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January 1998 Queries for Hennepin County, MN

Christine McCormick <mac5@erols.com> Thu Jan  1 17:43:15 1998
Looking for DUNAWAY, JOHNSON & HENDERSON descendants. Bernice (Dunaway) JOHNSON, born NOv 22, 1891, died aft 1974 married Gilbert? Johnson with whom she had 2 children: Marion Homer JOHNSON.  Her sister, Margaret (Madge)Dunaway married Oscar Langworthy HENDERSON and they had 3 children: Grace, Floyd, Vera.  Madge could have married Charles Durrell (DURCELL?).  She died in St Paul, MN but her sister Bernice was in Minneapolis in the early 1920s. Any clue, no matter how small would be cherished.  WIll shall all i have.  Christine in Maryland

Jerry Shaffner <jshaff7575@aol.comI'm searching> Fri Jan  2 12:24:37 1998
I'm searching for info relating to ARCHIE E.SHAFFNE born in 1889 in Amery WI. Lived in Minneapolis during the early 1930s Married  and had 2 Daughters. Owned or worked at the WHITE SHOP hamberger rest. He divorced and moved to Cleveland about 1935.. I am trying to find the two daughters (my step-sisters) or any info on ARCHIE . THANKS FOR ANY HELP.     Jerry Shaffner -jshaff7575@aol.com

John E. Ernest <jeernest@aol.com> Sun Jan  4 07:21:57 1998
Would like to contact anyone with the Surname Dempsie concerning George Dempsie, professional photographer, who lived in Minneapolis 1880 thru 1920.  He had sons George and Guy Dempsie.  George Sr. died 21 November 1910.  He lived and worked at 316 Nicholet Ave.

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 16:59:59 1998
I am searching for the marriage date of Mae (May) HAVEN to Myron (Ralph) PIKE between 1910-1912.  She was living in Minneapolis,Hennepin in 1910 census with her parents Stephen and Mary Ellen BLANCHARD.  Thank you.  Please email to VBarneson@aol

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 17:03:32 1998
I am searching for the exact birth and death date of a little 3 year old- Daphine ADDISON b. abt 1916 died abt 1918/19 in Minneapolis, Hennepin. Her parents were Amy and ____ ADDISON   Thank you.  Please email VBarneson@aol

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 17:06:21 1998
I am searching for a marriage between Amy Radcliffe and ____ADDISON.  They were married about 1914.  Thank you .  Please email to VBarneson@aol

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 17:08:20 1998
I am searching for a marriage between Mae Pike and Carl C. ADNERSON about 1918-1924. Thank you  Pleae email VBarneson@aol

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 17:10:07 1998
I am searching for a marriage between Amy ADDISON and Freank E. BUTTERFIELD about 1918-1921. Thank you. Please email at VBarneson@aol

Valerie Barneson <VBarneson@aol> Sun Jan  4 17:11:52 1998
I am searching for a death of Eunice BUTTERFIELD in 1921.  Please help me with the exact date.  Thank you.  Please email to VBarneson@aol

Judy Howwington <jlh@tusc.net> Wed Jan 7 15:05:52 1998
I am searching for someone who knows something about the GEISENHOFF surname. John Henry GEISENHOFF was married to Marie QUINN. I saw the name Geisenhoff in a listing of Minneapolis obits. I have an uncle who says that John Henry Geisenhoff and Marie Quinn were his parents. He does not use that surname and knows nothing beyond these names. Any help out there? Judy Howington 1801 River Road Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Jan Edvardsen <jaed@online.no> Thu Jan 8 13:12:07 1998
A brother of my Greatgreatgrandfather - Ole Gundbjornsen (1810-1910) - went north from Trondelag, married and started farming the farm Aakvik in Vikna. His line is researced and clear back to appr. 1670. He had three sons. One , Odin, took over the farm and the two others left for the US and it is said that they lived in Canby, Minnesota. They were: 1. Paul Gundbiornsen Aakvik (born 1846), called himself Paul Gunderson in the US. Carpenter. I've been able to find something on Paul in Yellosw Medicine County, MN. 2. Kristian Gundbiornson Aakvik (born 1854), called himelf Kristian OAKVIK in the US. I could find nothing about OAKVIK in Yellow Medicine. Then I checked the Social Secutrity Death Index for OAKVIKs. Three of the seven listed died in Hennepin. I therefore hope that someone in Hennepin can supply me with information on OAKVIKs coming from Vikna, Norway.

Alice M. Henneberry <j-a-henn@velocity.net> Thu Jan 8 21:19:57 1998
THOMPSON---seeking family info/descendants of Hans [1870-?] and Frances Marion [1874-1950](MCINTOSH)THOMPSON who lived in the Mpls area. Frances is buried in the St. Mary's Cemetery. Their children were Lawrence (dates unk) and Annie (born 1879). Lawrence married twice, but died at ae 37 yrs. Annie married twice; 1st marr to a "SMITH", two children, Kenneth "Kenny"; and June "Juney". Their whereabouts after 1940 are unknown. Annie's 2nd marr; six children (names unknown). If anyone has information on this family, please contact me. Mailing address is 1311 East 41st Street, Erie PA 16504-2509.

Roberta Inglet <COACH3741@AOL.COM> Thu Jan 8 23:13:49 1998
I am researching my great grandfathers line. I know he came orignally from Maine. His surname was changed from STINCHFIELD, TO STENCHFIELD AND FINALLY HIS SPELLING STANCHFIELD. He lived in St. Anthony with his mother MARY STANCHFIELD, wife, ELIZABETH E. AVERY STANCHFIELD, and his sister AMY. AMY was married to a NOYES. There also was a brother CHARLES. Any information on this family would be appreciated. I know the NOYES AND STANCHFIELD'S LEFT TO COME TO MONTANA AROUND 1860. Thanks so much for your help. COACH3741@aol.com ROberta Inglet 551 Douglas Ave, IDaho Falls, Idaho 83401

James A. Nethery <jneth@itis.com> Mon Jan 12 16:13:26 1998
Seeking any info on Ida (BURR) (SPENCER). She was born about August 1884 in MN. Her parents were Melbourne Clinton BURR and Alice (CAIN) BURR. She may have been married twice. 1st to William H. SPENCER/SPENSER about 1907. A 2nd husband may be ? HERMANN. They lived in Minneapolis and may have moved to Kandiyoho county. Melbourne had a manufacturing company in the late 1890's and early 1900's. He died 19 January 1916 in Minneapolis. Ida's brother and sisters were Frances E. Trett, Alice C. Tompkins and Richard Melbourne Burr. Thanks for any help in this area.

Larry Peterson <Photolary@aol.com> Fri Jan 16 22:37:44 1998
Searching for info on Swan Jensen HOLM, his wife Elsa, and children Gust, Alfred, Emma, Oscar, Emil, and Ella, all arriving in the United States in 1888 from Skane, Sweden. I would like to verify a story of one child dying on board ship enroute to America. Also need info regarding Amanda PETERSDOTTER who married someone with the last name of SODERLUND. She also probably arrived in America in the late 1800's. She was the daughter of Peter JOHANSON and Kristina PETERSDOTTER of Gelabo, Smaland, Sweden. All persons mentioned resided in Hennepin County from about 1888 to various times until the 1960's.

Barbara Koll Heaton <bkh95@aol.com> Sun Jan 18 11:58:58 1998
Hannah Schellberger Norlin, wife of Frank Norlin, sister of Mary Clara Schellberger Koll Johnson, Mpls. Daughters are Ione Norlin Anderson ,husband Ansel Anderson and Lucille Norlin , husband E>P> Burgess, both of Hopkins ,Mn

Joleen K Brenner <DemonToe@aol.com> Mon Jan 19 04:35:33 1998
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Adelbert Henry James BRENNER b.7-18-1887 in Hennepin County.

Steve Baker <sanddoctor@aol.com> Mon Jan 19 10:37:04 1998
Am very interested in info re: CARL J. HORNUNG. Information sketchy. Known to have lived in Minneapolis in 1926 with LUCILLE CORMICK. They may have married. He worked at Brin Glass. May have been born in Hennepin County in 1900-02, son of German immigrants. He is my grandfather.

Linda M. Welch <Linda.M.Welch@Dartmouth.edu> Mon Jan 19 11:56:25 1998
BURBANK: Looking for any and all information about the BURBANK family of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They came to Minnesota from Windsor County, Vermont. We are doing a whole series of books on the FAMILIES of the BLACK RIVER VALLEY, Windsor County,Vt. Would like to correspond with descendants: E-mail or Snail mail: Linda M. Welch, 179 Meriden Road, Lebanon, NH 03766 James Crawford Burbank (b. Ludlow, Vt. 20 Jan., 1822, son of Simeon Burbank) and his descendants.

TINA MCDONALD--HOUCK <grizzly@pacifier.com> Mon Jan 19 13:38:15 1998
I am looking for any information about my gr.gr.grandfather and his wife. George Henry LEAKE b. 28 SEP 1869 p.b. Hennepin Co., MN. m. 16 OCT 1892 d. 12 MAR 1946 p.d. ?Merced , CA? He married Elvira A Newton b. 7 DEC 1872 p.b. Cedar Co., MO. d. 25 MAY 1958 p.d. Merced, CA I have no information about 2gr.grandads parents and wonder that if he was born in Hennepin maybe they could have been. Please, any information about this line would be greatly appreciated, one of their childrens names is gr.grandmother: Georgia Lee LEAKE b. 3 AUG 1903 p.b. Joplin

John E. Ernest <jeernest@aol.com> Tue Jan 20 10:27:49 1998
Looking for any descendants of George M. Dempsie. George was a professional photographer in Minneapolis between 1884 and 1910. His main studio was at 316 Nicolet Ave. He was married to Lucy Bannister and they had children Ina, George R. and Guy Dempsie. George's second wife was Ida Allen Bourdeaux. George M. and George R. are buried in Lakewood Cemetery. Any information on this family would be appreciated. John Ernest

John E. Ernest <jeernest> Tue Jan 20 10:36:15 1998
Looking for any information on ALBERT E. LESLIE and his wife Laura. Both are buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery. They were married in 1925. Laura died 1962 and Albert died 1973. Did they have any children?

Eva Burns Bachman <eb35712@navix.net> Tue Jan 20 17:01:28 1998
Info. wanted on Lawrence Leon GRAMES b. 2 Aug 1905, Montcalm Co., MI, d. ca. Jun 1979, Minneapolis, MN. Son of Burton E & Nellie F. (LEWIS) GRAMES. Any descendants please contact me. He was my great-uncle.

Janice R.Long <WLong39059@aol.com> Wed Jan 21 07:34:08 1998
Looking for information about the parents or relations of Joseph Anthony Walsch, married to a Victoria, probably in Minneapolis in l910-1915 period. Moved to St.Louis area by l9l9. He was a boxer of some reputation in his youth. Thanks for any help. Jan Long

Denise Ayers <dennylynn@worldnet.att.net> Wed Jan 21 15:19:36 1998
Looking for descendants of John R. and Thea PETERSEN. John was born in MN in 1872, and Thea was born in MN in 1881. Both were of Norwegian ancestry. They were living in Minneapolis in 1920, at 2530 Pillsbury Ave. They had an adopted daughter (my great-aunt) Esther, who was born in MN in 1911 to Peter and Petra (RASMUSSON) NELSON, who were Norwegian immigrants. Esther was was living at the same address in Minneapolis in 1935. John and Thea had a son, Richard L., who was born in MN in 1915. I would be very grateful for any info on this family.

Enid Gillihan <enidgilia@aol.com> Thu Jan 22 20:24:14 1998
COE - Am looking for information/family of Will T. COE who practiced law in Minneapolis in the 1890's. May have lived at 508 Russell Ave. North in Minneapolis in 1891. In 1897 was a Representative, and perhaps became a Senator. Clarence Stanley COE, his brother, married Lulu Joy, daughter of Samuel Joy, a prominent lumberman, on 11 March 1891.

Rubem Q. Cobra <rqcobra@tba.com.br> Fri Jan 23 15:06:22 1998
On the United States Social Security Records (1937-1995) I found George Cobra, b. 07 Nov. 1899 d. Dec. 1978, who lived in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. I would like to know if his line is from Portugal or the Portuguese Islands. Can any body help me find a George's relative, either living in Hennepin or in other places in Minnesota, to whom I could write? I would much appreciate that information.

Elaine T. Maddox <etm1935@yahoo.com> Fri Jan 23 20:57:14 1998
Researching my family, grandparents, Michael (Matej) Slepicka a/k/a Slepica and Chicken (translation of Slepica), and Anna Hruska Slepica, a/k/a Pear, Peary (translation of Hruska/Hruskova), both born Bohemia, 1856, married at Chicago, Illinois, 1879, moved to and raised a family at 418 27th Avenue N., Minneapolis, MN. Anna predeceased Michael. Michael died 1935 at Mpls. My father, Fred S. Chicken, was one of their children. Other children are: William Slepica (a/k/a Chicken), moved to Seattle, WA, in early 1900's, Walter Slepica, Edward Chicken, George Slepica, Joseph Slepica, Elizabeth Slepica Hoffman (Ed), Maude Slepica Schauer (Al), and Anna Slepica (unmarried). All children, with the exception of William and Fred, lived in and died at Mpls. Seek descendents of this family. Family Tree as known is posted at Family Tree Maker site.

Terry Meinke <meinket@ix.netcom.com> Sat Jan 24 08:54:13 1998
David Coulter and John Coulter I am searching for descendants of David and John Coulter who both lived in the Minneapolis area in the early 1900;s. David Coulter 1855-1917 born in Canada, died in Mpls, was married to Dore Hose and they had three children: Oscar 1881, Thomas 1883 and Ida 1884. David was a conductor with the railroad. John Coulter 1869-aft 1929 born near Blue Earth City, MN, probably died in Mpls area, was married to Hattie Quinn and they had five children: William 1893, Pearl 1894, Annabell 1895, Fred 1897 and Adell 1899. John was a switchman with the railroad. Both men changed their orginal surname from Coulthart to Coulter. I have much info on Coultharts to share.

Doug Negus <negus@nwidt.com> Sun Jan 25 10:36:48 1998
I am trying to find out where my great grandfather went to. His name was John Nicholes LAMBERTY and he was born on September 10, 1879 in Boven, Luxembourg. He was married on July 5, 1905 in Baschleiden, Luxembourg to Mary Madeline Majerus. They had 7 children; Margaret (my grandmother), Norbert, Victor, Marcella, Eleanor, Marie, and Louis. He was a Catholic and a blacksmith by trade. He liked to ride motorcycles and played the accordian. He left my great grandmother in 1922 and we never heard from him again. I had a small tidbit of information that said he may have died in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He may have even remarried and had another family. If anyone has any information at all on him I would appreciate it. My grandmother is 92 years old and I'm sure it would make her rest easier if she knew what happened to her father. Thank you very much. Sincerely,

peggy smith <msmith4751@aol.com> Tue Jan 27 08:10:59 1998
Looking for information on Daniel Smith. Is believed to have moved from Grafton, NH, @1830 to Minneapolis. He is a descendant of Eleazor Smith, Sr.

John E. Ernest <jeernest@aol.com> Tue Jan 27 13:19:57 1998
LESLIE/BOURDEAUX - Looking for descendants of Stephen G. Leslie. I am interested in their son Albert E. who married Laura Bourdeaux 28 May 1925. Does anyone still remember Laura who died in 1962 and is buried in Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.

John E. Ernest <jeernest@aol.com> Tue Jan 27 13:26:38 1998
MOUSSEAU - Looking for the parents of Charles Mousseau who was born in Montreal, Canada 1806. He settled in Hennepin Co. ca 1835. He had a large family and I believe that the name changed to MOUSSO during the late 1800s. I am descended from Sophia Mousso who married Oliver P. Bourdeaux 1875 in Minneapolis.

Sherrie Scambler <joelle1@ix.netcom.com> Tue Jan 27 17:44:34 1998
Looking for information on descendants of Robert SCAMBLER (8 Mar 1834-7 Nov 1896). Children from his first marriage to Elizabeth BIRD that lived in Hennepin Co. were Mary Ann Scambler who married John Augustus MATTSON/MATTISON, Burton Scambler (22 Nov 1866-26 May 1912) who married Alice and Thomas Scambler (15 Jun 1873-11 July 1907) who married Louise. Robert's 2nd marriage was to Emma and they had one child Ruth Scambler (b. Jul 1897).

Joan M. Perry <Pperry@fdldotnet.com> Thu Jan 29 12:23:14 1998
Looking for any info on the Schlange family. My grandmother was supposedly born in Minneapolis, Eva Ruth Schlange, born Nov. 1886 or 87. Parents were, Amelia (Emma) Miller Schlange and Otto Schlange. Father left, whereabouts unknown. Mother remarried and moved to ND. There were two brothers, Otto Jr. and Jack.

James A. Nethery <jneth@itis.com> Thu Jan 29 15:44:29 1998
Seeking any info on Ida (BURR) (SPENCER). She was born about August 1884 in MN. Her parents were Melbourne Clinton BURR and Alice (CAIN) BURR. She may have been married twice. 1st to William H. SPENCER/SPENSER about 1907. A 2nd husband may be ? HERMANN. They lived in Minneapolis and may have moved to Kandiyoho county. Melbourne had a manufacturing company in the late 1890's and early 1900's. He died 19 January 1916 in Minneapolis. Ida's brother and sisters were Frances E. Trett, Alice C. Tompkins and Richard Melbourne Burr. Thanks for any help in this area.

Norma Lange Nelson <dkmus@netins.net> Fri Jan 30 10:52:28 1998
Relatives in Denmark are searching for members of this family or their descendants- Cabinetmaker Martin Hansen born 3/24/1863 in Dk. his wife Anne Catherine Lauritzen born 2/1/1867 in Dk. They left Dk. in 1902 and came to Minneapolis. They had 3 children; Lauritz Hansen born 8/23/1894, he married Loretta in Mpls. and lived there until 1949 when they moved 150 miles north. they had 3 soms Paul, Bill, and William., 2nd child Greta Oline born 6/13/1896 married Gustav Johnson in Mpls. They had Katrine who married Robert in Mpls.Robert and Katrine had a dry cleaning busines,,,their children were Gary,, born in 1942, Greg born in 1947,and Harry, Harry was married to Molly. they lived in Mpls until 1950 when they moved to Washington state. They were parents of a son born in 1940 and a daughterEline, born in 1950. The third child of martin and Anne Catherine Hansen was HANS, He was married to Ruth. They had two sons. they lived in Mpls, In 1952 Ane Catherine lived with daughter Grete and gustav Johnson at 1rst Ave. S. 3212 in Mpls..Before this she lived at 1rst Ave. S 3216, where Katrine lied in 1952... Please write to Norma Lange Nelson at dkmus@netins.net or 2202 F 58 St. Elk Horn, Iowa 51531

Jerimiah Moerke/ Elbow Lake, MN/ moer0020@tc.umn.edu