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History of Minneapolis Public Schools.   An online historical archive of  Minneapolis Public Schools listing all elementary, Junior and Senior High schools, some with photos.  Click on the link for "Schools and Facilities" at the top of the page.



Alumni Roster - 1870-1872-1874-1875-1876-1877-1878-1879 Minneapolis Central High School

1890 Class of Minneapolis Central High School. List of Seniors

1897 Class of Minneapolis Central High School. List of Seniors and some photos.

1900 Class of Minneapolis Central High School. List of Seniors

1900 Class of Minneapolis South High School. List of Seniors

1900 Class of Minneapolis North High School. List of Seniors.

1908 Class of Minneapolis Central High School. List of Seniors with photos and home addresses of students.

1908 Class of Minneapolis East High School. List of Seniors & class photo

1940 Minneapolis Central High School.  January Grads.

1940 Minneapolis Central High School.  June Grads.

1940 Minneapolis Central High School Faculty.   Faculty and Staff.

1919 West High School Transcriptions by Tom Gerber

1947 Edison Senior High School Graduation class  List of Seniors and Photo of Senior Class play.

1921-1922 Senior Classes of Minneapolis South High School. 
December Graduating Class
June Graduating Class  
I own the original yearbook, which includes photos of the Senior Classes, and will be glad to scan photos and send them via e-mail.  Please send requests to me at schumanC@comcast.net

1930- Senior Class of Minneapolis South High School.  Page One/Page Two

1938 8th Grade Graduation Program.
In 1938 Hennepin County held a program for the 8th grade graduating classes of the Non-Minneapolis Public Schools.   The  ceremony was held at Excelsior Amusement Park, which then allowed the students and their families to enjoy a day at the park after the ceremony. This was never repeated and they returned to individual school ceremonies. 




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High Schools

First Minneapolis Central High
3rd Avenue South and 11th St.
1st permanent building 1873

Second Minneapolis Central
opened in 1913 at 4th Avenue between
34th and 35th Streets. Closed 1982

North High School
1500 James Ave North. Opened 1st building 1891.

Original South High School
3131 19th Ave South. Opened 1891

 West High School
2808 Hennepin Ave. Opened 1909. Closed 1982

 East High School
Central Ave. between University Ave. S.E. and S.E. 4th St. Closed in 1924

Edison High School
700 22nd Ave N.E.  (ca. 195?)
Vocational High School
3rd Ave So. at 11th St.  (ca. 1936)
Roosevelt Sr.  High
4029 28th Ave So.
Southwest High School
3510 W. 47th St.
Washburn High School
201 W. 49th St.



Part 1

Part 2
Phillips Jr. High School - 2200 13th Avenue South.
(Ca. 1958)
9th Grade Class of Phillips Jr. High 1958
Photo is in two parts. Click for larger image.
Nokomis Jr.  High School
52nd & 36th Ave So.  (ca. 1936)
Sheridan Jr. High.
Broadway St. NE at University Ave N.E. (ca. 1954)
Susan B. Anthony Jr. High
5757 Irving Ave S. (ca. 1959)



Union School- Minneapolis. 1858-1870 Greeley Elementary School- 12th Ave Twenty-Sixth St. (ca. 1910)
Washington School - 1870. Replaced Union School.
4th St S to 5th St S between 3rd Ave S and 4th Ave S, Central, Mpls,
Mrs. Murphy's 4th Grade Class of Greeley Elementary- 1952
3rd Grade Class of Excelsior Elementary School, Excelsior MN- 1947 Webster School on Monroe Ave. NE. Mpls.

1st grade class of Wayzata Elementary School 1929-1930

2nd grade class of Wayzata Elementary School 1930-1931

3rd grade class of Wayzata Elementary School 1931-32

Adam's Elementary School- 1937.
Provided by Camille Lewis, whose uncle, Joseph G. Lewis, is #38 and she believes # 20 is her uncle's friend, Dan Nordahl.


Materials available in the Special Collections Department of the Minneapolis Public Library

Special Collections, 3rd floor of the Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, 612/630-6350, email: specialcollections@mplib.org

Minneapolis Public Library Yearbook Collections The James K. Hosmer Special Collections Library at the Minneapolis Public Library houses a large collection of yearbooks from city high schools (not suburban Minneapolis).

Main Library site http://www.mplib.org/

Special Photo collections database: http://www.mplib.org/dbtw-wpd/phosrc.htm

Vertical Files

Photo Collection

Yearbook Collection: From Minneapolis schools. Included are high school yearbooks for public and private schools as early as 1890, junior high yearbooks as early as 1966 (most date after 1980), elementary yearbooks as early as 1970 (most date after 1985), high school newspapers as early as 1946, and the University of Minnesota 1888 to 1966/67.

Manuscripts and Archives: Filed under individuals such as Betty Bridgman (material on West High School)

Chart: Minneapolis Public Schools 1851-2000, a history of past and present schools and sites showing tenure of site ownership, duration of enrollment, school building construction in order of school enrollments.



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