ADAMS, Franklin and 16th Ave S.
[not listed]
AGASSIZ, Harriet Ave and W. 38th St.
[510 W. 38th St. 55409. Agassiz, Louis, famous naturalist, founder of the Museum of Natural History at Harvard, birthday May 28, 1807. Erected: 1922, addition: 1966]
256 Upton Ave S. 55405. Anwatin, Ojivway (Chippewa) word meaning the calm period that follows a storm. Erected: 1960, purchased: 1974]
2501 W. 56th St. 55410. Armatage, Mrs. Maude D., member of the Minneapolis Board of Park Commissioners for many years, birthday November 8, 1870. Erected: 1952, addition: 1954]
AUDUBON, Chowen Ave and W.41st St.
[4030 Chowen Ave S. 55410. Audubon, John James, American ornithologist, birthday April 26, 1785. Erected: 1924, addition: 1955]
BANCROFT, 14th Ave S and 38th St.
[1315 E. 38th St. 55407. Bancroft, George, American historian, birthday October 3, 1800. Erected: 1912, addition: 1920]
BARTON, Colfax Ave S and 43rd St.
[4237 Colfax Ave S. 55409. Barton, Clara, founder of the Red Cross in America, birthday December 25, 1821. Erected: 1915, addition: 1923]
919 Emerson Ave N. 55411. Bethune, Mary McLeod, a beloved American Negro. An educator and humanitarian. Erected: 1968]
BLAINE, 12th Ave N and 3rd.
[not listed]
BREMER, Emerson and Lowry Ave N.
[1214 Lowry Ave N. 55411. Bremer, Fredrika, Swedish novelist, birthday August 17, 1801. Erected: 1887, additions: 1897, 1910, 1916]
BRYN MAWR, Russell Ave S and Cedar.
[400 Russell Ave S. 55405. Named for the district in which it is located. Erected: 1908, addition: 1923]
BURROUGHS, Humboldt Ave S and 50th St.
[1501 W. 50th St. 55419. Burroughs, John, an American naturalist and author, birthday April 3, 1837. Erected: 1926 (3 room portable: 1921), addition: 1962]
CALHOUN, Girard Ave S and 31st St.
[3016 Girard Ave S. 55408. Calhoun, John C., American statesman, birthday March 18, 1782. Erected: 1887, additions: 1904, 1920]
CARY, 33rd Ave NE and Cleveland.
[not listed]
CAVELL, 34th Ave NE and Filmore.
[not listed]
CLAY, 20th Ave S and 4th St.
[not listed]
CLEVELAND, Russell and 33rd Ave N.
[3218 Russell Ave N. 55412. Cleveland, Grover, 22nd and 24th president of the U.S.A., birthday March 18 1837. Erected: 1927]
CLINTON, Clinton Ave and E 28th St.
[2803 Clinton Ave S. 55408. Probably named from Clinton Avenue, which was named for Clinton Morrison of Minneapolis, birthday January 21, 1842. The name was derived from De Witt Clinton of Erie Canal fame, birthday March 2, 1769. Erected: 1889, addition: 1920-21]
COOPER, 44th Ave S and 33rd St.
[3239 44th Ave S. 55406. Cooper, James Fenimore, American novelist, birthday September 15, 1789. Erected: 1923, addition: 1958]
CORCORAN, 19th Ave S and 34th St.
[3329 19th Ave S. 55407. Corcoran, William Wilson, American merchant and philanthropist, founded art gallery at Wash D.C., birthday December 27, 1789. Erected: 1889, additions: 1906, 1909, 1918]
DOUGLAS, Franklin and Dupont Ave S.
[not listed]
DOWLING, West River Road and 39th St.
[3900 West River Road. 55406. Dowling, Michael J., Minnesota banker, active and successful in spite of being crippled due to exposure in a severe blizzard in 1880, birthday February 17, 1866. Erected: 1924; additions: 1936, 1961, garage: 1950]
EMERSON, Spruce Place and 14th.
[Emerson school for Special Education (T.M.R.), 1421 Spruce Place, 55403. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, American essayist, poet and philosopher, birthday May 25, 1803. Erected: 1886 – demolished; new building erected: 1925, addition: 1926]
ERICSSON, 516 University SE.
[4315 31st Ave S.55406. Ericsson, John, Swedish engineer and inventor, builder of Monitors used by the U.S. Navy in Civil War, birthday July 31, 1803. Erected: 1916, addition: 1951]
EUGENE FIELD, 4th Ave S and 47th St.
[4645 4th Ave S. 55409. Field, Eugene, American humorist and poet, birthday September 3, 1850. Erected: 1920-21; additions: 1923, 1964]
FULLER, Harriet Ave S and W 48th St. (Margaret Fuller)
[not listed]
FULTON, Vincent Ave S and 49th St.
[4912 Vincent Ave S. 55410. Fulton, Robert, American engineer and inventor of the steamboat, birthday November 14, 1765. Erected: 1915, additions: 1922, 1966]
GARFIELD, Chicago Ave S and E 24th St.
[not listed]
GRANT, Girard and 12th Ave N.
[not listed]
GREELEY, 12th Ave S and 26th St.
[2602 12th Ave S. 55407. Greeley, Horace, famous American publicist and founder of the New York Tribune, birthday February 3, 1811. Erected 1888, additions: 1912]
GREESHAM, 36th Ave NE and 5th.
[not listed]
HALE, 12th Ave S and 54th St.
[1220 E. 54th St. 55417. Hale, Nathan, hero-martyr of the Revolutionary War, birthday June 6, 1755. Erected: 1930, additions: 1938, 1954]
1601 Aldrich Ave N. 55411. Hall, Elizabeth L., Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Minneapolis Public Schools from 1911-1934, birthday September 25, 1867. Erected: 1960, addition: 1963]
HAMILTON, Girard and 44th Ave N.
[4118 Emerson Ave N. 55412. Hamilton, Alexander, American lawyer and statesman, Birthday January 11, 1757. Erected: 1889; additions: 1899, 1908, 1911, 1925. New building erected: 1967]
HARRISON, James and 4th Ave N.
[1500 4th Ave N. 55405. Harrison, William Henry, American General, 9th president of U.S.A. Erected: 1884, additions: 1897, 1913, 1960]
HAWTHORNE, 24th Ave N and 6th.
[2414 N 6th. 55411. Hawthorne, Nathaniel, American writer of romance and short stories, birthday July 4, 1804. Erected: 1883, additions: 1903, 1912]
HAY, Penn and 10th Ave No.
[not listed]
HIAWATHA, 42nd Ave S and 42nd St.
[4201 42nd Ave S. 55406. Hiawatha – honor Henry W. Longfellow, the poet. Erected: 1916, addition: 1923]
HOLLAND, 17th Ave NE and Washington.
[1534 NE 6th. 55413. Holland, Josiah G., “Timohty Titcomb” American author, birthday July 24, 1819. Erected:  1886, additions: 1905, 1916 – demolished, new building erected: 1968]
HOLMES, 3rd Ave SE and 5th St.
[not listed]
HOWE, 43rd Ave S and E. 38th St.
[3733 43rd Ave S. 55406. Howe, Julia Ward, author of “the Battle Hymn of the Republlic”, birthday May 27, 1819. Erected: 1927]
IRVING, 17th Ave S and 28th St.
2736 17th Ave S. 55407. Irving, Washington, American essayist, novelist and historian, birthday April 3, 1783. Erected: 1884, additions: 1899, 1909, 1910, 1911]
JACKSON, 15th Ave S and 4th.
[not listed]
JOHNSON, 38th Ave S and 31st St.
[not listed]
KEEWAYDIN, 30th Ave S and 52nd St.
[5209 30th Ave S. 55417. Keewaydin meaning Northwest-Wind, the Home-wind, an Indian legend, mentioned in Longfellow’s poem, “The Song of Hiawatha.” Erected: not listed]
5720 Emerson Ave S. 55419.  Kenny, Sister Elizabeth, Australian nurse who developed the Kenny method of treating poliomyelitis. Erected: 1954, addition: 1957]
KENWOOD, Franklin and Penn Ave S.
[2013 Penn Ave S. 55405. Named for the district in which it is located. Erected 1908, additions: 1923, 1966]
LAFAYETTE, Lyndale and Laurel Ave N.
[not listed]
LAKE HARRIET, Sheridan Ave S and W 42nd St.
[4236 Sheridan Ave S. 55410. Lake Harriet – received its name from the nearby lake. Lake was named for Harriet Leavenworth , wife of Colonel Leavenworth, in command of the 5th U.S. Infantry that built Fort Snelling. Erected: 1906, additions: 1908, 1911]
2131 12th Ave N. 55411. Lincoln, Abraham, 16th president of the U.S.A., birthday February 12, 1809. Erected: 1923]
LIND, Camden and 52nd Ave N.
[5026 Dupont Ave N. 55430. Lind, Jenny, famous Swedish soprano, birthday October 6, 1820. Erected: 1937, additions: 1950, 1954]
LOGAN, Emerson Ave and 18th Ave N.
[not listed]
LONGFELLOW, 31st Ave S and 32nd St.
[3017 E 31st. 55406. Longfellow, Henry W. famous American poet, birthday February 27, 1807. Erected: 1918]
LORING, Thomas Ave N and 44th St.
[2600 44th Ave N. 55412. Loring, Charles Morgridge, “Father of Minneapolis Parks.” Birthday November 13, 1833. Erected: 1928]
LOWELL, Logan and Willow Ave N.
[1900 Willow Ave N. 55411. Lowell, James R., American poet, essayist, and diplomat, birthday February 22, 1819. Erected: 1893, addition: 1912]
LOWRY, 29th Ave NE and Lincoln.
[2840 NE Lincoln 55418. Lowry, Thomas, a public-spirited citizen of Minneapolis, birthday February 22, 1843. Erected: 1915]
LYNDALE, Lyndale Ave S and 34th St.
[3333 Grand Ave S.  55408 - Lyndale – named for the old Lyndale Avenue School. Erected: 1968.]
MADISON, 5th Ave S and 15th.
[1509 5th Ave S. 55404. Madison, James, 4th president of the U.S.A., birthday March 16, 1751. Erected: 1887, addition: 1889]
MANN, Chicago Ave S. and 34th St. (Horace Mann)
[not listed]
MARCY, 11th Ave SE and 7th.
[711 11th Ave SE. 55414. Marcy, William L., American statesman and Secretary of State, birthday, December 12, 1786. Erected: 1908]
McKINLEY, Colfax  Ave and 37th Ave N.
[3700 Colfax Ave N. 55412. McKinley, William, 25th president of the U.S.A., birthday January 29, 1843. Erected: 1902, additions: 1911, 1918]
MINNEHAHA, 40th Ave S and 51st St.
[5141 40th Ave S. 55417. Minnehaha – honor Henry W. Longfellow, the poet. Erected: 1928]
MONROE, Franklin and 24rd Ave S.
[not listed]
MORRIS PARK, 38th Ave S and 56th St.
[3810 E. 56th St. 55417. Morris Park, named for the district in which it is located. Built: 1927 – demolished. New building erected: 1939-40, addition: 1953]
MOTLEY, Dartmouth Ave SE and Ontario.
[not listed]
NORTHROP, 16th Ave S and 46th St.
[1611 E. 46th St. 55407. Northrup, Cyrus, second president of the University of Minnesota, birthday, September 30, 1834. Portables: 1916, erected: 1923, addition: 1950]
PAGE, 3rd Ave S and 52nd St.
[324 Luverne Ave. 55419. Page, Walter Hines, American editor and diplomat, birthday August 15, 1855. Erected: 1958]
PENN, 36th and Penn Ave N.
[3620 Penn Ave N. 55412. Penn, William, English Quaker, founder of Pennsylvania, birthday October 14, 1644. Erected: 1907, addition: 1914]
PIERCE, NE Broadway and Filmore.
[not listed]
PILLSBURY, 23rd Ave NE and Hayes.
[2255 NE Hayes. 55418. Pillsbury, John S, Governor of Minnesota, birthday July 29, 1827. Erected: 1907, additions: 1908, 1912, 1923]
PORTLAND, Oakland Ave S and 41st St.
[not listed]
PRATT, Orlin and Malcolm Ave SE.
[Pratt Continuous Progress Elementary, 66 Malcolm Ave SE. 55414, Pratt, Sidney, first Minneapolis soldier to die in the Philippines, birthday, February 27, 1875. Erected: 1898, additions: 1906, 1926. Demonstration School]
PRESCOTT, Lowry Ave NE and Taylor.
[not listed]
1616 NE Buchanan. 55413. Putnam, Rufus A., Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, 1950-1967. birthday January 2, 1907. Erected: 1966]
RILEY, Drew Ave S and 51st St.
[not listed]
ROSEDALE, Wentworth and W. 43rd St.
[not listed]
SCHILLER, 26th Ave NE and Grand.
[not listed]
SEWARD, 24th and 28th Ave S.
[2309 28th Ave S. 55406. Seward, William Henry, Secretary of State under Lincoln, birthday May 16, 1801. Erected: 1887, additions:  1901, 1910, 1916 – demolished. New building erected:  1966]
SHERIDAN, Broadway and Univ Ave NE.
[not listed]
5034 Oliver Ave N. 55430. Erected: 1958, addition: 1959]
SIMMONS, Minnehaha Ave S and 38th St.
[not listed]
STANDISH, Standish Ave S and E 40th St.
[2200 E. 40th St. 55407. Standish, Miles, honor to Henry W. Longfellow, the poet. Erected: 1920-21; addition: 1923]
STOWE, 2801 40th Ave S.
[not listed]
SUMNER, Aldrich Ave and 6th Ave N.
[not listed]
TUTTLE, Talmadge and 18th Ave SE.
[1042 18th Ave SE. 55414. Tuttle, Calvin A., Minnesota pioneer, birthday December 31, 1811. Erected: not listed]
VAN CLEVE, 662 Lowry Ave NE.
[not listed]
1800 34th Ave NE. 55418. Waite, Edward Foote, Judge of the District Court of Hennepin County, 1911-1941, handling the Juvenile Court assignments, birthday, January 15, 1860. Erected: 1950]
WARRINGTON, Clinton Ave S and 37th St.
[not listed]
WEBSTER, Sumner and NE Monroe.
[Webster Intermediate, 425 NE 5th St. 55413. Webster, Daniel, American statesman and orator, birthday, January 18, 1782. Erected: 1880, additions: 1888, 1980 – demolished. New building erected: 1974]
WENONAH, 28th Ave S and 60th St.
[5625 23rd Ave S. 55417. Wenonah, Hiawatha’s mother, daughter of Nokomis in Indian legend, mentioned in Longfellow’s poem, “The Song of Hiawatha.” Erected: 1952, additions: 1958]
WHITNEY, 19th Ave NE and Pierce
[not listed]
WHITTIER, Blaisdell Ave and W 26th St.
[2609 Blaisdell Ave. 55408. Whittier, John G., American poet, birthday, December 17, 1807. Erected: 1882, additions: 1888, 1903, 1923]
WILLARD, Queen and 16th Ave N.
[1615 Queen Ave N. 55411. Willard, Frances, American educator, author and reformer, birthday Septembe 28, 1839. Erected: 1910, addition: 1920]
WINDOM, Blaisdell Ave S and 58th St.
[5821 Wentworth Ave. 55419. Windom, William, Minnesota Senator. Resigned to become Secretary of Treasury from 1889-1891, birthday May 10, 1827. Erected: 1920, additions: 1923, 1925]



[text in brackets comes from 1974-75 Personnel Directory, Minneapolis Public Schools]
[ANTHONY JR, 5757 Irving Ave S. 55419-
Erected: 1958. Named for: Anthony, Susan B., leader for equal rights for women, birthday February 15, 1820.]
BRYANT JR, Clinton Ave S & 38th St.
[3737 3rd Ave S. 55409. Bryant, William Cullen, American poet and journalist, birthday November 3, 1794.  Erected: 1923]
FOLWELL JR., 20th Ave S and 36th St.
[3611 20th Ave S. 55407. Folwell, William Watts, first president of the University of Minnesota. Erected: 1931, addition: 1937]
FRANKLIN JR, 15th Ave N. and 4th St.
[1501 Aldrich Ave N. 55411. Franklin, Benjamin, American philosopher and statesman, birthday January 17, 1706. Erected: 1873, rebuilt: 1917, additon: 1924. New building erected: 1971.
JEFFERSON JR, Fremont Ave S and 26th St.
[1200 W. 26th St 55405. Jefferson, Thomas, American statesman, third president of U.S.A., birthday April 18, 1743. Erected: 1923]
JORDAN JR, Irving and 29th Ave N.
[2927 Irving Ave N. 55411. Jordan, Charles Morison, Superintendent Emeritus of the Mpls Public Schools, birthday November 12, 1851. Erected: 1922]
LINCOLN JR, Penn and 12th Ave N.
[not listed]
NOKOMIS JR, 35TH Ave S and 51st St.
[3500 E. 51st St. 55417. Nokomis, in Indian legend, was the grandmother of Hiawatha and mother of Wenonah. Erected: 1920-21, addition: 1923, addition and remodeling into junior high: 1929, addition: 1957]
[NORTHEAST JR, 2955 NE Hayes. 55418. Erected: 1956, additon: 1957, 1959.]
[OLSON JR, 1607 51st Ave N. 55430. Olson, Floyd B., Governor of Minnesota, birthday November 13, 1891. Erected: 1962]
PHILLIPS JR, 13th Ave S and 22nd St.
[2218 13th Ave S. 55404. Phillips, Wendell, anti-slavery orator, birthday November 29, 1811. Erected: 1926, addition: 1930]
RAMSEY JR, Nicollet Ave S and 50th St.
[1 W. 49th St. 55409. Ramsey, Alexander, first territorial Governor of Minnesota, birthday, September 8, 1815. Erected: 1931]
SANFORD JR, 42nd Ave S and 36th St.
[3524 42nd Ave S. 55406. Sanford, Maria, a beloved and remarkable woman; professor at the University of Minnesota, birthday December 19, 1836. Erected: 1926, 3 portables, addition: 1960]
SHERIDAN JR, Broadway and Univ Ave NE.
[1201 University Ave NE. 55413. Sheridan, Philip Henry, American General, birthday March 6, 1831. Erected: 1897 – demolished, new building erected: 1932, addition: 1967]



[text in brackets comes from 1974-75 Personnel Directory, Minneapolis Public Schools]
CENTRAL, 4TH Ave S and E 34th St.
[3416 4th Ave S. 55408 - Named for the old Central High School.
Erected: 1913, addition: 1922]
EDISON, 22nd Ave NE and Monroe.
[700 22nd Ave NE. 55418 – Edison, Thomas Alva, American inventor, birthday February 11, 1847.
Erected: 1922, addition: 1966]
HENRY, 44th Ave N and Morgan.
[2020 43rd Ave N. 55412 – Henry, Patrick, American orator and statesman, birthday May 29, 1736.
Erected: 1926, additions: 1928, 1929, 1939, 1956]
MARSHALL, 14th Ave and SE 5th.
[1313 SE 5th. 55414 – Marshall, John, American statesman, judge, and Secretary of State, birthday September 24, 1755.
Erected 1924. Marshall-University High (Senior and Junior High)]
MILLER VOCATIONAL, 11th and 3rd Ave S.
[1101 3rd Ave S. 55404 – Minneapolis Area Vocational-Technical Institute.
Erected: 1932, additions: 1940, 1956]
NORTH, Fremont and 17th Ave N.
[North Community High School, 1500 James Ave N.  55411.
Erected: 1856 – demolished. New building erected: 1973-74.]
ROOSEVELT, 4029 28th Ave S.
[4029 28th Ave S. 55406 – Roosevelt, Theodore, 26th president of the U.S.A, birthday October 27, 1858.
Erected 1922, additions: 1958, 1966]
SOUTH, Cedar Ave and E 24th St.
[3131 19th Ave S. 55407 –
Erected: 1970.]
SOUTHWEST, Beard Ave S and 47th St.
[3510 W. 47th St. 55410 –
Erected: 1940, additions 1942, 1956, new building added: 1968]
WASHBURN, Wentworth Ave S and W 49th St.
[201 W. 49th St. 55409 – Washburn, General Cadwallader Colden, Governor of Wisconsin, founder of Washburn-Crosby flour mills, birthday April 22, 1818.
Erected: 1925, addition: 1967]
WEST, Hennepin Ave S and 28th St.
[2808 Hennepin Ave S. 55408 –
Erected: 1907, additions: 1916]
VOCATIONAL BOYS, Central and SE 4th St.