minneapolis shell wd. r. side $2.00 Feb 1882
  West. Geo. W. Minneapolis chr. diarrhea & results $2.00 June 1881
  Worth, Frank M. Minneapolis g.s.w right left $4.00  
  Cleator, John Minneapolis injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Clark, Jas. T. Minneapolis g.s.w., loss of 3 & 4th fings. $6.00 Apr 1882
  Word, Robert Minneapolis child $17.00  
  Walker, Ephraim Minneaolis child $10.00  
  Macomber, Wyman C Minneapolis g.s.w. right foot $2.00 Apr 187_
  McMillan, Wm. F. Minneapolis g.s.w. right shoulder $6.00  
  Mortimer, William Minneapolis loss of right arm $24.00  
  Reeves, William H. Minneapolis kidney disease $12.00 Feb 1881
  Starkey, Joseph B Minneapolis g.s.w. right hand $6.00  
  Show, Martin V. Minneapolis loss of voice $6.00  
  Snider, Samuel P. Minneapolis g.s.w. left arm & chest $4.00  
  Spencer, Rudolph A Minneapolis g.s.w. right leg above knee $4.00  
  Smart, Robert Minneapolis g.s.w. right side $4.00  
  Sheehan, Patrick Minneapolis varicose veins both legs $6.00 Oct 188_
  Shendel, Gotlieb Minneapolis inj. to chest & lung disease $6.00 June 1881
  Simpson, George H. Minneapolis g.s.w. left arm $4.00  
  Preston, Charles W. W Minneapolis spinal meningitis & res. partial paralysis $18.00 June 1882
  Parker, Harleigh Minneapolis injury to thigh $18.00  
  Parcher, Frank M. Minneapolis wound right arm $18.00  
  Perkins, Ellett P. Minneapolis g.s.w. thigh $8.00  
  Partridge, Henry A. Minneapolis throat dis. & loss 1 eye $13.50 June 18__
  Peel, John W. Minneapolis wd. left leg $18.00  
  Perkins, John K. Minneapolis g.s.w. left knee $4.00  
  Perry, John P. Minneapolis wd. right wrist $15.00  
  Post, Henry a. Minneapolis g.s.w. right arm & side $6.00 Aug 18__
  Phipps, Thos. H. Minneapolis rheumatism $4.00 Nov 18__
  Morrill, Thomas B. Minneapolis tot'l deafness of L. & part'l R. ear $6.00 Aug 18__
  Collins, Philimena Minneapolis widow $15.00 July 18__
  Daily, Malinda Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Bolster, Marietta Minneapolis widow $20.00  
  Crow, Clarinda J. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Masterson, Jas. E. Minneapolis g.s.w. right thigh $3.00  
  Mertz, Jacob K. Minneapolis shell wound left ear $2.00 Apr 18__
  Merritt, Levi K. Minneapolis g.s.w. right thigh $4.00  
  Mitchell, Lester V Minneapolis inj. to back & paralysis $24.00  
  Bossi, Margaretha Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Benton, Hannah W. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Boxham, Ann M. Minneapolis widow $10.00  
  Byrnes, Catherine Minneapolis widow $10.00  
  Babcock, Ellen M. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Bowdish, Marion B. Minneapolis widow $20.00  
  Brenner, Mary J. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Bates, Prudentia Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Bartley, Bridget Minneapolis widow $14.00 Feb 18__
  Taylor, Sarah Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Weeks, Mary A. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Wardwell, Miranda T Minneapolis widow $20.00  
  Hanson, Anna B. Minneapolis widow $8.00 June 18__
  Hoban, Bridget Minneapolis mother $8.00 May 18__
  Kennedy, Jane Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Johnston, Eva C. Minneapolis mother $8.00 Feb 18__
  Snyder, Cyrus L. Minneapolis chr. diar. & headache from apoplexy $4.25 Sept 18__
  Smith, Cyrus Minneapolis chr. dyspepsia & gen. debil'y $8.00  
  Shalafoo, Charles Minneapolis disease of eyes $18.00  
  Smith, Ernest Minneapolis frozen feet $6.00  
  Stahler, Enoch Minneapolis g.s.w. left arm $17.00  
  Sloan, Elisha W. Minneapolis wound right hand $4.00 Aug 18__
  Swaim, Howard L. Minneapolis chr. rheumatism $4.00  
  Suyser, Henry E. Minneapolis g.s.w. left arm & side $2.00 June 18__
  Scheible, John Minneapolis injury left shoulder $4.00 Apr 18__
  Sweeney, Jas. Minneapolis bronchitis $6.00 Apr 18__
  Swenson, John S. Minneapolis would of left shoulder $18.00  
  Sadler, John C. Minneapolis partial deafness $6.00  
  Cook, Caroline Minneapolis mother $8.00 Oct 18__
  Clough, Charles Minneapolis father $8.00  
  Bryant, Sarah Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Pitney, Cynthia F. Minneapolis mother $8.00 Aug 18__
  Pineo, Mary G. Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Beaumont, Mary Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Barrows, Judith Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Ames, Catherine B. Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Pratt, Samuel L Minneapolis wound of r. breast & thigh $8.00  
  York, Robert W. Minneapolis wound left arm $6.00  
  Yost, George D. Minneapolis g.s.w. left leg $8.00  
  Tager, Andrew Minneapolis injury to right knee $5.33 2/3
  Underwood, John M Minneapolis intermittent fever $17.00  
  Davison, Burnett W. Minneapolis inj. to right knee $6.00 May 1878
  Sprague, Amanda Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 July 1878
  Dunn, Hugh Minneapolis inj. of l. hand, causing contrac. of fingers, dis. of abdominal viscera. $8.00 Nov 1880
  Deuber, Charles Minneapolis wd. r. hip & left leg $6.00  
  Demick, Newell Minneapolis inj. to l. side, inj. to abdomen $6.00 Aug 1881
  Dugan, John Minneapolis shell wound of back $2.00 Nov 1881
  Doosh, John Minneapolis injury to right wrist $4.00 Apr 1880
  Davis, Wm. W. Minneapolis varicose veins r. leg $6.00 Oct 1880
  Day, Wm. B. Minneapolis inj. to side & lung disease $8.00 Oct 1880
  Dobson, Wm. Minneapolis inj. to chest $4.00 April 1881
  Daly, Wm. Minneapolis sunstroke & varicose veins $6.00 June 1881
  Rosch, Anna Barbara Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Coleman, Ruth Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Booth, Albert F. Minneapolis dis. of eyes $8.00 Feb 1882
  Sprague, Mary Minneapolis widow of 1812 $8.00 Sep 1882
  Moore, Esther Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00  
  Greeley, Elizabeth H Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1879
  Drew, Julia Ann Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1873
  Miller, Anna, Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00  
  Bradbury, Abba L. Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00  
  Calkins, Sarah Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00  
  May, Sally Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 July 1878
  Patridge, Mary E. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Peck, Maggie T. Minneapolis widow $12.00 April 1881
  Mayes, William H. Minneapolis inj. to ab. & inj. of back $6.00 June 1882
  Rowlandson, Hilpa Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 Jan 1881
  Lane, Velona Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 May 1879
  Pratt, Sarah Minneapolis widow 1812 $8.00 Feb 1880
  Baldwin, Frederick Minneapolis g.s.w. of left foot $2.66 2/3
  Bartlett, Franklin Minneapolis g.s.w. right thigh $6.00  
  Bunker, Frank R. Minneapolis g.s.w. r. leg $4.00 May 1882
  Holmes, Caroline A Minneapolis widow $25.00  
  Hoyt, Laura A. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Fewer, Joanna Minneapolis widow $17.00  
  Goodier, Amanda M Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Gnise, Elizabeth Minneapolis widow $18.00 Apr 1879
  Green, Mary A. Minneapolis widow $8.00 Sep 1882
  Hunt, John D. Minneapolis chr. diar. & heart dis. $17.00  
  Huntsinger, Jared V Minneapolis g.s.w left leg $10.00  
  Green, Sarah Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  McDonald, Charles Minneapolis chr. diar. & dis. of abd. Vis. $12.00  
  Morse, Elisha, Jr. Minneapolis chr. diarrhea $17.00  
  Mortimer, Elias V. Minneapolis injury to abdomen $8.00 Mar 1881
  Morrill, Edwin R. Minneapolis fever sores $2.00  
  Mason, David L. Minneapolis loss right left. $18.00  
  McAllister, Henry A. Minneapolis heart disease $8.00 Jul 1881
  Monroe, George Minneapolis shell wound of head $6.00 Nov 1880
  Hall, Elizabeth U. Minneapolis widow $8.00  
  Hall, Lorinda T. Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Hughes, Mary A. Minneapolis mother $8.00  
  Hyland, Rosanna Minneapolis mother $8.00